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WTO gives green light for Iraqi membership talks

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posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 08:38 AM
Hey no surprise here folks,

With the occupation in Iraq winding down and the upcoming January elections in clear sight. The World Trade Organization decided Monday to open membership talks with Iraq, the general council also gave Afghanistan a green light to start talks too. I could be mistaken but i believe optaining WTO membership is somewhat difficult for nations, especially two that have recently been invaded and are currently occupied by another country. I'm not suprised at all though, I was expecting the US to conquer Iraq and to eventually spread the wealth amungst the gimme gimme nations of the WTO.

Here's the cool part,

For a 21st consecutive time, the WTO general council has refused Iran's application to become an official candidate for WTO membership. They won't even except Iran's application period, and the US has consistently blocked Iran's efforts to even start talks.

Yet the heavily US influenced WTO is willing to accept Iraq's application. Despite a nation in turmoil which is currently occupied with a great possibility of civil war in the near future.

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