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Australian immigration high treason and insanity.

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posted on Jan, 10 2015 @ 01:58 PM
First a look at the exploding Muslim population in Australia

In 1971 there were 45200 Muslims or .33 per cent of the population,by 1981 there were 76992 we had accepted a great number of Lebanese refugees,by 1991 there were 147487,by 2001 281600 and by 2011 476291 or 1.9 percent of the population.

It is projected by 2030 there will be an 80 percent increase in numbers to 714000 or 2.9 per cent of the population.

The most significant increase was between 2008-2013 under the labor government when it let in 51637 boat refugees mostly of Afghan/subcontinent origins,most of these people deliberately had lost their identification and many were found to be not valid refugees but thanks to the Greens and lefty lawyers here they stayed.Of these refugees 85 per cent are unemployed five years after arrival and welfare scams with regards to housing,childcare and other issues runs amok in their community as soon as anyone shows up all the kids names are Mohammed and no one speaks English its a mess.

For several decades now the Saudis have fermented discord in the middle east,aided and abetted by the West three large stumbling blocks against a Saudi caliphate have been removed,Saddam Hussein,Gadaffi and Mubarak.This discord forces 'asylum' seekers on the West which after immigrating there then attend Saudi and Qatari Wahabi Sahafi mosques that preach a caliphate and sharia law.

A Caliphate is not the Commonwealth of Australia and sharia law is not the Constitution or the law of the land,subverting the Commonwealth and its laws is treason and sedition,our Government has openly sponsored a movement dedicated to its own demise and under our law anyone who assists by any means whatsoever to assist an enemy whether a state of war exists or not to derail the Commonwealth is guilty of treason.

Thus by its own definition whether cognicent of it or not the Government particularly the last Labor government is guilty of treason.

Immigration can be a good thing on my street there are Vietnamese,South Africans,Brits and others and we all get along because we all assimilate and follow he laws of the land,there are great multicultural landmarks in my area a Sikh temple,a Buddhist temple,but with all these people you will find a high percentage of them were attracted here because of shortages and opportunities in our job market which is the proper role of immigration in the last decade however we got 80000 Muslim refugees with little or no job skills.

The Abbot government stopped the boats all it took was the will to act to stop illegal immigration,the boats may of stopped however there is still an uneven favour towards Muslims for study,work and residency visas thanks to lawyers,political correctness and pressure from outfits such as the UN.I believe former Prime Ministers Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd and former immigration ministers Chris Evans,Chris Bowen and Brendon O Connor should all be in the dock at a Royal Commission into immigration.

Finally with our fighter and special forces commitment in the middle east we are fighting people funded and supported by the same people funding radical mosques in this country that we openly help and not only that maintain cordial relations with countries like Saudi Arabia who beat ISIS hands down with 83 beheadings last year,we are either at war with this ideology or we are not its about time our politicians figured that out.

posted on Jan, 11 2015 @ 02:50 PM
Countries need to start evicting these arrogant, freeloading, immigrants.

We have the same problem here in the southwest but when you bring it up you are automatically labled a racist.

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