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Falling oil prices and what`s behind it

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posted on Jan, 8 2015 @ 08:07 AM

originally posted by: Tardacus
I wouldn`t worry too much about the U.S. shale oil companies,.

the target is not the shale oil industry... they are only the means to an end....
the end being a major transformation of the economic & energy production power the USA has over all other global markets

the globalists have decided that the USA hegemon status, and the ability to dictate to OPEC on how to behave is at the end-of-the-rope...

the globalists will use the multi-Trillion dollar Bubble of Shale-Oil-Industry & unprofitable oil price as the catalyst to create a huge economic Bust of the USA economy, & implosion of the energy sector, the resulting bust of the Student Loan Bubble, the decimation of the USD status and value...

The oil collapse will also cause the 'Bail-Ins' of the insolvent banks, a landslide of worthless paper derivatives that bet on oil prices & future production & delivery that will soon be reduced to the 5-6 major mega energy providers only
~a wage-price controlled economy, with rationing will be the end result...~

in the final throes of turning total Socialist, the USA will likely sell or Trade much of the mothballed Nuclear warhead arsenal which exists now, but will not be upgraded or replaced as needed to the 3 generation old nuclear devices

the Anglo-American dynasty that rules the economic & financial & energy resources of the Globe is being torn asunder...but at a retarded pace so other nations can cope with the demise & transfer of power

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posted on Jan, 11 2015 @ 06:04 PM
Saudi dumping Oil, why? Only one reason makes sense. They need cash fast. There's some emergency. What could it be? Oil is sold for USD. Why need USD fast? Only thing they could need USD for is to buy something in the US. What could the Saudi's need to buy in the US so quick, that they couldn't wait to make the same money over a longer time, which would keep Oil prices high? What emergency in the US required large sums of USD to fund? Well, if the US Treasury market was under threat of collapse, under the huge debt weight, they'd need some foreign "Angel Buyer" to bail them out right now. That couldn't wait. So, here's what I think is happening, all that Russia and Syria and whatnot, is all misdirection. The thing is simply, the US Debt market is imploding and needs "rescue". Saudi Arabia agreed to help, so they raised as much USD cash as they could, as fast as they could, then deposited this USD cash into that mysterious Belgium Bank that's been mysteriously and secretly buying up all the us debt. How low can the oil price go? Try $0 USD/bbl. Don't bet the farm.

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