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The Screaming At Wal-Mart

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posted on Jan, 7 2015 @ 09:54 PM
a reply to: stosh64

Bravo on this. That's exactly right. If it's not going to change your life, either make better decisions, or suck it up for the next 18 years.

I could go through a small list of what has changed, but will not. Some have mentioned a few, and I am sure others can come up with the remaining few.

I can safely add, lack of fathers in the household/single parent working 100 hours a week, and using televisions, phones, tablets, pc's, as babysitters as another.

You didn't ever see it... Not even 20 years ago. Not like you do now. There's a correlation somewhere, but I don't think anyone that needs it cares about finding it.

a reply to: queenofsheba

I shall endeavor to be more patient with other people's public disrespect. That is what it is. We can just call it that. It's the same thing as blaring your music at 1 am and keeping your neighbors up. It's refusing to coexist with others on this planet in a way that is respectful to their environment as well as your own. Nobody should have to avoid going out in public because people refuse to raise the kids they obviously chose to have.

I'm glad you have patience. It is indeed a virtue. I would say that I have plenty of it as I have never struck anyone (adult or child) in my 37 years on this planet though I have wanted to more times than I can count. It kind of gets old when the respect part is only coming from one party see?? I respect that kids do act out. I have some of my own. But I never thought everyone else should be subjected to them acting like animals as some kind of right to life. The woman in front of me didn't have my daughter. She doesn't need to be subjected to ear splitting screams for 40 minutes simply because I never want to deal with the issue.

Why is it that the respect should constantly come from those that don't have children or choose not to let their children act out in a disturbing fashion in public? Give the other person a pass I suppose. Which is what has happened. That's why we are here today ranting about this lovely topic.

The REAL SHAME here is the kids. It's not their fault that someone is too lazy, or too inconvenienced to care for them responsibly. To raise them in ways that they will be accepted readily into society. A spoiled brat is hard to like. A spoiled brat adult... It's impossible.
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posted on Jan, 7 2015 @ 10:01 PM
a reply to: Kangaruex4Ewe I dunno...sometimes you don't know the other person's story. Maybe they're there with a sick kid buying Pedialyte and Children's Tylenol while waiting on their kid's prescription for their ear infection to get filled. I was tuned in to my kids' screams and unpleasant trips shopping, maybe that's why I remember that some days simply didn't go that smoothly. But other people's kids' never bother me...mine did, though. It wasn't always easy, I try to remember that. Sometimes we put little ones on our schedules because it was more convenient to us than them.

posted on Jan, 7 2015 @ 10:10 PM
a reply to: queenofsheba

I stated in the OP that I wasn't referring to these kids. I'm referring to the ones that are throwing themselves on the floor and ripping things off the shelf because they have asked for pixie sticks and the parents are ignoring them. I'm referring to the ones that are running like wild animals all over the store destroying it because the parents are busy texting in the chip aisle. I'm talking about the ones that push you out of the way forcefully because their parents didn't teach them manners.

Things don't always go smoothly. They don't.

I get the sick, hurt, hungry deal. I am a mom. I do get it.

You know the difference. We've all seen it. It is disrespectful to never teach your children how to behave. It just is. People who do that are not doing them any favors.

posted on Jan, 8 2015 @ 01:46 AM
Shes referring to the kids I would have to tell to stop throwing football down the aisle because you could easily injure any random person or damage property. Or the kid who is literally speeding on this little twelve inch bike with training wheels jutting out 4 inches in either direction with his mom barely even noticing only feet behind him while shes talking on the phone. Or the idiot parents that think its ok to allow their child to lay underneath the cart where you would put other groceries as if their head sticking out could not easily become ensnared with a piece of shelving whole making a tight turn down small aisles?? These parents are literally allowing their own children to be at risk of serious injury and/or injury to others.

