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man throws kittens from car.

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posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 06:29 PM
Instar (sorry about this) but I have to reply to clarify things.

First of all Im not going to argue the fact that animals play or not.

Their brain works and is different from the human brain. Not only this but animals (watch any documentary, or experiment with your own animals) from birth are training to stay alive, so what you see as playing is actually preparing to adapt to the world outside.

Now I understand T that you have your view, but I have mine too. So if Im wrong on this subject I do not mind being put right, but maybe someone else should say something on this as well.

If not- it seems that I would be right and you wrong.

posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 06:39 PM
Humans train to stay alive from birth to. Someone with common sense and basic observing skills settle this.

posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 06:40 PM
This thought that you have is honest.....

They dont scare me,i scare myself with what i would do if i caught them....and guess what...? i wouldnt feel any remorse,id just leave them lying in a pool of their own blood trying to find their annoys me even more that some one elses cruelty has made me want to act with violence....and i dont want any one telling me thats not the answer,you simply dont stop these people by slapping their wrists or fining them....a beating wont change them....just maybe prevent them doing it so often....again SCUM....TOTAL SCUM!!

But can you/we change that? Your passion goes pass allot of what I'v seen, by hearing the words you have expressed on this topic... Nearly reflects my feelings... However, I wish I was in a position to give anyone the choice to bring those animals to me, to save you/them from ending a life that we have control over.... For Fun, How Sad!

posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 06:51 PM
"Humans training to stay alive".

Titan, are you saying that humans are animals. Or like animals. (please)-LOL.


HUMANS and ANIMALS are DIFFERENT! (even though some of my fellow humans make me wonder!)-LOL.

Someone with commn sense and basic observationg skills, hmmm....

Sounds like me

posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 07:01 PM
Of course humans are like animals, when it all comes down to it is food, living and reproduction.

posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 07:07 PM
Ok Titan, one last attempt.

First, Animals do play , yes, and no doubt enjoy this play aswell.
However, this "play" we witness, such as a cat tossing a ball of wool or a mouse, is not purely for fun. "Fun" is a human concept that dosent apply to animals. This "play" is as the last poster and I both tried to explain, natural instinctive behaviours. A cat "playing" with a mouse, is not torturing it for fun, it's honing its hunting instinct, nothing more, nothing less. Even if it dosent eat it, its still instinctive behaviour aimed at honing its skills, no animal grows out of that. An animal does not do anything "for" anything, it simply does.
There is no murderous or cruel intent when your cat kills a mouse in that way. Nature is cruel, animals are not. This applys for any animal, all animal behaviour is instinctive and without concious forthought. No animal kills "for sport" it kills to hone crucial hunting skills, to eat, or in the case of male lions killing anothers cub, to ensure his genes are passed on, since if the lioness has no cubs already his will get the full attention and be more likely to survive. Again, there is no personal agenda for the lion, its pure instinct, no malice involved at all.
I wont go over this again mate, if you want to prove me wrong, then please do. This has gone OT.

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posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 07:18 PM
It is insticnt for Humans to have fun aswell, this "it's insticnt" is wrong, if it applies to one it applies to all.

From Birth humans play it's insticnt that's how we bond with other humans and learn.


1. A source of enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure.
2. Playful, often noisy, activity.

I believe Dolphins have sex for pleasure, I also belive when I take my dogs to the park they are "playful" they bark "noisy" and it's for "amusement" beacause they are locked in side all day and are bored.

posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 07:19 PM

Not only have you proved me right, but you have also not lived up to the saying at the bottom of your posting.

Life for the sake of Life is meaningless. (I thought that was pretty good)

Even animals abide by that concept

Titan if this is what you think of human beings and animals, then I will leave you leave you to be in peace.

As far as me and my dog are concerned, Im a realistic not a romantic, yes of course I play with my dog, but play as in spending time with a animal so he can learn to better himself, not play as in, ok lets put on the ps2.! and lets get crunk!-LOL.

posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 07:33 PM
Ok how do you play with another human being, that is say deaf, you do not need to have a conversation with someone for both of you to have fun. I think you two have have lost the meaning of fun...

It is just as fun for a dog to run in a paddock as it is for you to sit at home on your playstation. If there was a word called "human-fun" then yes you would be correct but "fun" applies to both animals and humans and is not stated otherwise.

posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 07:44 PM
Once again titan you are wrong.-LOL.

Fun, is what Im doing right now.

Which is spending my time with you, just as I hope you are spending time with me.!

Animals do not have the same preception as humans, so what you call fun for animals is not the same for us humans.!

And as far as playing with another human, first you must approach them then you interact to learn about them then you play, if that is what you want to call it.

posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 08:04 PM
You must have no idea what the word "fun" implies of course fun is different for humans and animals but if you go right back to the basics simply logic will tell you that animals have fun. I will state once again the definition of fun and how it applies to animals.

