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2K Feared Dead in Nigeria Attacks

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posted on Jan, 10 2015 @ 11:25 PM
a reply to: ABNARTY

They are supported by the populace in the region they work from, the only way to defeat them is what would happen in ancient times, slaughter civilians. The West is unwilling to do that, so it's impossible to fight them.

posted on Jan, 11 2015 @ 01:50 AM
Nigeria is already a Vassal state of the empire, therefore no intervention is required. The Nigerian market is already saturated with Chinese manufactured American and European brand names and GM agriculture, and European and American multinationals already own or have rights to many of Nigeria's strategic resources and utilities. that is how a modern Empire stakes its claim.

These guys are just your typical barbarian horde using whatever bull# and dope to keep their cycle of theft and violence going like Central American death worshipping thugs or the diamond smugglers in Sierre Leonne, or the Ultra Nationalists of Ukraine for that matter. If people were to follow the money though, they would discover the Ultra nationalists benefit the west, as do the drug cartels and diamond smugglers. It is very well likely this group is financially involved as well with the empires intelligence apparatus . They all usually get weapons and cash in exchange for some goods or services.

My bet is they use this group to continue instability in a resource rich region in order to justify a future campaign. The idiot leaders always fall for the bait too just enjoying the lavish lifestyle being a sellout usually brings. They forget that even the people who paid you never trust a traitor. They always seem surprised that their handlers turn on them in preparation for the invasion.

posted on Jan, 11 2015 @ 01:55 AM
a reply to: silo13

These scumbags are animals......they really are. What kind of sick animal does this?

posted on Jan, 11 2015 @ 02:14 AM
Question is, who takes their place if we wipe them out? That vacuum is going to be filled.

I guess I would prefer to have up to date intel on the region before I could form an opinion on the matter.

posted on Jan, 11 2015 @ 02:40 AM
There wont be a replacement when we wipe them out because when we do that we will already be in place with the infrastructure to exploit the resources we have them guarding. See you have to understand how a civilization works in modern times, and frankly throughout history. As horrible as it may seem, the rules of a people always have a small cabal that have lists and maps of the things they need to keep their people calm and happy, well fed and entertained, and armed with the latest and greatest. In the past when the rulers either discovered a new resource in another land or nearby, they would go about getting these things in a variety of manners. One way is to keep a local group of bandits or mercenaries armed and crazed with cash and weapons to keep the area from being exploited by the locals.

Bandits are just happy they can do whatever they want and have whatever they need and want. They are not going to create a government and invest in the infrastructure to develop the resources to benefit the people. They are just going to be jock douche bags and bullies with no manners and little civility. They are content with the power to take what they want.

In the past Monarchs and empires simply paid the bandits to takeover lordship of the land and people, collecting the taxes and seizing the bulk of resources generated with the labor. Today, we use our intelligence apparatus to send in chameleons claiming to represent an anonymous donor that is sympathetic to their cause with gifts to enable them the power they want and weaker men would be hard pressed to refuse. As long as they keep a claim on the land they continue to get paid. they are like stewards. Until the day comes when our markets have come up with the demand for the resources they have been guarding all this time.

then suddenly a splinter cell is sent in to do some psyops in their name, justifying a chain of events that leads to history in the making.

Peak oil was the big thing in 1999-2000, and then BAM 9/11 . Price of lithium becomes more affordable and ever since our market has been flooded with lithium powered phones, BT speakers, laptops,headsets, tablets, gps, mp3 players you name it. Part of that was a result of occupying the country with one of the largest known reserves of Lithium on Earth.

Whatever is hiding in that part of Nigeria, you will know we are going after it once they set a UN mandate to establish "peacekeepers" in the region. How do you think oil rich South Sudan was born?? When the leader of a country plays ball, they merely send in the UN because they cut the funding of the opposition they have been arming to keep the land from being developed. UN goes in, usually utilizes local forces of the region's bordering states soldiers, and they end up winning because the empire is no longer giving the barbarians their lifeline. If a leader does not cooperate, well thats when you get the Iraq's, Cuba's, Libya's, North Korea's, Venezuela's and Syria's of history.

