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Black Protesters Storm NYC Restaurants – Target & Harass White People Eating Brunch

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posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 05:35 PM

originally posted by: LOSTinAMERICA
a reply to: LewsTherinThelamon

I've come to that realization also.

Everyone will have to excuse me. I've lost my ability to reason coherently ever since I became a full-time programmer.

posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 05:36 PM
a reply to: LOSTinAMERICA

Some of the tweets seemed racist, about 5-6 of them...

I don't know if they terrorised anyone though I wasn't there.

Saying that, even with the racist tweets, I don't think that racism should be generalised to the whole group.

posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 05:37 PM
a reply to: macman

It's being used to draw the public attention away from other issues.

Like the amnesty for 5,000,000 illegals thing.

It's White House ordered camo to hide the real threats to America.

posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 05:41 PM
a reply to: CharlieSpeirs

I rarely do a stop and frisk and if I do I have strong reasonable suspicion (which is completely legal : see Terry v Ohio).

When conducting a stop and frisk you better damn sure have reasonable suspicion. A black man in a high crime area does not equal reasonable suspicion. There is more to it then that. Again I advise you to take a look at Terry v Ohio.

What I used to do more so was consensual encounters.

It usually consists of me identifying a person I feel would be important/prudent to speak with. I usually walk up to them and say "hey do you mind if I talk to you for a second?"

If the person says no or ignores me they continue on their way (sometimes cussing me out). Nothing I can do about it though (rightfully so).

Other times they do stop and talk to me. I then usually ask them how things are going for them personally and in the neighborhood. Sometimes I get info, sometimes I don't.

Sometimes I will ask for identification.

If they say no then there is nothing I can do about it (rightfully so).

If they do give it to me I will write down their info and complete a field interview card.

These help when later on we discover that a crime was committed in the same area (whether before or after) I stopped the individual. We can then contact them and ask if they saw anything. Hell, many times the person I stopped happened to be the suspect. If it wasn't for the consensual encounter that I documented we may have never developed a suspect.

I have never been involved in any kind of stop and frisk or consensual encounter that ended in the person being arrested and nothing being found on them.

While cops are human and obviously not perfect you do develop some pretty good instincts on who is doing what. Especially when you work and interact with people in the community 12 hours a day.

A vast majority of the "innocent" victims that the brunch protesters were referencing were not involved in stop and frisk or consensual encounter scenarios. I am not quite sure if any of them were.

I can't really think of any unecessary work we are assigned.

There are certain laws that I don't agree with.

Also, there are many calls that we are dispatched to that are not criminal in nature and are merely civil complaints that I wish we didn't have to respond to. That being said if a citizen calls and asks for assistance are we going to tell them no?

I don' t think there is an epidemic of police violence. I also think that most reported issues of police brutality are not brutality at all. I also don't think racism plays a major roll in policing. I work with black officers and I have never heard them accuse any of our white officers of being racist, targeting blacks, or disproportionately enforcing laws.

That being said any case of police brutality or racism should not be tolerated.

However, seeing that we are all humans there is no way to eliminate it entirely. There will always be a case somewhere. Well unless you can somehow change the human element.

I believe that changing the gangster, violent, thug, culture is the best way to decrease these types of interactions.

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posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 05:42 PM
a reply to: Bedlam

Private security is in my future. Working for a cruise line, Disney, Harris, etc.

Also possibly a career with a firearms company.

Sorry for the derail.

posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 05:43 PM
WOW musta been REAL scary HA,HA,HA,HA.
ITHAT is the actions of their "ARMY"
good that garbage will be easily countered.

posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 05:45 PM
a reply to: TorqueyThePig

The solution is the last line of your comment-I totally agree.

As long as murder rape and robbery are the "hip" thing to do in that community-things will only get worse.

posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 05:46 PM
a reply to: TorqueyThePig

Thanks pal, very informative.

