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The Message - Why Jesus and the Cross? (In Three Posts)

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posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 05:44 AM
Why did Jesus die the way HE did? Everything about this is symbolic. I will show you the dream I had where I was shown what Jesus is and what Jesus means..

The dream is as follows and I was commanded at the end of the dream to tell the people the dream, so I wrote it down:

I was with my brother and it was set at some future point in my life...yet I didn't feel much older than I do now.

My brother and I were at the airport and we were late. True to the nature of my brother, he was busy telling me how being late was all my fault and trying to make me feel guilty for it. On the other hand, myself, I was just trying to get us to the plane.

The airport was packed, there were HUGE lines just trying to get inside the airport, and more lines once you were inside to get through security and to the plane you needed to be on. We were late. No way were we getting through all that mess of humanity to get to our plane on time. One would have imagined all of humanity was there trying to get into the airport there were so many people.

I knew we needed to make that plane, it seemed like life itself depended on it. So I told my brother lets go around the lines, and try and make it through security and make the plane before it leaves. So we picked up our luggage, we each had a suitcase and I a small carry on, and we went to another entrance where we were able to get inside the airport while avoiding the line. We had to get upstairs to get to a proper terminal, so I used the elevator thinking it would be faster than trying to walk it.

When we got in the elevator none of the buttons were working properly and we ended up on the wrong floor but I knew if we stayed in that elevator we would never make it. Once we got off the elevator I was a bit lost, and knowing we were running out of time I found a securityguard, he was a pleasant looking black man.

I walked up to him and told him we were going to miss the plane, and could he help direct us to theproper terminal so we could try to still make it. Well we found a wonder in him, because he just took me by the hand and said you just follow me – your one of my people and I wont let you down.

I assumed in the dream by what he said it was more like he was eager to help another American or something, since our races are different, or it could be as someone once told my husband, brothers from another mother..

But take us by the hand he did, and he guided us through all the mess and took us straight through security to the terminal we needed. He took my luggage and made sure it got underneath the plane.. and I got loaded up, just in the nick of time!”

That is the first half of that particular dream, and the part of the dream which pertains to what I am discussing here, so I will end this now, and then give everyone the interpretation of the dream as I saw it the next day, because it took a full 24 hours before the Holy Spirit gave me the dreams interpretation.

The airport represented crossing from this life into the next and all the people getting sorted for either heaven or hell. There was a time limit on accepting and receiving salvation, and my getting there on time meant I did make it into heaven after all.

The elevator and trying to get around the crowds, represented all the short-cuts I had spent my life trying to take to get into heaven. All the technicalities I had been trying to get there on. The buttons taking me to the wrong floors and wrong areas showed all the choices I was making were not getting me there, in heaven there are no technicalities, there is a definite plan for salvation laid out for us by God HIMSELF and if we miss it we miss it. Any thing we try to do that is from ourselves will only get us further from heaven, and will only result in us not getting in.

I had spent my life trying to get myself in, and that was not God's way – therefore it was destined to fail. But God's plan is there, near the information booth, waiting for HIS people. If we but ask, HE will help us get there. He will get us through security even though we are all late, lateness representing our inability to do so in our humanity, and he will tear down every obstacle and take even our luggage (sin) for us, and help us safely get into heaven.

Him showing up in the dream as a black American, to a different race of American, represents our differences, as well as our sameness. The fact we are from the same country, meant that we are both human, and showing up as a different race, illustrates for us the part of HIM that is like God.. the part we lack in and of ourselves. Only HE has that.

But he is there to take us by the hand, help guide us right, do everything for us that we need done, and get us to heaven because HE cares for us.. we are, after all, HIS people. He chose us, because of what HE is, not because of what we are. He is faithful and true in HIS promises.

How can we not praise HIS HOLY NAME? To the Jews He came down from heaven, as a child of promise, and gave his life as ransom for us all, free and slave, Jew and Gentile both. How Great and Faithful is HE who did this?

Yet daily, we reject HIS precious gift. Immediately upon receiving the interpretation of my dream I fell to my knees and asked Jesus into my heart as Lord and Savior. A free offer that I was taking, And so I did become that day a brand new Christian in Christ Jesus.

Now that we understand the meaning of Jesus's life and what a savior is, what is the meaning of that death on the cross? This thing too, must therefore be explained well to our understanding. I have now accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, and now HE begins talking to me some, and guiding me more. I began reading the bible yet unable to concentrate well because of this absolute joy and complete peace that was inside of me. I could not stop singing HIS praises with such joy! I had never felt such happiness, not one day of my miserable life did I ever feel such peace and joy! Yet.. it gets even better than this!

What happened in that death, and upon that cross, is part of the promise. Is part of the salvation God gave to us freely. He must certainly suffer in body, the way we suffer in body in order to share in our humanity. Otherwise HE would be angel, and not one of us. All the torture, the nails, the thirst, the feeling of being forsaken by God, all of this is part of our human condition. This represents what life experiences we have. Separated from God, pain of the flesh, rejection from even men, thirsting after righteousness yet in body denied.