So don't worry the UN will eventually go in, but only when the Empire is ready to exploit whats in those mountains.

posted on Jan, 11 2015 @ 03:16 AM
a reply to: Chickensalad

The Nigerian problem is very difficult to understand. I have firsthand experience and can tell you that nothing is what it seems. There is a vast network of what I term the Northern Oligarchy, who were put into power by the British, who have dominated the running of the country through dictatorships and even through "democracy". They like to call themselves "Arewa", Born To Rule, and that thinking is backed by regional tribalism and further by their Islamic belief of superiority. You cannot talk about the problem in Nigeria without looking at the creation of the country from the beginning. Short version-there is a powerful Muslim elite who do not want to lose control of the oil blocks, the military, as most positions of power have exclusively been in the hands of Muslim Northerners for decades. The installation of shari'a law (illegally) around 2001 in Zamfara and quick adoption other northern states paved the way for the shari'a North to try to consolidate their hold on power. Nigeria is grossly divided along tribal and religious lines. The elite in power in the North have ties to Hamas and other terrorist organizations, the Sauds fund Madrassas schools, especially in the North, where children are forced to take Muslim names if they want to continue to get an "education", which is primarily based on the Quran with a little rudimentary abc's. Boko Haram was started bt these same Northern politicians, senators, governors, to create pressure when it was seen that GEJ stepping up from Vice to President with the death of Yar'adua, as going against the unwritten "rule" that there should be a power rotation from the North to the South to keep things "fair", which really is nothing more than who gets to rob the pot, everyone taking turns. Simplistic, but the truth. Boko Haram is the monster they created to try and destabilize the country, putting pressure on GEJ. If the West cannot understand how all of this can be going on, trust me, no one cares who dies. It is all about grabbing power back and being able to rob the nation. I could go and on here but there is ample proof of oligarchy sheltering Abubakar Shekau, and he is not dead, in spite of what the media says. He has various body doubles. Many of the Northern Oligarchy have studied their terrorism in Sudan, have ties to terrorists in the Maghreb, and ties with the Sauds. They don't care if their own Muslim people die. They care more about wresting power back from the Christian South. Nigeria is very cut off from the world in terms of internet, phone service, running electricity etc. Even Lagos suffers constant power outages with some areas not seeing light in 3 months, so imagine being in the North which is mostly undeveloped. Each state is responsible for their own governance, Nigeria is run as a Federal system, so the money gets allocated from the central government, but on a state level, each is responsible for schooling system etc with the exception of higher education and federal university. The shari'a North embarked on a hand wringing mission last year to the white house, to see if they could pull the wool over the eyes of John Kerry and Susan Rice, Rice being involved in the assassination death of the first democratically elected president in Nigeria's history, MKO Abiola, and a Yoruba man. It is a tangled knot of intrigue, corruption and it is no wonder the US threw their hands up after the kidnapping of the Chibok girls, upon arriving and discovering the sorry state of affairs. The girls were handed over by the Oligarchy as a present to BH, and everyone in Nigeria knows it. It was orchestrated and planned out, many many discrepancies as to why the children were forced to sit the exams when the the very people responsible begged the governor to not hold the exams, being that violence was very fresh in the area from BH, and how odd that the headmistress who is Muslim, and her daughter, were somehow not carted off along with the Christian girls, strange indeed. The military itself is full of Boko Haram and the current president's hands are tied. He is facing enemies within his own government and without. The military has been gutted, everything not chained down is stolen, the soldier's salaries are stolen, in arrears, no food, no proper equipment, they suffer from malaria, they go into battle sometimes with no shoes at all, or rubber slippers or bedroom slippers, they are led into ambush by informants and high ranking military who are Northerners and pro Boko. Hard to believe for an outsider, but that is the ugly mess. The corruption and infiltration is so strong, there is almost no hope of putting together a united front because the military has always traditionally been led by Northern Muslims of the Hausa Fulani Kanuri stock. The slogan of one united NIgeria is just a myth. It is a snarling ball of tribes that were forced to live together when the British exited. Igbo hates Yoruba, Ijaw hates Igbo, Yoruba hates Igbo, Igbo hates Ijaw and most all hate the Hausa Northerners because they lorded over and looted the country for almost a century. The fight for democracy was just as much a fight to break free from Northern rule, and Boko Haram is simply a means to create havoc in the country and force GEJ to step down. By stepping down the power would have to rotate back to the North, which is what they want, in simplistic terms. The shari'a 12 tried their best to bend the ears of Kerry/Rice, blaming everyone but themselves for their ills, which is why there is a "not my problem, not in my back yard" feel to the whole BH mess. Yes, it is horrible, but to Christians and indigenous worshipers in the SS, SE, SW, it is seen as a Muslim problem. Northerners would love nothing more than to push shari'a all the way to Lagos and the sea, and have gone on record saying as such. There are good Muslims and bad Muslims, and there are Yoruba Muslims and other tribes who embrace Islam, but there is no reciprocity when other tribes try to settle in the North, they are slaughtered. But Muslims and those of Northern stock are tolerated if not welcomed in the southern areas. There is no easy answer. My wish would be for hackers to track the uploading of BH's videos, as they are fairlt constant, and the posting to youtube of their atrocities. They are aided and abetted by the powerful elite in the North , who care nothing for their own constituents, though surely there are some who do care and are appalled. The subject is so long and deep it would take a book to try and flesh it out, but these are the basic underpinnings of why it is so difficult to understand how this can be going on. Many of NH are from Chad, Niger, Sudan, many are simply poor youth who get enticed by easy money to go blow people up or deliver weapons, they want the latest western clothes after all. It is a heartless world, and Nigeria is not for the faint of heart.