Appreciate the insight!

posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 05:52 PM
a reply to: LOSTinAMERICA

Both of you are fools, white guilt? Reverse racism? Do you actually believe in both of those absurd concepts? If you are not from that generation then you can't have any of those feelings, they are just words, and if they make you upset, then you are a racist. If they come across to you as just words, then you look at it as just words and don't think the other person is being racist. It's pretty simple. Some of you act like the new generation holds this burden of history all the time and lives in the past. Not true at all across a wide scope of nationalities. This new generation is well into their 40's already I don't think some of you understand the bonding and interaction between different races in America has gone down in the last 30 years, and how many people don't give a hoot about the past. Especially in New York, do you know how often and how many non-black people use the N-word just the same your my friend, brother, homie, etc? Really this thread is pure make believe and this is what the protesters wanted to bring about, because the stuff you're all talking about is deep rooted, and no way what the mass population believes in. Nobody on here is saying anything new-age in terms of social interaction, this is an anti-black protesters thread. The title of the thread is Black Protesters Storm NYC Restaurants - Target & Harass White People Eating Brunch. - Sounds pretty racist. It still circles back there are white people in America who hate black people, period, and that was the whole point of this. Eating brunch? Brunch isn't even a real meal!

Black brunches are not the product of an organization, but a grassroots movement intended to bring police brutality to the attention of those who have chosen to ignore it, participants said.

“People who have money and privilege have the leisure to brunch,” Carrie Leilam Love, media liaison for the group Black Brunch NYC, told The Washington Post in a phone interview. “Other people don’t.”

[url=]Source[/ur l]
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posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 05:54 PM
a reply to: CharlieSpeirs

I want to clarify my view a little more.

Like I said I know that police violence and racism exists.

I just don't feel it is an epidemic throughout law enforcement.

The protestors make it seem like it is some kind of intentional conspiracy by every police agency and officer across the country.

I believe that a vast majority of police violence and racism that does occur is due to the actions of independently acting individuals.

Again these criminal cops need to be brought to light and arrested. However, what is going to stop another bad apple from getting hired? No hiring process can succesfully catch 100% of the bad individuals.

You can't change the human element.
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posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 05:55 PM
to the OP
Your post are very well thought out and do contribute but I See you avatar and what you post on and I think you are not for real. i believe you are a plant, a shill. a pretty girl with a cat? review your post. they are all way to nice but provoke a certain undertone. Your response will be " what undertone is that" . just saying

posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 06:01 PM

originally posted by: game over man
Both of you are fools...

Foolish is not even knowing what day it is.

Or failing to use things like paragraphs.

Brunch isn't even a real meal!

Oh, it is a very good meal, filled with such wondrous food as caviar, champagne, roasts and other delectable items tailored to enhance your gustatory experience.

Perhaps this is what it all comes down to, jealousy of brunch:

“People who have money and privilege have the leisure to brunch,” Carrie Leilam Love, media liaison for the group Black Brunch NYC, told The Washington Post in a phone interview. “Other people don’t.”

Not about police brutality but about poor little Miss Love's inability to get down with the brunch crowd. Go justice!!!!

I had brunch on New Years Day. In Manhattan. And it was freakin' good.

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posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 06:10 PM
a reply to: CharlieSpeirs

Why did they pick that spot? Nuff said.

posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 06:19 PM
a reply to: DrJunk

You're a joke agreeing with this insanity. If you're right then by all means show us the works, convince us using reason and logic, not emotion and pigheadedness.

No one will take you serious unless you engage us with some brains cause your debate technique is that of a stubborn child refusing to even explain why he is right.

The only rational conclusion we can draw is that you've got nothing to stand on.

That said, I do believe you, I do believe that it is very much possible that young black men are 21 times more likely to be killed by police than young white men. But why is that? Is it always someone elses fault or is it time for black people to own up to the rampant problems in their communities?
It's probably a little bit of both, I mean, it's a vicious circle, the chicken and the egg. Are young black people being victimized by police or are police simply policing criminal behaviour? You don't deny that there are more black gangbangers than white ones do you?

Black communities need to own up to their problems instead of always taking the victim role.
Sure, black people are victimized at times, but to think that they can be and stay perpetual victims is self-defeating and honestly quite cowardly.

Let's talk about Democrats pushing a victim mentality, let's talk about single motherhood, let's talk about CIA and crack coc aine, let's talk about divide and conquer, let's talk about the thug life mentality, let's talk about other minority groups and their successful cultures.

It's a complex situation, let's try to be a little nuanced about it eh?

posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 06:42 PM
a reply to: LOSTinAMERICA

I could only speculate that the majority of them or the organisers wanted to create awareness among White people.