Without that, it never could have been said of HIM, He is one of us, or we are HIS people. The veil which came down with the sin of Adam, must need then be rent and rendered to no avail by one like Adam, who came down perfect and Holy from heaven, yet fully human in condition. There must be one who could take on our humanity and conquer the power of sin and death over all.

Through one man, Adam, came enslavement to sin, and through the other man, Christ Jesus, freedom from same.

So, Jesus job, and goal, was to take away the power that sin has over us. To nullify it. He took on humanity to do this and overcame it. Then sent us the Holy Spirit as his way to communicate with us continually, the same way Adam had in the garden. Daily through the Holy Spirit, we walk and talk with God, we live much like Adam did prior to sin entering into the world. We are given back our place with God, our place in the garden while still on earth. IN This Life.

posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 05:45 AM
But – there is more. Because that is the reason, but now for the understanding of the fulfillment of the law. And what other part is our part in order to get it. This is the part many Christians miss.

Jesus came to free us from the power that sin has over us, while we are slaves to sin. He came to free us, to nullify the veil of sin with His nullification. But we have to accept our part in this, because Grace must be fully accepted, and as Jesus said, In order to share in my Life, you must also partake in my death.

He died, so that we might rise with him to new life. He took down the veil and rent it asunder, so that we might have the ability to be presented holy just as Jesus is Holy before God. In our own humanity we are incapable. Because just as Jesus was born under sin, lived, then died and resurrected to life, so must we also be born under sin, live then die to this world so that we may resurrect to New life with Christ Jesus.

Through Jesus, we can live holy lives, and loose the barrier between us and God that sin provides. This is the baptism of death that Paul spoke of. Through faith in the fulfillment of God's promise, we take our sins and the things of the world we love, and we give them all to Jesus because HE alone conquered death. We cannot do this in ourselves, we can only do this now that we have invited Jesus into our heart as Lord and Savior and can only become those who overcome sin with HIM, by partaking in his death in spirit. To live HIS life, we must now die HIS death..

We are held hostage by sin, and to become free, we must offer our sin freely up to HIM, and allow HIM to take the burden upon HIMSELF since HE alone overcame and then die to the things in this world that men hold above God.

What sin necessarily is apart from Mosaic law, since Jesus is the Righteous King that Abraham gave tithe, in Jesus then, through HIS death the law was reverted back to its beginnings, back to God's law, and sin are those things we hold above God. Love is the new covenant, love of God first and foremost, then to love our neighbor as ourselves. These two things are what hinges all the laws, and all the prophets. Everything from beginning to now was about those two things.

If you truly love a thing, nothing gets between you and that thing you love. God is saying, I want to be that thing for you, because I loved you first, because you are my people, and I loved you also, because you are my creation. So let's make HIM our first love, before anything else in the world. Before love of ego, love of pride, love of anything that puts up those barriers. If someone is hungry and begging in the street for food, what would you want someone doing for you, then do it for them. If the whole world did this can you imagine what a beautiful world this would be?

Yet.. this is HIS plan for us people, just peace and happiness in HIM. This is a wonderful thing, so, though with free will comes the occasion for troubles coming at us, we can still walk in the perfection of Light, and show HIM to the world. Its a better way for man, and our job to live it, to breath it, to be what our Creator would have for us. Has what we wanted for ourselves gotten us anywhere in this life, really? If we are being perfectly honest with ourselves, what profit did not obeying HIS plan have for us?

So lets now reason together, and give it all to Jesus the Messiah. Take all our burdens, oh you who are heavily burdened, and give all your sins to HIM. Gather up the sins you have, those things HE is telling you now that you don't need. He will tell you whatever yours are. For each man these things are different. They simply are the things which create a barrier between you and God. It is not the thing which makes it a sin, but it is how you place it before God that becomes the sin. You have thus violated the commandment to Love the Lord Your God with all your heart, and all your soul and have no other Gods before HIM. For one man his wealth, for another his pride, for another his addiction, for every man a different thing.

Life in HIS Kingdom is one of moderation. One devoid of excess and one that puts HIM first. So now we know in ourselves we cannot do this thing, we cannot stop at all, at all. That is okay, because HE took it for you, HE will now carry your burden and take it from you. He who overcame, who now lives inside your heart, Already took that burden of sin from you. It happened 2000 years ago. The work is finished, all things complete.

It is finished! He cried!

Take the sins you carry, and give them to HIM at the foot of the cross. Lay them all right there at HIS feet, HE who shares with us our pains, He who shared with us our desire to live Holy, He who shares our humanity. Lay them down my brother.