But add on screaming at the top of their lungs specifically because they are being bratty about something they wanted or something they did not get. Its funny how after awhile I began seeing myself as some groundskeeper willy sort chasing these kids down or snatching the football mid throw and tell them to move along. I was that old guy ruining their fun, and I am only 29. haha I enjoyed it though. Had me reminiscing and enjoying the milestones. Like an epiphany "ohhh ok, so this is what it means to be responsible" lol. Making sure idiot kids dont hurt themselves or others.

posted on Jan, 9 2015 @ 09:25 AM

originally posted by: subfab
a reply to: Kangaruex4Ewe

this behavior use to be the exception. now it is the normal. when i was young, my parents would take the belt to us if we got out of line. it worked. me and my siblings were well behaved children and are well adjusted adults. no sense in making a scene.

note: there is a difference between discipline and abuse. two swats on the backside is all it takes.

Yep hit kids (the smallest most defenceless PEOPLE on the planet)... There is no evidence it can lead to a whole host of disorders... Not at all!...

Of course when you beat a child they may be quiet out of fear of getting beaten, but what does that teach them exactly... What if a mentally disabled person was making a fuss? Beat them too? Kinda sick don't ya think?

It makes me laugh with people that blame the normal behaviour of children on the fact they haven't been beaten... Fact is the majority still does beat the kids unfortunately. You speak as though beating is the ONLY way to have nice well behaved children.

Huh, funny because I use reason and logic and it seems to go down fairly well... Is it as instintainious and easy as a simple beating? No... It takes time and patience and IMAGINATION.

Please please do not encourage people to hit other people... Especially those that can't even defend themselves!

EDIT: ps I am genuinely sorry that you were abused as a child. It wasn't your fault and there really are peaceful ways to deal with a seemingly unruly child. Also the fact is non of these children asked to be here! They were dragged into this world against their will. If you do the dragging then you have a responsibility to make life as awesome as you can! Hitting doesn't really fit in the awesome category.
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posted on Jan, 9 2015 @ 10:54 AM
yea sorry buddy I whoop my kids ass if he steps out of line too much. As a result of knowing the consequence, they have maintained proper manners and good behavior. They treat others with respect. Discipline your child teaches them that the parent will not put up with crap.

You dont want to spank your child when they are young to learn manners, by all mean dont. You wont tell me I am doing it wrong when the evidence speaks for itself imo. For all the hippy feel good mushy mushy feeling parents I know that refused to discipline their young children they act like they own their parents are not nearly as respectful as my kids or that of others I know.

If you worked it out with "logic" and silliness good for you. Unfortunately that just does not work in many families. Some kids are the most stubborn spoiled brats until confronted with the threat of force to their backside.

And we clearly defined many a time already the type of kid we are talking about, and not the mentally challenged children.

posted on Jan, 9 2015 @ 11:08 AM
a reply to: DYepes

I don't think you are considering ALL the evidence... But I also don't think you ever will... Tell me, imagine if I were 20 times stronger than you and 3 times as big as you and if I didn't like something you do and beat you for it will you stay in line with me?

I would bet you would! But what would you think of me? Would it stop you doing the things I don't like? Most likely it wouldn't! You will be polite to my face, you will lie to me, you will pretend... But most of all you'll learn not to get caught! lol

How on earth can you defend a situation like this? Violence is bad anyway unless in self defence (I'm all for the kids defending themselves against you and maybe one day they will) but against someone much smaller and weaker than you?

I am telling you there is another way which is peaceful! My kids are the same, pleasent and respectful because they have been explained why they should be. Not out of fear but out of a choice... So tell me, now you know that beating kids is not the only way, why would you choose it?

EDIT: I didn't say a mentally challenged kid... I said someone with mental dissabilities... Like say an adult with learning difficulties... Can you and would you hit them? If not, why not?
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posted on Jan, 10 2015 @ 02:34 PM
Yea I would hit a mentally disabled adult if that mentally disabled adult hit my own kid, like in this video here

Don't give me none of that feel good hippy crap about waiting to understand the thought process of what he did. Maybe he knew kicking a random child was wrong and maybe he didn't. I bet he knows after that though.

And size is irrelevant when it comes to disciplining our child. The way you describe it you would have the world believe we are putting our kids into arm bars or giving them knees to the gut. In any case now, my kids no longer need a but whooping anymore as the eight and five year old are well mannered and well behaved anywhere we go. So much so they are setting a good example for their little brother (16months).

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