I don't see the benefit of a protest intentionally being racist, why would you organise something like that if the idea is to create awareness among other races, & then go on to single other races out?

Some of the tweets were racist, no doubt about it, but we're they the organisers tweets?
We're the racist tweets from the majority of the protesters?
Did they actually say anything racist inside the establishment or just in the tweets?

Without the answer to these questions, only the people in the building know.

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posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 07:03 PM
a reply to: CharlieSpeirs

There are few things I would like to see more than for the black community to stop killing each other (and us).

But it won't happen-it is only going to get worse. (as in the number of blacks getting shot by the police,I mean)
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posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 07:13 PM

originally posted by: opethPA
Wow..I can't wait to hear anyone defend some of the tweets reported in that article....

“ATTN WHITE Man, I have no guilt disturbing your brunch. Its YOU that has no right to be here. #blackbrunchnyc”
"#BlackBrunchNYC happening now & white fragility is on full display. When confronted with complicity in genocide most whites brains melt”

or this gem..

"Angry/delusional whites on #BlackBrunchNYC don't understand what racism is. Black people lack power dynamic necessary to be racist 2 whites."

Much like the #blacklivesmatter movement it's pathetic and just perpetuates racism.

I literally just posted the following in response to a friend online saying "reverse racism isn't possible," along the lines that racism requires power.

"The thing is, it all is dependent on the definition of racism, and whether one has a singular definition of racism as only being the institutionalized form versus two forms, individual and institutional. Most people who speak to there being racism going in all directions are operating from the idea that there is also individual racism, not only that based on systems and power differentials. And up until recently, even in social justice circles there were both: individual racism, one, and institutionalized racism, two. Just google Racism and it will show that many traditional definitions do not posit it as only being institutionalized prejudice. Just to be honest, I don't really know when the individual definition was deleted, as even in the 90's and early 2000's when I was first studying it the individual possibility was included. Further, we can't define "racism" and "reverse racism" based on the US situation or others, or even just recent history. Speaking of history and facts, there are also many historical examples of non-white groups projecting institutionalized prejudice on to other groups. So even from that angle, other groups have shown the institutionalized form of racism. And for reference, not everyone is ignorant, not a social justice advocate, or not an ally who believes that all peoples and races can and do practice racism. It's about finding the universality of causes of racism, such that beyond addressing the institutionalized forms of it we also proactively guard against all forms of it, current and future. Also, there is no such thing as "reverse racism," because racism is racism. Using the individual definition of racism, there most definitely are individuals who target randomly white people, project hatred, prejudice, and so on, based on race. There also are a lot of articles written and passed around online that are essentializing, stereotyping, or saying hateful statements about white people. It's not productive or social justice to just tell white people who have experienced prejudice from someone "It's not real, it's not possible, be quiet." I believe that social justice needs to account for that, not excuse it or pretend it doesn't happen. That's just going to alienate people who have experienced it. Is this the primary issue or even high in the agenda in social justice? No, not by any long shot. Is addressing institutionalized oppression, historically and presently, towards people of color, the priority? Most definitely. Does that mean we shouldn't talk about what I just mentioned? No."

posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 07:25 PM

originally posted by: Krazysh0t
a reply to: U4ns21

So when is the black community going to rise up and do something about the disproportionate amount of black on black crime that occurs in this country? Or is the only crime that matters the white on black variety?

But that is a different topic. With all due respect, the protests are about police brutality towards minorities, not inter-citizen crime.

posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 07:49 PM
a reply to: Hoosierdaddy71

Unless he started really early.

(I'm sorry-I tried for hours to resist typing that)

posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 07:52 PM

originally posted by: deadeyedick

originally posted by: FalcoFan
a reply to: deadeyedick

Everyone's ancestors were slaves at some point.

It's called growing up.

perhaps that statment has truth in it.

now tell me the correct number of yrs. it takes to remove such mental scarring?

The group in question is by far the youngest in this land when viewing through the lens of slavery.

And your point has merit. That many groups, such as the majority of white ethnic groups, have not been slaves for a long time, perhaps enough to transcend most historical impact as a result of it. Whereas some groups, such as African Americans, have experienced institutionalized oppression much more recently.

But what doth thou say about the Jews, who experienced in much of Europe oppression basically up until WWII, for centuries? They seem to have rebounded quite quickly?

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