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Israel police say Jewish settlers stone US consular officials during West Bank visit

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posted on Jan, 3 2015 @ 01:24 PM

originally posted by: Logarock
a reply to: buster2010

What a bunch of hype. A "small group of young settlers" translates a few kids tossing rocks. No one was injured. Oh the humanity.

Israel shoots Palestinian kids when they do that so why are these terrorist still sucking air?

posted on Jan, 3 2015 @ 01:32 PM
a reply to: buster2010

jewish settlers my ass. How about thieves, just like Columbus didn't discover America because people were already here, you can't settle somewhere that already had people which were kicked out by force.

posted on Jan, 3 2015 @ 01:47 PM
a reply to: nwtrucker

The International court? That August body of fair-minded and objective individuals who ignore the Charters of Palestine and Hamas that call for the destruction of Israel? Really?

Are you talking about that august body that ignores the Likud charter that is just like the charter that Hamas no longer follows?

That charged a U.S. federal judge with crimes against humanity for sentencing a convicted murder to death and doesn't apply the same criteria to the rest of the world?

Link to what you are talking about and how does it affect anything in this article.

I don't see any 'Great Satan' rhetoric from Israel. No avowed goal to see the U.S. destroyed from Israel. I do see it from Isis, et al.

Let America attack or place sanctions against Israel like it has done against Muslim nations in the ME and Israel will be whining that America is Satan so fast your head will spin.

You do not comment on Palestinian stone throwing yet call Israel 'savages' and spew 'the last straw' when Israelis do.

Palestinians are fighting against hostile occupiers in their land Israel is not. Also attacking people just for inspecting damaged land is not the act of a sane person.

No nation's gov't is without sins.

True but how many commit these acts while under the delusion it's our homeland because God gave it to us thousands of years ago?

I see mosques in Israel. I do not see synagogues in the Muslim world.

You need to learn how to research things. PolitiFact: Most Muslim countries allow churches, synagogues

I don't see Israelis beheading anyone, oppressing women, running a slave trade or fighting each other.

Palestinians aren't beheading anyone either. Israel is well known for it's sex slave trade as of 2013 there were over 8000 slaves in Israel how many are there in Palestine? Also there has been a good amount of fighting between Zionist and Jews in Israel.

The Israelis make the desert bloom.

Yes it's real easy to make something bloom in the desert when you steal the most fertile land from someone else and then steal their water.

Leave them alone and they'll leave you alone. Just ask Egypt.

Ask Egypt if they would leave Israel alone if America stopped paying the 1.5 billion a year bribe money that was part of the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel. Like when Morsi won the election in Egypt and congress started talking about stopping that money Israel started crying to high heaven don't stop the money. America is bribing Egypt to be at peace with Israel.

posted on Jan, 3 2015 @ 01:51 PM

originally posted by: nwtrucker
a reply to: buster2010

Again, one-sided. If the Palestinians, et al, followed the Koran, they also wouldn't be doing what they're doing. So they can't call themselves Muslim????

How myopic..

So you choose to overlook that the Zionist follow the Talmud instead of the Torah?

posted on Jan, 3 2015 @ 02:12 PM
a reply to: buster2010 As far as 'link', there's no point. You have one view and link to that one only.

If you don't see the link between them and International Court bias that your blindness. ( Nobody has taken anything out of their Charters.)

Oh yah, Egypt also leaves Israel alone because it would lose. As a result, Israel leaves then alone. Which was my point. Leave Israel alone, they leave you alone. ( Which you ignored).

posted on Jan, 3 2015 @ 02:23 PM
a reply to: buster2010

You mean Israel, our 51st state? What does the $$$ equate to? at one time when I came across the numbers was $33kUSD per citizen, per year..

Anti-Zionism is NOT anti-semiticism...

Shalom Aleichem


Om Bava Shaviya Om

posted on Jan, 3 2015 @ 02:40 PM
a reply to: MysterX

whatever it is it's clear the Israelis are the pulling the US's strings and have done for a long time.

Well, you know the theory of the Obama haters, that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated high up into American infrastructure...

Now apply that to the Zionists who actually have done this & it goes some way towards answering your question.

posted on Jan, 3 2015 @ 02:46 PM
a reply to: nwtrucker

The Israelis make the desert bloom.

Replace "Israelis" with American Tax payers & you'll go someway to understanding the truth of the matter.

Synagogues in "Evil Jew Hating" Iran!!!

posted on Jan, 3 2015 @ 02:54 PM
a reply to: nwtrucker

Explain to me the point of changing a charter that is admittedly null & void?

