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Who do you think did the attacks?

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posted on Aug, 17 2002 @ 05:54 AM
Saphie, what the squid said, in spades.
If the government were as competent and intelligent as some are making them out, they'd be able to do twice as much with half the taxes!

I laugh because Phil hasn't a clue! He is a blithering idiot! He's a riot!! He has always had "woman-appeal", though. Not mine, however, I guess since she is a mechanical engineer she's become deft at logical thinking.

posted on Aug, 17 2002 @ 02:15 PM
it's kinda silly that our government tells the public if they have nothing to hide then they shouldn't fear the "new" law, but they want to be held to a different standard. if they have nothing to fear then why are they blocking an independant investigation into the events of 9-11. the families are calling for the widow said in that Donahue interview you dismissed, she shouldn't have to travel to washington and beg them to tell her what really happened--why was her husbasnd killed by middle easterns? why is our government in bed with Saudia Arabia knowing what they do to finance and support terrorism?...again, it's treason to block an investigation--there are too many questions left...what are they afraid of? Pearl Harbor was investigated...why not 9-11? the american people deserve answers--those families deserve answers.

calling our government idiots is not funny it's sad...specially when our lives and lively hood are at it what it is. whether they planned it or not they are responsible and refuse to allow it to be exposed, the Clinton camp as well. try 'em all! treason.

posted on Aug, 17 2002 @ 03:37 PM
"If the government were as competent and intelligent as some are making them out, they'd be able to do twice as much with half the taxes!"

They sure know how to help the corporations get rich!

posted on Aug, 28 2002 @ 08:47 AM
The most likely the one that gained the most is also the one who did it.

If bin laden did it he gave the US a perfect reason to put more troops on arab soil, this is the last thing he wants.

If the US government did it they took the biggest risk they ever did, which makes it unlikely but not impossible. There were already plans to invade Afganistan but Clinton decided to wait, and it looks like Bush is finishing the job.

To know who knew about it have a good look at the stock trades which volksFolk mentioned above. But that seems hard to get

some links :


posted on Aug, 29 2002 @ 03:22 PM
al quida - ceo: Bin laden . subsidiary of haliburton. (Haliburton- a subsidiary of the CIA ) can't prove any of it but it looks like an attack on anything or anyone for profit by world elites. worldwide class warfare by those who already possess all they need against those who have less or nothing. Trained by ENRON. It's all a bull# lie. Aliens. like Dick Cheney. Aliens . Greys. people who think there is no black and white. right or wrong. Anyway it doesn't matter because The pollution pored into our oceans by oil companies and the US navy and all the other humans is destroying the very BASE of the food chain. Soon the oceans will not support the human population. Wars are on the way. It's all going to # and no one really cares. Go out and buy a coke. It will be allright. visit the national geographic website.

[Edited on 29-8-2002 by tr]

posted on Aug, 29 2002 @ 05:38 PM
Don't be so certain of scandal and conspiracy. History has shown these are oft considered, rarely enacted.

Instead, realy on the societal tendency for lunatics to emerge from time to time. The natural global societal cycle spawns problematic lunatics at a regular, and sometimes predictable rate. Very often, such personalities emerge immediately after a time of relative prosperity.

Given the study of historical factors and the psychology of societies, the probability remains that OBL has orchestrated the events leading up to the attacks.


posted on Aug, 29 2002 @ 10:51 PM
Osama Bin Laden as probably just a scapegoat/fall guy for [insert gov. agency here] who masterminded the whole attacks and allowed it to happen.

It gives America good reason to attack the Middle East (mainly Iraq) and carry out whatever agenda they have there.

posted on Aug, 30 2002 @ 04:25 PM
If Bin Laden is such an enemy of the US and such a lunatic, then why did we treat him from July 4-14, 2001 for kidney disease at the American hospital in Dubai and he meets with a CIA official, who returns to CIA headquarters on July 15. This guy was wanted for numerous bombings of American naval ships and embassies at this time.

So why did we let him go?

posted on Aug, 30 2002 @ 04:41 PM
Here's the article. I translated it from French to English so the English version is a bit difficult to read. The article is from the French paper, Le Figaro.

Sick Gravement, the public enemy number one stayed to the American hospital of the mirat at first of the summer July 2001: Ben Laden meets the CIA to Duba

Attains of a kidney disease, Oussama ben Laden stayed of the 4 to July 14 last one to the American hospital of Duba, where it would have met a responsible one CIA, according to a witness, professional partner of the administrative direction of the hospital.

