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CIA Official Tweet Takes Credit for 50's and 60's UFO Sightings

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posted on Dec, 31 2014 @ 05:08 PM

posted on Dec, 31 2014 @ 05:10 PM
Another CIA whitewash. Whilst I expected that a lot of sightings were Cold War related, it does NOT explain UFO sightings that go back to at least the Middle Ages and the time of the Romans for example! Nor does it explain well documented cases such as the UFO sighted in New Zealand which was captured on radar and seen by very experienced pilots in 1978/79 I think it was. Another classic case was in 1976 in Iran where an Iranian jet was fired upon by a UFO. Or more recently the Phoenix Lights in Arizona. I do believe the Governments of the world know far more than they are letting on. I also believe some sort of agreement was made at or following on from the crash at Roswell with ETs and the USA. And what about the reports of UFOs shutting down and indeed firing up nuclear missiles in BOTH the USA and the former USSR. And I bet you dollar bottom that still goes on. We the public are not and should not be treated as being thick or gullible. We are NOT alone. I suspect we will see First Contact within the next 10 years. And then the media, and sceptics will not be laughing anymore. The truth is coming. You may think I am crazy, fine, that is your opinion. But do the research, read history books and the you will fit many of the pieces of a very complicated jigsaw puzzle. And don't be surprised if within the next 18 months there will be an announcement of molecular organisms found on Mars. We are being prepped for Disclosure of some sort.

posted on Dec, 31 2014 @ 05:53 PM
I was hoping to see actual UFO's as described by pilots but instead the explanation was a boring old spy plane. Like others have said, the CIA's story does not match up to the description and characteristics of the truly unexplainable UFO's.

I'm a little surprised there are people defending the notion that UFO sightings are not of extra terrestrial origin.

It's completely preposterous to think we have never been visited by Intelligent Beings not from Earth. Seriously at this point when we have discovered:

1. More Stars and Galaxies then previously thought
2. Earth like Planets
3. Earth's wide variety of extremophiles
4. Possible life on Moons
5. Exo-Atmosphere telescopes
6. Possibility of parallel dimensions multi-verse
7. Possibility of Warp Drive
8. Universe is 14 billion years old

We are only going in a direction of being space travelers ourselves, so we are complete hypocrites to think no other Intelligent Life is doing the same thing with Earth as their destination of interest. There are too many Stars out there to say "our timelines won't match up..." Give me a break!

posted on Dec, 31 2014 @ 06:32 PM
Who the hell could believe ANYTHING out of the mouth of the CIA?

They have the credibility of Dick Cheney.

posted on Dec, 31 2014 @ 10:36 PM
Society is not ready for the truth. There is much more going on. A race intelligent enough to know all the info would not be doing so much damage to it's people or planet. Wait they will. I fear i will be long dead before there is full disclosure to society as a whole.

They are us and they are from afar as well. Bases are closer than you think. Here and out there. Yes i was vague on purpose.

posted on Dec, 31 2014 @ 11:15 PM
What they meant to say.. "That was us flying around in a reverse engineered alien space craft."

So the CIA had this McMinnville Oregon 1950 UFO 19 years before astronauts went to the moon in their rocket propelled garbage can. Sounds like bunch of bs to me. Why would anyone trust anything the CIA has to say anyways? Their specialty is spying, lying, killing, inciting wars and covering it up. lol Maybe they do got a Jetsons saucer, but it sure in hell wasn't made by us.
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posted on Jan, 1 2015 @ 12:09 AM
Here's proof they're wrong:

U2 didn't give any concerts before the early 1980s. In fact, Bono wasn't even born until 1960.

What do they take us for, a bunch of dummies?

posted on Jan, 1 2015 @ 02:52 AM
a reply to: Scdfa
I read such threads for intellectual entertainment, and still there is found a belief in ETs that resemble humans. So there are sightings of UFOs, but why is it little green men and Grays must be driving these things? Going along with this ET theory, aren't more plausible theories folks can come up with? Even going along with the ET hypothesis, has it ever been postulated that these UFOs do not have Grays on board, but are ET automated drones? Why must they be ETs? Why not Time Travelers that have evolved into looking only humanoid? Why not Inter-dimensional beings and their craft? Why not something the military industrial complex engineered? How about a project that they lost control of? Really, given all of the possible theories of what these Unknown Flying Objects are, little green men and Grays are the most likely? How logically did this ET theory become so popular?

