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A Letter to the Spirit

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posted on Jan, 6 2015 @ 08:30 PM
Stubborn refusal of your hemispheres to connect me thinks. Have you tried binaurals, or the monroe institutes waves, they do help achieve interconnected brain hemispheres and that would change things. Also some are more energetic types and can't really sit still, meditate. More motion, walking in nature. listening to binaurals on an ipod or mp3 player and just asking questions and then being one with the activity or view, and seeing if answers come.

Note that the idea of "changing things" isn't really required in life, I truly believe people need to contribute their views and honor their wiring as well. Most posts that are on meditation or ways to wake up the subconscious interfacing, are for those interested and its usually a like minded wiring involved. There are many left wiring, inventive and dynamic thinkers. So that suggestion was only for someone who wanted to explore options and see if worked for them. Not needed at all.

And also, there is nothing wrong with material, ie. enjoying life, beauty, hot tubs even.
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posted on Jan, 7 2015 @ 08:53 AM
a reply to: LesMisanthrope

The Spirit you are in possession of
perhaps GIVEN to you to nurture?

With deep belief and faith of beyond
YOU access your HIGHER self or LIGHT worker.

But doubt in mind and disbelief
may act as ASTRAL-SPIRITUAL blockers?

Again belief and faith combined and activated
may act as metaphysical unlockers

For how can you begin to contact beyond
and access your ETHEREAL Body

If your conscious mind is set with limitations
soon as it begins your feeling THIS CAN NOT BE?

In deep concentrated meditations
some have reached/traveled outside the subjective reality box

And have tried their-our best to help others to travel
but how do you help those who start with they cannot?

LOVE, compassion and patience
remind us to NEVER give up or let go

With the more doubtful and stubborn of the family of CREATION
It becomes challenging trying to relay metaphysical data just to let them know

That its up to their conscious WILL power
(provided-given) FROM the CREATOR*

To take the First of many steps SEEKING TRUTH
to ALLOW Spiritual GROWTH to ASCEND beyond the 3D layers...

And with that Spiritual growth their consciousness then can eventually expand
further into the COLLECTIVE Consciousness a collective not only related to man...

So from 1z observation LesMisanthrope you can TRUTH SEEK, but starting out with disbelief nothing shall be found...

Except for the reality of that you are detecting - projecting, based solely on the data you picked up when you looked around?

If more objectiveness to reality in association to contact & encounters is truly what you seek
take time to look beyond the box and the spoon that are not there
and perhaps some on the metaphysical side shall give you a peek...

Good Luck LesMisanthrope


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