1. A source of enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure.
2. Playful, often noisy, activity.

Now once again I will say dolping have sex for pleasure thus fun. If I have you on no other point this still wins, atleast one animal has fun under the terms it states in our dictionarys.

I will ask to compare baby humans against baby lions, cats, dogs, polarbears to meet with each other and bond, how is it different?

posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 08:21 PM

Lions bonding with their young ones.-LOL.

So I suppose, you havent heard that the male lion (for fun or course) kills its young!

As far as dolphins having fun by doing the do, show me the evidence.

Back up what you are saying. Oh please dont use a dictionary, I could easliy get another dic and have it say something else.

FUN is FUN plain and simple! Everyone knows what it means.

So dont treat me as simple, I really am not.

This isnt about who is right and wrong, you have your preception T, I gots mine.

Plain and simple!

Lets leave it like that o.k

posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 08:26 PM
I've heard the one about dolphins enjoying sex, I think this means they really can be gay.
But thats just something I've heard, I have no proof.

posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 08:31 PM
link Grab any other dictionary and tell me it says otherwise.

As for Dolphins having sex for fun, Common knowledge.

Read over my posts and someone please post an opinion !!!

posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 08:37 PM
I would have to say animals do have fun.
I mean even my dog makes games like getting the top off a plastic bottle, is this a natrual instinct?. Probaly not.

[edit on 14-12-2004 by hades000]

posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 08:40 PM
O.k Titan have your way!-LOL.

Right, I checked my dic.

Its called the concise edition English Dic, websters Reference Libary-New edition.

FUN- (What provides) amusement and enjoyment.

Now as for your post threads Ill be reading.

But something tells me before I read Im not going to be surprised.!-LOL.

posted on Dec, 15 2004 @ 04:30 AM

I have no feeling at all when the tables are turned....I can't help it though....I feel nothing for them and my heart stays like ice towards them

thanks lady glad to hear many of you have been honest enough to admit that your self control point would be suppased regarding the original post....its not easy to admit that you can be pushed to be devoid of all emotion but i strongly believe that theres a limit within every human being....the "SNAP" point.
I was once walking my dog on a beach when i saw a man kicking a labrador puppy...i walked over and told him if he did it again id kick him,he told me to" #$%& off" and then just to spite me kicked the dog again??!!! right in front of wasnt even doing anything other than standing by him whilst i spoke to him!!!!!.......i let go of my dog grabbed the guy and repeatedley kicked him as viciously and violentley as i could repeatedley in the legs,until he fell over crying like a 3 year old begging me to stop....i didnt punch him in the face or kick him anywhere near internal organs or anywhere,where i could have done life threatning worst he could have got a broken shin,knee,leg hip worser damage that he could have inflicted on the puppy?......justified actions ? YUP!
What upset me more as i thought about the whole thing later was that he would probably have beat the dog more later because of what i did to him...and when the dog finally lashes back at some innocent child or person it will end up being destroyed because its showed dangerous behaviour.....brought on totally by this vicious cowardly pussy scum bag.

oh and just for the record an elderley couple congratulated me on my actions further down the beach who had watched the whole incident.

regards and thanks for sharing your opinions.

posted on Dec, 15 2004 @ 04:35 AM
Abusing an animal or human in a manner in which they express discomfort or in which it is obvious that they do not wish to be harmed is brutal. I would happily be the first to stand in line to prevent this. Regardless of whether the person is the President or a world prize boxer, my self dignity cannot sit back idle and let it occur.

posted on Dec, 15 2004 @ 08:49 AM

I would happily be the first to stand in line to prevent this. Regardless of whether the person is the President or a world prize boxer, my self dignity cannot sit back idle and let it occur.

nice 1 infinite......well done,this is in my opinion what most people do,they turn the other cheek and think that someone else will deal with it,because its not really their a strong believer that we could all make the world a better place over night if more people took a stance on right and wrong!

posted on Dec, 15 2004 @ 09:06 AM

Originally posted by Titan007
I'm not try to start an argument. I just can't see how somone would think animals don't play period. You and I come from a dog loving country tell me your opinion. [/quot]
Unless I missed something...who in the hell said that animal don't play!? I have worked with animals for over 18 years and you better believe they four dogs and five can't well as my other intelligent dog functions on the reasoning lever of a two year child. The point we, "I" was trying to make is that your cat caught the mouse, went after the mouse. out of an instinctual act...."then" played with it.....he didn't go after it to begin with to ended up that way. As to dolphins...yes, they are I believe the only animal that has sex for "fun" but you are talking about a species that is on an intellectual level of humans.

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