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posted on Jan, 1 2015 @ 07:54 AM
Not really sure what all the fuss is about. This really doesn't change anything.

Who has actually looked at the full report? Hands up.

I know a few of you actually have from your comments.

But this is all it says about UFOs in the 272 page report about the U2.


High-altitude testing of the U-2 soon led to an unexpected side effect- a tremendous increase in reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) In the mid-1950s most commercial airliners flew at altitudes between 10.000 and 2.0.000 feet and military aircraft like the B-47s and B-575 operated at altitudes below 40.000 feet Consequently, once U-2s started flying at altitudes above 60,000 feet, air-traffic controllers began receiving increasing numbers of UFO reports.

Such reports were prevalent in the early evening hours from pilots of airliners flying from east to west when the sun dropped below the horizon of an airliner flying at 20.000 feet. the plane was in darkness. But. if a U-2 was airborne in the vicinity of the airliner at the same time. its horizon from an altitude of 60.000 feet was considerably more distant, and being so high in the sky, its silver wings would catch and reflect the rays of the sun and appear to the airliner pilot, 40,000 feet below,to be fiery objects. Even during daylight hours, the silver bodies of the high-flying U-2s could catch the sun and cause reflections or glints that could be seen at lower altitudes and even on the ground At this time. no one believed manned flight was possible above 60,000 feet, so no one expected to see an object so high in the sky.

Not only did the airline pilots report their sightings to air traffic controllers, but they and ground-based observers also wrote letters to the Air Force unit at Wright Air Development Command in Dayton charged with investigating such phenomena. This, in turn, led to the Air Force's Operation BLUE BOOK. Based at Wright-Patterson, the operation collected all reports of UFO sightings. Air Force investigators then attempted to explain such sightings by linking them to natural phenomena. BLUE BOOK investigators regularly called on the Agency's Project Staff in Washington to check reported UFO sightings against U-2 flight logs. This enabled the investigators to eliminate the majority of the UFO reports, although they could not reveal to the letter writers the true cause of the UFO sightings. U-2 and later
OXCART flights accounted for more than one-half of all UFO reports during the late 1950s and most of the 1960s.

Source : The CIA and the U2 Program

My interpretation of that is that just over a half of the UFO reports from pilots and ground base observers that were filed in writing with Air Force Investigators (Blue Book) were supposedly matched with U2 & OXCART flights through the late 1950s into the majority of the 1960s.

The UFO age runs almost parallel with the Cold War era and there is nothing to me to suggest anything other than a further tiny little piece of the jigsaw has been tossed at us.

In the words of another U2 "I still haven't found what I'm looking for". This still leaves a sizeable chunk of cases that remain unexplained.

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posted on Jan, 1 2015 @ 08:55 AM
After seeing some of the canned projects you can understand how some could be misidentified as UFO's.

That's the Darkstar-one of the precursors to the predator drone. There could be many more prototypes that have an 'otherworldly' appearance that have never made it past the testing phase and that could explain the various sightings seen over the last two decades.

But don't tell the staff of the little ale'inn-if word got out that Area 51's UFO's were just test flights then their main clientele would be tumbleweeds.

posted on Jan, 1 2015 @ 09:07 AM
a reply to: FlyersFan

With all the revelations and sightings on the internet over the past five years or so, they are getting desperate, and even though many have been proven as hoaxes or other explanations, many remain unexplained, and they are grasping at straws to keep the genie in the bottle.

They have been successfully able to socially condition most of us over 30yrs old over the years through the MSM, education, the government, science etc., but can't do that with the internet generation.

Now for the person that said:

and not let's sit back and watch all the "they are doing it as a disinformation campaign because i KNOW they exist because (insert vague explanation here)" type comments.

Does the CIA dabble in disinformation? YES. Have they been proven to be involved in disinformation across many levels and institutions in this country and others? YES Is disinformation a main part of their mission and skill set? YES

So my question is this - why would you say something like that? Ignorance? Are you just deluding yourself out of fear of what you may find out?

posted on Jan, 1 2015 @ 09:08 AM
a reply to: Thecakeisalie

I don't know what your picture proves. Interesting shape, yes. However, have I ever seen pictures or videos of claimed UFO's with wings? NO.

posted on Jan, 1 2015 @ 10:50 AM

originally posted by: Thecakeisalie
After seeing some of the canned projects you can understand how some could be misidentified as UFO's.