Check out The Likud Charter, that's still relevant.

posted on Jan, 3 2015 @ 07:59 PM
a reply to: nwtrucker

Egypt also leaves Israel alone because it would lose. As a result, Israel leaves then alone. Which was my point. Leave Israel alone, they leave you alone.

This isn't the 60's anymore Israel doesn't have the clear advantage over Egypt. Israel ranks 11th and Egypt ranks 13th the only reason why Israel ranks above Egypt is their illegal nuclear stockpile. Right now Egypt has a clear advantage over Israel when it comes to firepower because all those billions that they received from America they spent on weapons from America just like Israel. Another reason why Israel leaves Egypt alone is that their boy Sisi is in charge now.

posted on Jan, 3 2015 @ 11:59 PM
a reply to: CharlieSpeirs

"Admittedly"? Admitted by whom? Null and void?

I guess we can apply the same logic to the U.S. Constitution.LOL.

Admittedly null and void. Certainly 'irrelevant' as you say. As with the charters a whole bunch of people believe in it....

Frankly, your spin approaches complete disbelief, both of you.

Complain, post your outrage to your hearts content. The U.N., the International Court, the European Bias , none of it will change anything. All paper tigers.

Israel is here for the duration and the harder they feel pushed, the more they will dig in. If they are pushed too hard, they settle this 'out of court'......

posted on Jan, 4 2015 @ 12:27 AM
a reply to: nwtrucker

Admittedly by Hamas themselves who said the Charter is outdated, irrelevent & a hinderence to the Peace Process!

Everything else you said I have neither the time nor inclination to talk about.
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posted on Jan, 4 2015 @ 01:07 AM

exactly what hold do the Israelis have

Just as a typical organized-crime gang does, so does israel.
Example :
Courts have a purpose
to expose truth, to settle disputes and to bring justice.
So, ask yourselves why does israel use blackmail, threaten and bully others, and use
violence to avoid international court ? ! ! ! Quite obvious.
Any other time they are ready to sue, sue, sue for the slightest trivial thing.

Yet is speaks loudly when confronted with international court israel runs and
uses crime gang tactics to avoid the exposure of truth.

posted on Jan, 4 2015 @ 06:09 AM

originally posted by: buster2010

originally posted by: Logarock
a reply to: buster2010

What a bunch of hype. A "small group of young settlers" translates a few kids tossing rocks. No one was injured. Oh the humanity.

Israel shoots Palestinian kids when they do that so why are these terrorist still sucking air?

Yes Israeli police and military have shot kids doing this. Probably one kid for every 500,000 rocks that have been thrown. The numbers are not real high in comparison and it usually has happened when many Palestinians kids have several guys trapped and surrounded with hundreds of incoming rocks. So yea your dumbass is going to get shot at. Most people if cut off and surrounded and being pelted with rocks will send a few caps down range if they have a gun. What sort of dumbasses surround soldiers with guns and pelt them with rocks?

posted on Jan, 4 2015 @ 10:23 AM
a reply to: Logarock

I'm not advocating shooting in such a situation...
That would make me hypocritical for all the times I've condemned Palestinians being shot...

But let me get this right...

Only when it's men with Guns being pelted, shots are fired...
But when Foreign Diplomats visit it's best to just ignore assessing the threat level?

What I will advocate is the new Israeli Law that states throwing stones at cars will lead to a 10ys prison sentence & those who cause bodily harm can receive 20yrs... Even without proof of intent!!!

*Unless it's settlers invaders!

posted on Jan, 4 2015 @ 12:08 PM
a reply to: CharlieSpeirs
What Hamas says and does are two different things entirely. If Hamas' intention is peace, they'd remove it from their Charter as well as the Palestinian Charter. Surely your not that naïve.

COMPLETELY agree with your view on wasting time discussing this with you....LOL

posted on Jan, 4 2015 @ 12:14 PM
a reply to: buster2010

What are "illegal" Nukes?? Now there's a hoot.

Let see Israeli troops, pilots Vs. Egyptian....gee now that's a tough one...

posted on Jan, 4 2015 @ 03:00 PM

originally posted by: nwtrucker
a reply to: buster2010

What are "illegal" Nukes?? Now there's a hoot.

I would call them rouge nukes. They are unaccounted for internationally and bound by no terms agreed upon by all other nations that have them. Or you can just call them an elephant in the room.
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posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 09:27 AM
a reply to: buster2010

LOL there is so much hatred and rage in your posts it's amusing. You are probably pooping out a diamond every time you're hitting the "reply" button...

Now seriously, some stupid settlers stoned an american convoy while it was approaching an Israeli settlement with a bunch of Palestinians...
If the American guards felt threatened by them, they should have opened fire.
If not, they should report the incident to the Israeli police, and the settlers should face trial.
If the law states it's 2 or 20 years for rock trowing, this is what they should get (though, I challenge you to present a Palestinian who got a 2 or 20 years jail sentence for rock trowing).

