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Quake Watch 2015

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posted on Jun, 30 2015 @ 12:31 AM
Just got home from work and saw this.

Hope everyone is safe.

posted on Jun, 30 2015 @ 01:18 AM
a reply to: dragonlover12
Great link, I'll be looking through that site some more.
I wasn't really interested in Fracking as a subject until my Cousin came to visit us earlier this year, she says its a big issue in South Carolina too, not many like it.

posted on Jun, 30 2015 @ 03:47 AM
??????? wat does it mean?????

posted on Jun, 30 2015 @ 04:35 AM

originally posted by: ressiv
??????? wat does it mean?????[/quot e]

Was just reading that myself and was going to post......

What it basically means is that the Newport-Inglewood is far older than previously thought and much much deeper. This is significant because Helium 3 is not common on Earth - it is incredibly rare, unless you get down to the mantle. As the Newport-Inglewood fault lies on an old subduction zone, it shows there is still a connection there to the mantle (whether direct or indirect they don't seem to know). If it is a direct link, that could be potentially much more dangerous. In general, it means this fault could produce significantly larger quakes than previously believed.

posted on Jun, 30 2015 @ 11:22 AM
3.3 in michigan close to the 4.2 couple months back

posted on Jun, 30 2015 @ 12:19 PM

originally posted by: slayerfan
3.3 in michigan close to the 4.2 couple months back

Summary page for the 3.3 in the Battle Creek area:

Once again, I didn't feel diddly up in the Grand Rapids area. With a 3.3though, I'm not surprised.

posted on Jun, 30 2015 @ 01:06 PM
a reply to: ressiv
It means the Daily Mail is jumping on the band wagon over a movie, mixing facts with fantasy

A scene from the movie San Andreas in which the fault triggers a devastating earthquake in LA, the largest in recorded history

I suppose its not all bad, it does raise the profile of earthquake risk generally.

Radon was the earthquake bad boy at one time, never proved to be relevant overall except in a few instances.

posted on Jun, 30 2015 @ 01:12 PM
Just looking at the GFZ list there have been a few moderate earthquakes in diverse places over the last week;
4.2 Romania
5.2 Hawaii
5.2 Northeast India
5.5 Egypt
4.5 Red Sea
I know they always have quakes in these places, just haven't seen the locations with such high magnitudes for a while

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posted on Jun, 30 2015 @ 05:45 PM
Quite strong earthquake swarm at Reykjanes Ridge, Iceland. Mid-Atlantic Ridge is active. It just started and it might still continue. The quakes seem to be very widespread, along the fault. Strongest quakes so far have been close to 4th magnitude.

posted on Jul, 1 2015 @ 01:24 AM
a reply to: Thebel
They must have downgraded that 4, the highest on the list now is 3.9
numbered map of IMO data currently showing
Icon 16 is the 3.9

mag~1= 98 , mag1= 104 , mag2= 38
mag3= 14 , mag4= 0 , mag5= 0
total= 254
total energy released= 53.20TTNT

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coloured icons take a bit longer, have to fiddle them through ikimaps
colored icons map
remember the 50% opacity grey icons are less than M1 (there are a lot of them)
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posted on Jul, 1 2015 @ 03:11 AM
The swarm at Reykjanes Ridge is still ongoing. So far there has been 300 quakes. There has been 14 quakes over magnitude 3. This one of the strongest swarms I have seen in that area.

The quakes are visible in Jón Frímann's seismograph at Heklubyggð

EMSC reports the earthquakes being MUCH stronger, strongest being 5.0 magnitude, followed by 4.9 and 4.4.

Magnitude Mw 5.0
Date time 2015-07-01 02:25:42.2 UTC
Location 63.82 N ; 23.22 W
Depth 10 km
Distances 74 km SW of Reykjavík, Iceland / pop: 113,906 / local time: 02:25:42.2 2015-07-01
38 km SW of Keflavík, Iceland / pop: 7,930 / local time: 02:25:42.2 2015-07-01

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posted on Jul, 1 2015 @ 01:04 PM
a reply to: Thebel

Now 35 over M3
I wonder if they can feel them at Reykjavík?

posted on Jul, 1 2015 @ 03:21 PM
Peeps may be interested in page 140 of the June NCGT (New Concepts in Global Tectonics) Journal: SOLAR WIND IONIC VARIATION ASSOCIATED WITH
EARTHQUAKES GREATER THAN MAGNITUDE 6.0 . Download the PDF journal here

Additional details on the same theme in the Journal: Relationship between major geophysical events and the planetary magnetic Ap index, from 1844 to the present (Page 240)

I know that Muzzy and I have both looked at this. Did we miss something? Don't know as I have not read it.

posted on Jul, 1 2015 @ 10:40 PM
a reply to: PuterMan

Fascinating read and valuable research

I think when looking at EQs, you need to understand that there are multiple causal events and this paper may have identified one of them. The relationship is quite clear.