posted on Jan, 11 2015 @ 04:00 AM
a reply to: anon01900
Paragraphs Man. That was some heavy reading.

posted on Jan, 12 2015 @ 06:25 AM
There are UN missions in several African countries, but not Nigeria:

I guess BH needs to create a terrorist attack in the West or someone has to find oil/diamonds/gold/other precious resources before anyone does anything about the situation? Or maybe some Nigerian needs to begin a magazine with satirical cartoons making fun of BH then getting killed, maybe that would work for the UN/US to move in.
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posted on Jan, 12 2015 @ 06:43 AM
Who made who?

Nothing is by coincidence. If there is slaughter be sure it was planed by powerful people not religious freaks!

posted on Jan, 12 2015 @ 02:30 PM

originally posted by: clearmind
I didn't want to single out a specific group but I must. until the "non radical" Muslim/Islamic culture or people decide to stand up and say 'brother, enough is enough', there is no hope. (we could also talk all day about the west and sticking their nose into things they shouldn't, but that's a whole nother thread)

I dont normally get involved in these types of threads, but you said pretty much what i tend to do about all this. Thing is, Islam is a fatalistic religion (alot are) where the idea of criticism is look on as being bad, real bad (not sure if its cultural or religious to begin with, but alot of Islamic countries not just those in the middle east appear to have the same stance, so to me its more the religion coloring the culture).

Its because of this that you get back a simple, oh we dont like what they did rather than no form of real action on there part to quell the nutcase radicals in their own ranks. To criticize a fellow muslim is a bad thing to these people, since it reflects on the religion as a whole, cant have the members ragging on the system.

Thing is it isnt just Islam these days, even my own mother can watch a documentary about people like the Phelps and afterwards say more or less, "yeah they are crayzie christian nutters but they are christian and therefore they must have some sort of good to them and they must have a good reason for what they do because of it"... all religion is built in such a way that even the decent folk believers find it hard to reign in the bad elements.

Its why elements do what they do like in France, charactures and satire is criticism and therefore an insult... its why there religion and people havent grown culturally at all in hundreds of years. You cant grow with out criticism.

posted on Jan, 12 2015 @ 03:22 PM
Wet interrogations,summery assasinations and saturation bombing without regard for surrounding families or environment meaning hospitals, schools,mosques and the like that THEY will run to when we show up.
No surrender option in place. families of the target must die too.
Leaving them in place will only allow them to consolidate and continue their hostile recruitment.
AS it always HAS when you try to avoid confrontation LIKE our spineless POTUS who supports some of them.

It won't happen anytime soon. OR it IS going to happen when the RIGHT rebuilds their complex based on an 80s model which they are going to try to do. in SECRET if they can and unlike these idiots currently in power, the RIGHT knows how to run conspiracies REAL WELL.

Not sure many will be up for this but LIKE the old Phoenix program it WILL work.
I am not going to like to see another draft.

posted on Jan, 13 2015 @ 10:58 PM

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