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Remember Bosnia? The 90s Conflict? Ambassador: U.S. "sent army to create this.

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posted on Jan, 31 2015 @ 05:34 AM

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posted on Feb, 5 2015 @ 11:50 PM

originally posted by: jhn7537

originally posted by: intrptr

You sort of broad stoked it (then and now), thought this was pertinent…

Couldn't they easily trace this when something ships overseas doesn't customs take a look at it?

What makes you think weapons and supplies shipped to foreign terrorists and rebels and what have you, passes through customs?

posted on Feb, 6 2015 @ 12:02 AM

originally posted by: CB328
I can comment on this from my experience as a military linguist. Yes, the muslims apparently did a lot of sneaky tricks to make the other sides look bad- but there is a lot more to the story. First of all, the Bosnian Serbs were quite militaristic and aggressive, and even the Croatians took part in some massacres at the beginning of the war. Also, the muslims in Bosnia were overwhelmingly not fundamentalist and not aggressive. They were apparently not very religious at all, sort of like Catholics here that don't follow much of their religion. I met some of them when I was in Bosnia and they were good people for the most part. Lastly, there have been efforts to radicalize the Bosnian Muslims ever since the war there, but that is mostly being funded by the Saudis- the best friends of the Bush family, though apparently there are some radical muslims there who came to fight in the war and then settled there.

I am no fan of Islam at all, but this post is pretty inaccurate.

It's not all that inaccurate. Maybe exaggerated.

It's no secret that terrorists/fundamentalists/another mans freedom fighters, everything from Al Qaeda, to the Chechen terrorists, to the KLA which were listed as terrorists before the war, to the mujahadeen in Bosnia, are all linked.

Not just in funneling fighters and weapons, but in how they finance their operations.
Especially the Chechens and Albanians in this regard are very well connected. And it's no secret either who is involved as well, which alphabet agency in other words.

Kosovo is a narco-state.

These people, well savages and barbarians more like it, are involved in everything. From smuggling guns, drugs, people, name it, they have involvement.
They are, or were, involved in the harvesting of organs and body parts in Kosovo.
Particularly their victims were ethnic Serbians. Why wasn't this headlines around the world? Perhaps it's got something to do with whose involved in these sorts of operations around the world.

This whole thing goes all the way back to Washington. To the lobby groups. It's the same reason why Israel and Turkey have been allowed to get away with the massacre of thousands of people, ethnic cleansing and genocide, for decades. Turkey invaded and still occupies part of a sovereign country. There's UN resolutions which require Turkey to end the occupation. Yet nothing is done about enforcing the resolution. Why? Same reasons as above and the lobby groups.

You might think, well how does Albania have such strong lobby representation? Well, it's funded by their illegal drug/smuggling activities. American politicians are essentially taking blood money for political favor.
The Albanian mafia has spread it's tentacles around the world. It's not like your traditional Italian mafia. These people are sick and twisted and literally I wouldn't class them as human beings. The depraved and deplorable stuff they've done not only to Serbs and others but to their own people. Look it up see what you find.

A strong Yugoslavia was never an option. Neither is a strong Russia.
These are countries, or were in Yugos case, who were not part of the team. They are countries that will not join the team. They could not be bought, they would not sell out. So they had to be, or have to be destroyed. One way or another.
And that's what happens.

It's all about greed, power and control.

Some of the people who you can see online talking about this stuff, or read their works on this stuff, aren't that crazy.
They may appear crazy, but if you actually pay attention to what they are writing or saying and apply it to whats happened in the world or what's happening, you can see for your self.

The world as we know it, that is through the media and through entertainment, is not the real world.
It's an illusion created to distract us. We are fed information to create fear in us when it's necessary.
What's really going on out there is far worse, and those who are involved...well, we wouldn't be putting up with it if the masses knew the truth.

posted on May, 15 2016 @ 12:01 AM
So during this war in the Balkans, which was a usual EU orchestrated/ US bombed typical pointless and catastrophic war, there were various episodes of violence ascribed to people who most probably have nothing to with.
One the strangest examples if the srebrenica massacre which is blamed on a few charachters, among them, Ratko Mladic, but it not really clear how did the massacre happen right in front of Dutch blue helmets....