That's the Darkstar-one of the precursors to the predator drone. There could be many more prototypes that have an 'otherworldly' appearance that have never made it past the testing phase and that could explain the various sightings seen over the last two decades.

Yes. Around this time last year I created this thread: ATS: UFOs of the Future: Will these aircraft be mistaken for "Alien Ships" in the years to come?

Here are some highlights:

Dr. Leik Myrabo's Lightcraft causes a stir in Brazil:

I specifically left out spacecraft but since these Lightcraft would be launched from the ground and look NOTHING like a conventional rocket.....

I think they will be misidentified as UFOs frequently until people are more familiar with them.

Perhaps they already have?

The following picture was taken in Brazil:

Spinning Top UFO Over Brazil?

An amateur photographer caught a remarkable UFO while testing his new camera in the skies above Brazil.

If you look closely at that photo you can just about make out the beam.

Compare to this video of a prototype lightcraft being tested in 1999 by Leik Myrabo in cooperation with the US Army at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.

The plan is to have these things deliver payloads and perhaps even people into low earth orbit by 2025-2030 or so.

It stands to reason some progress has been made in the 15 years since that video was shot.

And my followup....

Sorry to Necropost this but I just came across a video which pretty much confirms the Brazilian UFO was one of the tests of a Myrabo light craft.

Notice that he works now in Brazil.

As well as this:

This video was shot in Utah (at the location of the red dot on the map) not far from Dugway Proving Ground in 2012:

What is it? Man captures video of spinning blue UFO 'cruising slow' over Utah

Seeing is believing?

Not really. Seeing is seeing. Believing is something separate. If one sees something they can not readily identify that does not mean they should automatically believe that it was manufactured by aliens.

Humans have proven to be an incredibly clever species and the best stuff has yet to come.

Which brings us to:

originally posted by: Thecakeisalie
But don't tell the staff of the little ale'inn-if word got out that Area 51's UFO's were just test flights then their main clientele would be tumbleweeds.

At this point the extraterrestrial hypothesis to explain why people report UFOs looks kinda cute and antique but it is sexy like a 1957 Chevy so people keep going to it. They ignore or are unaware of the aerospace development both above ground and in the black budget world because it takes away from what, for them, has become an almost psuedo-religious belief complete with fake histories and childlike storylines dreamed up by the New Age crowd about Pleiadians, Draco Reptilians and the like.

But don't tell them they might have been fooled. They will react like any other devoutly religious person does when their faith is brought into question by new information about what is really going on.

To hell with lightning, they'd rather believe in Thor.
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posted on Jan, 1 2015 @ 11:01 AM
More interesting human made stuff reported as UFOs (as I kinda predicted):

As I had predicted some of the lesser known aircraft / technology seems to be showing up now and being seen by people as UFOs.

Check out the following report posted on the front of Michah Hanks web site.

Are Stealth Blimps Being Seen Over the California Coast

“About one month ago, my girlfriend and I went on a late night donut run, (around 11:30pm), and witnessed something the likes of which neither of us had ever seen before. This was right on the main boulevard in our town, so when we exited the car in the parking lot, there were a fair amount of cars still driving around, just no other foot traffic as far as I could see.

We both were halfway through our cigarettes, so we decided to stand in the otherwise empty parking lot and finish them before going in. It was then that my girlfriend noticed two flashing white lights ascend from behind a range of hills approximately 70 miles to the south of where we stood. One was leading, and the other was following. In fact, it was pacing the first one so perfectly, it was as if it was attached to the first one by a tow rope.

The longer we watched as they straightened out and approached us, the stranger they looked. No sound, no wings, just gigantic blimp-shaped objects with one flashing white light at the “nose”.


Sound legit....

Then there is this...

Writing for’s LA National Security Examiner, reporter Michael Webster discussed similar activities back in June, in a very thorough article in which he noted the following:

“The United States Defense Department claims that it is readying itself to issue contracts for the construction of a sophisticated, ultra-high altitude, 450-plus foot long blimps that will hover above the earth’s surface at 65,000 feet and remain airborne for up to 10 years.