In origin of the airport of Quetta, to the Pakistan, the one that became since the attempts of September 11 the public enemy number one immediately was transferred as early as his arrival to the airport of Duba. It was accompanied of his personal and faithful doctor lieutenant that could be the egyptien Ayman al-zawahari, of four guards of the body, as well as of an Algerian nurse.

In March 2000 already, the weekly Asia Week, published to Hongkong, worried about the health of Ben Laden, mentioning a serious physical problem specifying that its days were in danger to causes of a kidney infection that propagates itself to the liver and necessitates specialized cares . According to authorized sources, Ben Laden would have done to deliver itself, during the course of the first part of the year 2000, a movable equipment of dialysis in his Afghan den of Kandahar.

The sanitary movement to Duba did not be the first one, follow our sources. Between 1996 and 1998, Oussama ben Laden itself there had returned several times for its matters. During his hospitalisation, in July, it receives the visit of the local representative of the CIA. This one will be recalled to Washington July 15, to the day following the departure of Ben Laden for Quetta.

Fifteen days later, the customs miratis stop to the airport of Duba an Islamist Algerian French activist, Djamel Beghal. French and American authorities are warned. Questioned to Abu Dhabi, Beghal relates that it was summoned in Afghanistan at the end of 2000 by Abou Zoubeida a military responsible organization of Ben Laden Al Qaida. The mission of Beghal: to do to jump the embassy of the United States to Paris.

According to Arabic diplomatic sources and the services of French pieces of information, very precise informations were communicated to the CIA concerning terrorist attacks aiming the American interests in the world. A report of the DST of September 7 musters these data specifying that the order to act had to come from Afghanistan.

In August, to the embassy of the United States to Paris, an urgency meeting is summoned with the DGSE and the more high representatives of the American services. Extremely worried, the latter present to their French counterparts of the request very precise pieces of information concerning Algerian activists, without nevertheless to explain on the general direction of their gait. To the question that do you fear in the days that come? , The Americans oppose a with difficulty understandable mutisme.

posted on Aug, 31 2002 @ 10:22 AM
I find the article hard to believe... and there's one VERY obvious mistake that suggests strongly it's a hoax:

It says bin Ladin arrived with 4 bodyguards and a nurse (noun is female.)

Bin Ladin is a member of a Muslim sect that believes all women are evil and polluted and good for only one thing (sex.) If you'll recall, one of the hijackers (in a final note left behind as a "will") asked that his body not be polluted by contact with women.

There is no way that bin Ladin would ever have a female nurse in attendance. Under strict Muslim law, women cannot perform medical treatment on men.

And there are a lot of MALE nurses/attendants/etc... so the "nurse" issue wouldn't have been forced on him.

I say it's a fake.

posted on Sep, 1 2002 @ 03:37 PM
[olor=Red]Text Red
I certainly do not think it was the Arabs that did the attack. I think it was the
New World Order people---the Illuminati or Illuminazi as some choose to call them.
I think the attacks were done to make us beg for more controls, to willingly give up our rights. It appears that we are rapidly approaching living in a Police State. Many people have the attitude "I don't mind more security; I don't mind being searched, as long as it keeps me safe."

posted on Sep, 4 2002 @ 06:39 PM

Originally posted by Ezekiel
Osama Bin Laden as probably just a scapegoat/fall guy for [insert gov. agency here] who masterminded the whole attacks and allowed it to happen.

It gives America good reason to attack the Middle East (mainly Iraq) and carry out whatever agenda they have there.

When the 9/11 attacks occurred something didn't sit right with me, and I said then that the original idea for the attacks grew within america's leaders. A year on, I'm more convinced than ever, the hijackers had to of recieved a high level of military training, to be able to control large groups of people. Ok so Al-Queda has it's training camps, which were all based on training provided by America when they were trying to overthrow the original rulers/links to Russia. OBL was a bed fellow then receiving payment and weapons for his attacks on groups considered hostile by Americas leaders. It's here that I'm going to inject a worrying thought, what if Osama was never taken off Americas payroll? I've seen evidence that America has had plans for a hostile takeover of Afganistan for ages, but what they've never had is a reason to do so (well apart from that huge supply of oil).If Osama was never taken off Americas operatives payroll, you suddenly have a situation where an unscuplous group [un-named agency] could take advantage of this, using relatively minor attacks on US targets Osama mangaes to make the FBI top 10 most wanted list, it takes several years, but his slow rise to infamy just makes him look like a small time crook with minor backing, meanwhile back over in the US the [un-named agency] looks at ways of causing international outrage, what better way than casuing mass damage to one of America's most recognisable features?So we have a ground covering for a possible conspiracy here, lets see what else we can throw into the pot... The video footage of bin ladens claims of structural knowledge of the towers leading to his conclussion that the towers would fall, strange how that video appeared just after the recovery teams were drawing conclussions to why the towers crumpled, something that had never really occured to any of the designers (well not with something as large as the jets that hit). I could go on for longer on little bits like this but I'm going to summarise here:-