Now Mladic says he won't appear in front of the court to testify for Karadzic, another serbian charachter. He says the ICC court is satanic, and jokes aside that might be a more or less valid perception of reality, considering how neurological weapons can skew your reality away from clarity.

If you guess, and guess right, all this so called satanism of the court is probably due to a sudden dodgy, jumpy, and deceptive speech of the court. Their behavior might have looked like the behavior of mad men switching from one topic to the other without any reason. Most of the jumping, and switching of the discourse of the judges might have looked either like some sort of mental disorder talk, or like somebody who does not have a point but constantly bumps over reality to quickly then degenerate into the absurd or into weird stereotypes.

These things can happen everyday, without people actually noticing what's going on. Obviously when this happens in a court the situation is much more dangerous for the whole community.

That is the perception... But what is the reality behind it?
The reality behind it is that these sudden changes in topic and jumps from reality into the absurd, is an effect, of the secret services' practices with neurological weapons and manipulations.

He called that behavior satanic, I might be giving instead a technical explanation, but considering the current state of the secret services in the EU, he didn't give them too much of a disproportionate name (Satan).
As a matter of fact in a chaos created by neurological weapons, there are very few people that can perceive the weirdness and insanity, of a typical euroFreudian experiment gone horribly bad ....

... and prepare EUrogarchs and EUrocrats, cause things are gonna get worse ...

posted on May, 15 2016 @ 12:43 AM
a reply to: Flanker86

So he invokes Satan to distract from his war crimes / genocide... typical.

The war in the former Yugoslavia had nothing to do with the west and everything to do with Yugoslavia picking up where there previous governments left off- first as allies of the Nazis and running their own death camps, to occupation by and collaboration with the USSR.

The west got involved to stop the ethnic cleansing of the Muslims because apparently their ethnic cleansing of the jews and other groups was so much fun they just had to start again.

Please learn history and educate yourself before blaming the west for something we did not do. You are capable of independent thought right or do you just parrot the ignorant Putin, who decided to twist the events in Yugoslavia for his own asinine reasons.
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posted on May, 15 2016 @ 01:51 AM

originally posted by: jhn7537

originally posted by: intrptr

You sort of broad stoked it (then and now), thought this was pertinent…

Couldn't they easily trace this when something ships overseas doesn't customs take a look at it?

Don't be so naive.
Use your imagination, there's lots of ways to get things through.

Are you aware that the Greek coast guard, for example, has intercepted many ships loaded with weapons bound for Syria?
The cargo on these ships was not listed as small arms and manpads and whatever else they've found on them.

Whose giving them the intel to intercept those specific ships though? Factions within the US intel community or military intel opposed to the war? The Russians? Can only be one of the two.

The whole Bosnia war thing was setup to break up Yugoslavia.
You were sold the part of the story about the butcher Serb soldiers.
You were not told the part about the butcher jihadists and Croatian neo nazis.
You hear about the mass graves of Bosnian men, but you don't hear about the mass graves of Serbs.
You don't hear about the disappearance of thousands of Serbs in Kosovo, whose organs are cut out and sold on the black market. There's a heavy Israeli Zionist involvement in that.
Gee why wouldn't they want you to know about Israeli involvement with Islamic jihadist groups, especially in Europe?

You weren't told, for a specific example out of many, how Croatian neo nazis(and yes, they were and are nazis..not all of them, but those fighting sure as hell were)..had massacred entire villages of Serbs, women, children, elderly included..raped women and children..while UN soldiers looked on unable to do anything to help because their superiors didn't allow them to do anything to stop what was happening.

What happened to Madeline Albrights mass graves with hundreds of thosuands of Bosnian men and boys buried in them?
Just figments of her over active imagination? Perhaps.
But it was just propaganda to sway public opinion.
See, back then, only the conspiracy theorists didn't believe the government. Only the conspiracy theorists and "dissidents/activists" questioned the governments position. The majority believed everything.

The majority still believe everything. There's just more who don't now.
Hence why you hear things like conspiracy theorists should be treated like terrorists and anti-government groups etc.

posted on May, 15 2016 @ 05:00 AM
The fall of communist Yugoslavia, came right after the fall of the Berlin wall.

posted on May, 15 2016 @ 05:48 AM
I remember Bosnia War .

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