This is the story. That's it.
Only a delusional fanatic will go from this stupid incident to -

This should be the final straw.

All diplomatic ties should be cut with Israel and sanctions placed on them as well.

The settlers in the west bank are 5% of the Israeli population and seen by an average Israeli as a fringe group.
Most Israelis support the 2 state solution and would like to see Netanyahu replaced.
Your hatred towards Israelis/Jews/Zionists completely clouds your judgment and time after time you are failing to understand that both sides have a small bunch of people gaining from the conflict while most of the population wants peace.

After all, there is no problem when Palestinians are killing American diplomats, but if a group of Israeli idiots trow some rocks at a car - "we should treat Israel like North Korea!!!"

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posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 10:22 AM
a reply to: buster2010

Are you talking about that august body that ignores the Likud charter that is just like the charter that Hamas no longer follows?

Ok, so where can I find the updated Hamas charter?
It seems that the only charter I can find is the 1988 one.

What I did manage to find is the Likud charter from 2007 -
A PDF in Hebrew

I Google translated the "Palestinian part" (the translation is not very good but it's something:

There may be no more unilateral withdrawals in the future -
Any area IDF will Leave, will be caught by Hamas and any unilateral withdrawal will transmit a message of weakness and submission. Likud is ready to make concessions for peace, concessions such as that made by Menachem Begin during the peace treaty with Egypt's President Anwar Sadat - a waiver under the peace agreement and genuine. only through such arrangements, guarding the Israeli sure, we can promote peace with our neighbors. local improvement rather than baseless calls the current peace talks in Annapolis, focusing on a final agreement and unhurried, missing out
Purpose. We do not believe that the Palestinians ready for historic compromise will end the conflict.
There is no evidence that the Palestinians are ready to accept even the minimum requirements demanded by Israeli leader. Palestinians rejected far-reaching concessions that we proposed eight years ago.
And their position has not changed or moderated when it comes to the core issues. If anything, their position
Stiffened in light of the weakness and slackness of the current government.
Instead of helping Abbas and Fayyad, Israel should focus its efforts on improving the daily lives of
Palestinians. In specific, we need to help them develop their economic system. This will not resolve the conflict, but will create a more relaxed environment and by that, likely for freight successful negotiations. Likud-led government, immediately focus on changing situation on the ground.

Clear red lines peace agreement -
When the time comes final negotiations for peace, the Likud will clear red lines: Likud
And its leader will insist that the responsibility for security of Israeli citizens, will remain in the hands of
Israel and the preservation of Israel's right to defend its borders, the right validated in the 242 and
338 United Nations.

The responsibility for Palestinian refugees - the Arab countries -

Government led by Likud, will not allow thousands and certainly not millions of Palestinian refugees
Return to Israel. Israel did not take moral responsibility for the refugees, because these are
Difficult situation due to the fateful decisions of the Arab world: the decision to declare war on
Israel, instead of accepting the right of Jews to Israel of their own, and the decision not to allow, that
Sixty years ago, those refugees to recover and continue their lives in Arab countries.

Solomon and the rule of Jerusalem Israel -

Likud-led government, will maintain a united Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, under Israeli rule.
Jews from around the world this long for 2,000 years to rebuild the city, the historic capital.
Jerusalem is the heart of the Jewish culture and we will continue to keep it as such, while providing freedom
Members of all religions practicing their faith holy places in the city.
The worst thing you can do for peace, is the division of Jerusalem. Such distribution,
Will create friction that could ignite the entire region. Only the unified Jerusalem under Israeli rule,
Allow maintaining regional peace.

War on Terror -

Unity government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, brings with proven ability to fight terrorism.
In 1996, Netanyahu was stricken country over terrorist attacks in three years when he served as
Government, took place only three attacks. Although these three attacks were too much,
Netanyahu's government has managed to restore a sense of security to the people and suppress the Palestinian terror.
After the Palestinians launched a campaign of terrorist attacks after failed negotiations at Camp - David,
Netanyahu claimed that Israel transition from a war of attrition, decisive military action against
Palestinian regime. For two years, the government ignored these recommendations and refused Lnkotbfolh broad military. Hundreds of Israelis paid the price for ignoring this - their lives. When at last, decisive military action was taken in 2002, the result was a dramatic reduction in terrorist activity within Israel. Unity government headed by Netanyahu, will deal with a terrorist attack, a clear and decisive response.

Now look, I HATE the Likud party but to compare them to Hamas is sheer stupidity.

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