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RAF Mildenhall Closing/F-35s to RAF Lakenheath

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posted on Jan, 11 2015 @ 04:37 PM
Big changes in USAFE.

RAF Mildenhall will be closing around 2020. The base's KC-135s will be moving to Ramstein AB, with the MC-130s and CV-22 moving to Spangdahlem AB. However, the RC-135s will be staying in England, most likely at RAF Lakenheath.

The Air Force also announced that F-35s will be stationed at Lakenheath by 2020, replacing all the C and E model F-15s currently stationed there.

posted on Jan, 11 2015 @ 05:46 PM
Spent some time in Spangdahlem a musician. It was very secure then, and we could not reside for the time we were there on the base, and needed an escort on and off the base every day, the first of the Trannies being our transport, I suppose it was around 1967 with the 49th tactical wing in residence at the time..I think, I say that since I was mildly interested in aircraft as my brother was then in the RAF, so I did ask around a bit or otherwise it was STFU
They still had segregation then, because in the place we performed all the white guys sat on a stadium type of seating and the black guys the same in a separate row..they used to throw paper airplanes at one another in a good natured way.
I've not much idea about the extended security though, they were mostly American fighter aircraft, perhaps they still had Canberra bombers for surveillance/reconnaissance stuff. At the same time they had a TV station based there for American forces broadcasting, we did a few TV shows for that, and it was always live.

Just to add, the council are up for acquiring the place as is, so it may be no bad thing, new minimal infrastructure could make it a viable airport all depending on who has the clout. I wouldn't be surprised if the Heathrow crowd didn't come in with a shout either and get their extra Mildenhall.
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posted on Jan, 12 2015 @ 01:55 PM
Thanks for nice topic! I know a littlebit about Mildenhall because one of the KC-135 that stationed there was present on Air Show Ostrava. I bought there their T-shirt with KC-135 on the back and a base logo on the front


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