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Remaking our Bodies for Mars?

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posted on Dec, 13 2004 @ 11:11 PM
In this months issue of WIRED magazine there was an article about trying to terraform the red planet, one idea that struct me as a pretty good one was the thoery that instead of changing Mars for us, we change ourselves for Mars. I know this will sound wierd but some of the ideas are....

Quote from Wired magazine written by Frederik Pohl

*Electronic Eyes: Mars is cold, averaging 10 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. Human eyes, being largerly water, would freeze. There's only starlight at night, so make them photomultipliers, and sensitive to infared.

*Artificial Lungs: We won't be able to inhale deeply enough to fill our lungs with Martian air; it wouldn't do any good anyways - there's almost no oxygen, but plenty of carbon dioxide, raw material for a catalyst-craking oxygen generator.

*Plastic Skin: To keep out the dangerous solar radiation and hold our vitals in the Martian near-vacuum, it would have to be as tough as Naugahyde. Array it with heat and pressure sensors connected directly to what's left of our nervous system so that we'll know whether a rocy, say, has fallen and crushed out ankle.

*Bat Wings:But not for flying. These would function as solar panels and power all that gear. If the sun doesn't supply enought energy, then we could put a nuclear power plant overhead in a Mars-stationary orbit and beam down all the electrical energy we could ever want, in the form of microwaves.

The idea behind this is that it would be a lot quicker than trying to terraform Mars since this process could take 100,000 years. But if we were to just add technology to our selfs we could be about there a whole lot quicker.

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