Many are skeptical and believe that this spy airship already exists or one like it and is in operation now. All across the U.S. and around the world the public has reported seeing large airships flying low believed to be taking off or landing. Most are reported seen near military airfields. The strange huge airships have also been reported being seen near the top secret base called Area 51 in Nevada north of Las Vegas.”

There is, at present, no official acknowledgement that such giant “stealth blimps” are presently operational, despite continued reports of objects that might fit such descriptions, particularly over the California coast.

What do you think?

Which could have been one of these concepts or craft already having been developed by the military. The California coast is -loaded- with military test areas and aerospace facilities which work on black budget stuff.

Misidentification is the largest category of UFO. It's larger than hoaxes, or anything else and it's only going to get worse as this stuff begins flying:

The percentage of UFOs which are misidentified aircraft has stayed consistent whether we're talking 1947 or 1997.

It also doesn't seem to matter who does the scientific studies either. Don't trust Project Blue Book's Special Report 14 which found that ~40% of UFOs were misidentified aircraft? Well there is also France's GEPAN/SERPA which examined 6,000 eyewitness reports and found that ~37% were misidentified aircraft. Other such studies in Russia, Mexico and Brazil have found similar percentages with regards to misidentified aircraft being reported as UFOs. As did NICAPs report. MUFON has published a similar percentage.

This coupled with the research that some UFO "waves" may have been caused by the testing or operation of secret or lesser known aircraft lead me to wondering if there were any things in development now that while not exactly "black projects" are little known to the general public.

The following videos feature things which are good candidates for future UFO sightings by people who aren't familiar with them. Most feature the resurgence of the rigid airship, others feature VTOL craft for personal transport. I purposely left out drones as we've discussed these a lot already.

Most of these are fairly large craft. The smallest is capable of at least being a one person craft but most would carry multiple passengers and/or cargo.

Some of these have already flown, others are nearing completion while others are still being developed or fabricated.

So we all might want to keep an eye out for reports of stuff which looks like what you see in the videos below in the year and years ahead. Some of these shapes look out of this world!

I would not blame anyone if they saw one of these flying at a distance and thought at least in passing if it might be from somewhere else in the galaxy. At least until they are common in our skies.


J.P Aerospace - Ascender 175

Lockheed Martin P-791

Aeroscraft Dragon Dreams

Aeroscraft Aether

Seymourpowell Aircruiser

Moller M-200

Moller M-400

Terrafugia TF-X

Terrafugia Transition

NASA Shapeshifter


Russia's Termoplan

Russia's Locomoskyner


Sanswire TAO STS-111




Australia's Skylifter


Massaud Cloudship Hotel

A history of UAP research at CNES - From Gepan to Geipan

And my look at what might have caused the mass sighting over Stephensville, TX:

Hover silently? Check. Move at speeds slower than a conventional airplane? Check. Larger than any jet plane? Check. As big as a football field in some cases? Check. Emitting a low hum when at close range? Check.

..we get reports of huge slow moving triangular craft (a possible Boeing Stealth Cargo transporter being developed), stuff like the Phoenix Lights (which moved slowly and quietly) and Stephenville which described and object which "looked like a flying Walmart" moving slowly and almost silently but for a low hum over the area.

Stephenville, TX UFO illustration:

A similar sighting of an object which if you look closely you can just about make out the tail or propulsion unit on the right:

It is plausible that at least some of the slow moving large objects people have been seeing since the 90s are rigid airships. The large flying triangles and flying V have been rumored to be a DARPA project.

posted on Jan, 1 2015 @ 11:49 AM
It should be a "given" that most UFOs are misidentified terrestrial craft or natural phenomena. With 67 years to work on captured UFO technology, it's really hard to determine now what's "ours" or "theirs". I do not believe there will be an official disclosure of ET contact within my lifetime. a reply to: FlyersFan

posted on Jan, 1 2015 @ 12:15 PM

originally posted by: Springer
a reply to: JadeStar

I remember reading about the EC panels in AIAA monthly "Aerospace America" a few years ago. They are reportedly very good (high resolution) and it's claimed that from a few hundred feet you'd never see the seams/joints between the panels. Think of an LED billboard (ala Times Square building facades) that is only mms thick and utterly flexible.

Imagine what you could make something look like with a few hundred square feet of that stuff on the bottom (ground facing) and sides of the fuselage.

It boggles the mind. To most people it would appear like "morphing" or "magic". Certainly would appear to be a UFO.