OBL used to oust old leaders/russia

OBL and collegues received military training
OBL also received weapons and monetary support from US
Attacks happen, instant world outcry, USA could nuke afganistan and the globe would only of blinked because of the bright flash
US move into Afganistan, start the process of introducing a more western thinking leadership
OBL "makes" claims he new how much damage the attacks would make, gloats about it, US citizens take this as insult and want blood allowing the US to march on
Amazingly OBL makes it out of his Cave network and through all American/British armed forces hunting him

My opinion

Bin laden never taken of US payroll

An un-named agency new they could find a use for him.

OBL slowly raised his international profile with attacks on US targets, and loudly proclaiming his hatred of the US
[un-named agency] decides that a terror strike would be best, one that caused some death but was more symbollic. Allows fro retribution and access to afganistan
Plans laid, OBL speaks out even louder, attacks the olympics
Agency decides that going on the data that was available about the twin towers at the time suggested that they would withstand a plane crashing into them
Paper trails start getting laid
Agency wants more public outcry about attacks, gets OBL to make claims of sturatual knowledge for demolishing towers
Agency sees the beifits of keeping OBL at large gets armed forces to allow him to escape his cave prison
OBL disappears, to reappear where?, my money is if Bush and Blair can't get enough support for an attack on Iraq over the weapons of mass detruction route which they are going, and failing on, OBL will appear in Iraq and harbouring the worlds most dangerous man will be enough to allow US forces to move into Iraq another rich depositary of oil and somewhere the US has had it's eyes on for ages..
Saddam gets booted out/killed and a western friendly ruler placed their
Oh yeah OBL again escapes, to run wild until another area needs "dealing" with

Sorry for rambling but I hope there's some food for thought there.

posted on Sep, 4 2002 @ 07:47 PM
My personal opinion of this subject is that the US Government knew the attack was going to happen. I think they knew the when, the what, and where. They let it happen. I wouldn't go as far as to say that some government agency was behind the attacks, but it could be possible.

I mean it's not the first time the US government has sacrificed the lives of a few of their citizens in order to advance an agenda. Just look at Pearl Harbor.

posted on Sep, 4 2002 @ 08:01 PM
I'd say an attack on a navel base, and the destruction of the trade centers and part of the pentagon, and what appears to be a thwarted attack on either the white house or congress, isn't quite comparable. I like to hope that is beyond them, anyway.

posted on Sep, 5 2002 @ 08:52 AM
ABC's May/2001 story resurfaced about how the US Joint
Chiefs of Staff have in the past ACTUALLY DESIGNED a plan to commit
domestic terror on Americans to whip them into a war hysteria, to
support war efforts by the govt.

Remember, this was a plan developed AND signed by out Joint Chiefs, not conjecture.

posted on Sep, 5 2002 @ 03:40 PM
Bush is a cowboy, shoot first and ask questions later. Let the government have this war on terrorism, if nothing else it will get rid of the potential threat that bin Laden could've posed down the road.

After the smoke clears, just remember all the questions you've asked yourself over the past year and make sure to ask them again before the government gets a chance to drag us off to the Ministry of Love.

posted on Sep, 5 2002 @ 07:25 PM
Yeah, I get it; he's from Texas, so the cowboy thing is supposed to ring true.

Reality shows that the administration has not acted in a hasty manner but has been careful and as thorough as I'd expect them to be. Of course, the U.S.-hating leftists in this country prefer that we do nothing but apologize to those who have attacked us, so, to them, any action would be too hasty.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again; I do not believe the attacks were orchestrated by the government but I am a little concerned about what this war on terrorism is going to do to the nation in the long run, and what liberties are going to be stripped from us because of it.

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