Now, if we could find the others we may have a chance at prediction, but sadly, we will still be only to predict the likelihood of an event and that will not enable us to move citizens out of danger.

Until that happens, all we can do in reality .... is make people very fearful.


posted on Jul, 1 2015 @ 11:01 PM
a reply to: PuterMan

Hi PuterMan,

Won't be able to read for a week or so. I am looking forward to getting into it.

Thank you for posting this.

posted on Jul, 2 2015 @ 12:59 AM
The Muzzy's Rule continues to apply to NZ earthquakes for June 2015
within 4-7 days after a low TTNT count we have a M5+

The only problem with using this for earthquake prediction is that the M5+ could be anywhere within 4 million square kilometres, from the Kermadec Islands to Maquarie Island. It just so happens that lately all the M5's have been Kermadecs.
Needs more tweeking, perhaps a longer term period graph.

That last asterix in the image graph above again continues the sequence, preceding two M5+ earthquakes today UTC, one at each end of the Zealandia continent, by the 4 day period.
rightclickviewimage for full size

You can't really see it in the home page pies on NZ 2015 as the pies show the number of earthquakes, not the TTNT energy released. Maybe I should do a page with all the TTNT pies (which are currently shown also on each daily page under the maps for June only).
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posted on Jul, 2 2015 @ 01:03 AM
There is a new report coming out soon about the slow slip events on the Hikurangi Trench off Gisborne/Hawkes Bay.
Should be interesting. Word is we have dodged a potential M7+ because of this slow slip process.
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posted on Jul, 2 2015 @ 02:47 AM
further to post: muzzy
Hakone, Honshu is doing its nut again
mag~1= 136
mag1= 38
total= 174
TTNT= 0.094

mag~1= 138
mag1= 119
mag2= 10
total= 270
TTNT= 4.106

posted on Jul, 2 2015 @ 03:35 PM
further to: muzzy

rightclickviewimage for full size (2140pixels wide)

or direct link here
So far in 2015 (to day 182) there have been 21 earthquakes over M5, so that's an average of one very 8.7 days

There have been 27 days where the TTNT was below 10TTNT, thats an average of every 6.7 days, but they do occur in clusters, twice on consecutive days and twice on alternate days (eg 8-30-8) and once three days in a row.

On 5 occasions the low TTNT count did not result in a M5, thats 18.5% of the time, so that means that 81.5% of the time a low TTNT count will result in a M5+ within 2-8 days..

On 4 occasions after a low TTNT count there were 2 x M5's within 2-8 days.

None of these M5's are aftershocks of each other, except unless you consider the Apr 24 South Marlborough M6.23 an aftershock of the Apr 18 Cook Strait M5.15.

I doubt you will get any form of earthquake prediction that has a 81.5% success rate anywhere else on the planet. Too bad I can't narrow it down to "where" in New Zealand. The Kermadec Is, South of the Kermadecs Is and East Cape Ridge off NI are consistently represented in the M5's. There is nothing the TTNT shows that whether it will occur on the NZ land mass or under the sea.

So that is for a 6 month period, 2015 only. Perhaps the results will be different for a full 12 months or even a longer term period. Will have a look at 2014. I don't think 2010 or 2011 could be used in this due to the Canterbury events, but I will have a look at it.

Maybe I should start issuing "Quake Alerts" whenever the risk is evident, ie Yellow, Orange, Red etc I'll have to figure out the % chances as time progresses past the day of the low TTNT count. Not to cause any panic!, there are only about 8 regular readers of my NZ EQ Blog.

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posted on Jul, 2 2015 @ 03:50 PM

Jeez. Things are really ramping up here.

Hey Thebel,

What are you thinking?

I can see it's starting to slow down, but do you think it will ramp back up again?
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