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need help from the americans ( ASAP )

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posted on Dec, 13 2004 @ 02:31 PM
ok guys i have 24 hours to write a fact file about the USA
so i would aprchiate it if you could give me some good sites where i can get information on the following

1. independence of the USA ( why the americans fought the Rule of britain general info about it)

2. what the people are like ( culture and so on )

3. holiday destinations

4. if you want you could write a paragraph why you think the US is a great place to visit ( i could use that )

anyway thanks for the help

posted on Dec, 13 2004 @ 03:17 PM
Please tell the person who assigned this project that you are recieving information from an American, because I do not want you to be punished for stereotyping or making fun of us.

Here is my contribution:

People here in America are not always the nicest of people, and can sometimes get far out of hand. Mass histeria is a very common problem, while stupidity rules us all. Paranoid also takes over many American lives each day as well.

Sone think of Americans as fat pigs, or greedy hogs. Yes, the government is greedy and stupid. Obesity is also a very large problem in our population, but most of my friends are healthy and fit.

In America, people are worried about becoming fat, and as a result they eat close to nothing while pedelling themselves on a stationary bike down at the local YMCA. While elsewhere, one eats any food to his or her desire, and loses all of the excess weight dancing and having fun, unlike we who sit and stare at TV's and pedal bikes that don't even move.

America is not the land of the free, we have more laws than we do rats. Good people do not need laws, and bad people only break them, so why the need for more?

There you have it, the story from an insider. Hope it helps!

[edit on 12/13/04 by diehard_democrat]

posted on Dec, 13 2004 @ 03:25 PM
1. To put it simply, we revolted since we were being highly taxed and governd without any representation in British Parliment, "No Taxation Without Representation".

2. Diehard overeexagerated a bit. Our current popular media and those who follow it are obsessed with being super skinny and basicly starving themselves. Some Americans are very snobbish and nasty but it matters on where you go to.

Our government (Not Adminisration) is the real problem. We have a lot of idiotic laws, Congress is full of crooks, and its greedier than Gorden Gecko. Not many Americans are paranoid as he suggested, we've been going the same with out daily routine like it was the 80s and 9/11 never occured, some are scared but its not like we jump whenever we see an Arab.

A lot of the youth now are idiots, and sadly I'm in the youth. I and many others are exceptions but those addicted to modern pop culture are the idiots.I feel stupidity is not a problem as a WHOLE. In youth yes, but not as a country.

Mass hysteria is also not a big problem nor is it common.

Culturally, I believe we have some of the best classic and older rock bands and many of the best directors and movies. Modern Hollywoodized movies are crappy (happy happy joy joy stuff) but a lot of the older and indei films are gems.

3. Holiday destinations vary but the beach, NYC, and Florida are favorites.

posted on Dec, 13 2004 @ 04:03 PM
could you give me some sites that i can use

( number 2 and 4 is where i would aprichiate your input )
2 a link to site would be nice

[edit on 13-12-2004 by bodrul]

posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 10:34 AM

my take:

Fav spots to vacation, south (florida)in summer, colorado, northern michigan (boyne mountain apparantly has the best snow making guns in the country) in the winter.

People love the flag, I think for many because it represents freedom, I don't think their thinking about the government when they put it up, I think their in love with the passion and spirit the forefathers had fighting for a free country.

People are snobby everywhere in the world not just here, people are people, what do you guys expect?? Everybody to be walking around super happy and msiley all day every day? please... get out of your dream world.

There is nothing you can do about human nature, you get the good with the bad, some people are more negative like the poster two above mine, and those are the people that are usually the most negative. If they can't say anything nice about the country or other people, they usually have a hard time being nice to people around them as well as theirself.

America is beautiful with all the different scenery, you have hawaii, the grand canyon, Utah, Florida, Michigan, Wyoming, Oregon, so many states have so much natural beauty.

The politicans aren't it to make sure things are run fair, their in it make sure they can their fair share of jing by the time they leave. People are apathetic when it comes to this, they would rather sit on the side lines and bitch but they won't get off their ass to do anything.

the one thing I like about this country is that the law can be on your side and work. You can sue credit companies for harrassment, you can sue telemarketer's for not listening to you when you tell them to takeyou off their list.. I believe it's called the fair debt collection act (my husband took advantage of this a few times). The heath care is wild, you get taken care of right away if you need surgery tests run, you odn't have to wait months and months, sure it costs money but guess what, it's a professional service, not a right. Your rights end at your nose, the right to health care is a big issue here, but I don't think the doctor's should have to pay for it. thats another discussion for another time, I can't think anymore, I need coffee, oh and what I also love about America is a FREE MARKET SYSTEM... You do what you WANT TO DO with YOUR LIFE, make it HOWEVER you want, just don't bitch and put the onus on someone else because you decided you want to be a loser for the rest of your life... Go free enterprise!

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