I've also been told they're playing with this stuff on the side of warships and freighters. Imagine a pirate boat thinking they're looking at USN Frigate, they'd probably move on.

That would be very funny to see the reaction of pirates encountering one of those.

WRT the images you posted, I have to agree with the guy who took the pics, we don't see anything "they" don't want us to see.

@Those who think the CIA is only talking about the U2, they're not. When Rick Doty was playing his games they were covering up the Stealth Bomber and Fighter that Lockheed's Skunkworks was test flying all over Nevada and a little over the High Desert in So. Cal.

I was friends with an S.W. engineer who gave me a copy of the same photo of the F-117 the newspapers and TV News folks got about 5 hours before the official press conference. I showed the picture to my then business partner and he refused to believe it was man made (he said it had to be an alien craft because nothing shaped like that could fly in our atmosphere unless it had anti-gravity propulsion) until he saw it on the news that afternoon. He still thought it was alien technology for years after that.

Ahhh, the good old bad days. LOL


I thought of this while reading it:

If someone saw that or even the F-117 flying directly towards them at slow speed as if on approach for landing it would look a LOT like a flying saucer.

Add in EC panels on the sides and bottom and it would appear to "disappear" as it banked and showed only the sky behind it.
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posted on Jan, 1 2015 @ 12:21 PM
a reply to: JadeStar

Or we can put the shoe on the other foot: Saying...for people who don't believe ET entities or robots have ever visited our planet in starships: "May have an attachment to an imagined outcome can be so strong, we consider it to be 'reality.' When the actual outcome is different from our imagined one, we become angry and stressed. It would be wiser to accept the change and deal with things as they are. This can be difficult to do, because we invest a lot of ourselves in these attachments."

Quotes: Paul Schoch --- "A significant aspect of Zen philosophy concerns being 'in the moment' and not becoming inappropriately attached to [focusing on] particular outcomes --- future or past."

posted on Jan, 1 2015 @ 12:27 PM

originally posted by: PlanetXisHERE
a reply to: Thecakeisalie

I don't know what your picture proves. Interesting shape, yes. However, have I ever seen pictures or videos of claimed UFO's with wings? NO.

Guess what it looks like when it is facing you or flying perpendicular to you:

Here's a photo of it taken at the Museum of Flight here in Seattle:

And the Navy's X-47 looks like a "UFO" in flight as well:

posted on Jan, 1 2015 @ 12:28 PM
a reply to: Scdfa

Hear hear.

Although If Bono could take the credit for the UFO flaps of the 50's and 60's you can bet your bottom dollar the guy would. That guy has an ego the size of a small planet.

posted on Jan, 1 2015 @ 12:37 PM

originally posted by: Erno86
a reply to: JadeStar

Or we can put the shoe on the other foot: Saying...for people who don't believe ET entities or robots have ever visited our planet in starships: "May have an attachment to an imagined outcome can be so strong, we consider it to be 'reality.' When the actual outcome is different from our imagined one, we become angry and stressed. It would be wiser to accept the change and deal with things as they are. This can be difficult to do, because we invest a lot of ourselves in these attachments."

The problem with your reasoning is that it ignores Occam's Razor.

The most likely explanation for something unusual is probably the correct one. It is up to those who allege that the unusual represents something extraordinary, you know, like ET visitation to prove otherwise.

It has nothing to do with attachments. I'd love for the alien stories to be true. It might make my future job a lot easier for one thing. But the level of proof offered in support of ET visitation does not rise to the level that would refute earthly explanations for what people see. Some earthly technology can appear VERY strange as you've seen above. Some weather phenomena can also appear very strange.

Could some UFOs actually be evidence of alien visitation? Perhaps. I keep an open mind but not so open that my brain and critical thinking skills fall out. I find the RB-47 case for example to be very interesting however its anecdotal. We can not examine photo or radar returns in it so they might as well not exist.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Until that extraordinary evidence arrives I am more likely to think that UFO if it was not a simple misidentification of some mundane plane, spacecraft, satellite, is exotic technology from Earth made by DARPA and its international equivalents than exotic technology from another world.

When you truly understand how vast space is and the energies involved for even sub-light interstellar travel, much less warp drive concepts and the like, you will understand why it is highly unlikely most of these UFO reports represent anything more extraordinary than a plane, a drone, a bird, a balloon, an airship, a spacecraft, sprites, meteors, etc.

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