Now get on the cross with HIM, and die HIS death. He already took the pain, He already took the thirst, He already took it all and paid the price, now your faith in HIM will be refined just as gold is refined in the fire. Oh ye of little faith, HE told the people, you cannot do this in yourself, in the old man. You can only do this in the new man, in the Risen Savior.

It already happened, you were called, set apart, and chosen. "For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren." —Romans 8:29

In God's reckoning of time the you of the future already did this. Go get the person who you are in your future, you the called one's of God, do this in Christ Jesus because through HIM all power is given, and become over-comers of this world in HIM.

He did the work, you do not have any work to do, just have faith in the finished work, and know that your burden is gone, carried by Him.. For Paul and for me, it helps to say I am crucified with Christ. You do not literally die, but it is a death of spiritual nature. Picture the cross and the death in your minds eye if need be, and give it all to HIM.
You don't need to reach for that pride, you don't need to reach for that wealth to comfort you, you don't need the addictive habit. Put it all on HIM, and be free from your sin. Be free from any and all power that sin had over you, and then rise to new life in Christ Jesus.

Experience the spiritual death, so that you may partake in the new life with HIM. Walk in the garden with HIM who carries your load, talk with the God of all creation anytime day or night. Have every need met without need of asking. Be ye therefore Children of God. Walk in the Light. Shun the Darkness of your adversary. Be ye Holy even as He is Holy.

Its not you doing it, its all HIM. This is the meaning of savior. This is the meaning of life. This is going to be your life more abundant.

Did you falter? That is okay, because HE promises forgiveness, start again. I am crucified with Christ. Please Lord forgive me, I tried to do this in and of myself. I forgot how badly I couldn't do this in myself for a minute, and I had doubt, I lacked faith in your completed work. Please Lord I believe, now help my unbelief. Take it to Jesus on the cross again.

This is your faith, as its being refined in fire. Let the refining do the work. Can you hear the Holy Spirit now?

posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 05:51 AM
Now let me give my testimony with this.

I stepped out in faith on this one. He told me I was healed of a chronic pain disease that I have had for 15 years, and that I didn't need the pain medicine anymore, to just put them down.

I wondered, can I, will I fail? I didn't know.. so I tried.. and failed.. and tried.. and failed again..

Then HE said.. Quit trying, put it on ME.. have faith..

I did exactly what I showed above.. this is what actually worked for me - and with only medium to mild discomfort for a couple days and that was it. 15 years of meds, and I didn't want them nor was I even very sick from stopping.

Plus, HE healed me. I am not in pain.. I am sitting here on top of 3 and a half months worth of meds.. and don't need one pill, nor do I want them. 15 years of doctors ... gone.. don't need them anymore!

If anyone realizes the freeing sense of that.. its absolutely amazing in and of itself. But it took a lot of faith.. I had to step out in faith.

When he asks us to put down the smokes, put down the pride, have a lot more patience, we have to be willing to. We have to meet HIM half way, and actually put our stuff down.

If we try to have our cake and eat it to as the saying goes, we wont get the prize at the end, and we wont be happy about it either. He is offering us a better life than the one you have now in some way..

HE can do anything... we can do nothing in and of ourselves. Take it or leave it really.. believe it and try it for yourself, that is the challenge. DO IT! Do we really have that much to loose by giving our best foot in faith here and walking away from these things?

What did I loose? You think about that.. what did I loose.. really? I could have said, nah, I am crazy.. and still be taking meds and going to doctors today.. or I could try doing the one thing he asked me to do.

He didn't ask that I risk my life... just step out in faith a little. If I can put down 15 years of meds you can manage putting down your smokes, your pride, your whatever..

I have never been happier a day in my life.. ever. I ... am just so amazed at HIM, at what HE has given to me. I don't deserve any of this! I don't.. after the life I have had.. I didn't deserve all this peace and joy and happiness and a God that says hey from time to time.

Yet.. HE is so great.. HE is offering it to us all!

Its crazy, but this is why Christians don't have it. They don't just shine with joy and happiness.. they weren't willing to put HIM first. You know, in my story, in my testimony because I came here from Islam.. I was a practicing Muslim when these dreams started. Just one who had a christian husband. I could have the book deal of the century...

yet he tells me, nope. Just give your testimony, I gave this to you free, you give it to others free... how many come so close yet fall short when they say.. well its only a dollar.. no.. you must put HIM first in all things... otherwise, you have sold HIS gifts for a pittance.

Because today, to keep what I HAVE.. what I have right this second.. I would sleep in a park and be a bum to keep it.. there is no price too high, to keep what I have right this second. No price too high...

Put HIM first, a life in moderation.. love others.. pretty nice life really. Its the perfect life for me. And its all HE asks from any of us. God doesn't hate anyone, HE just says, I am the Lord Your God and I ask you to do this one thing...

will you be willing? If you say no... not even if it doesn't hurt.. then cool. Your choice, God doesn't force anyone. That is the really cool part. People forgot that too.. people get their ego all twisted, I am right I am right.. lol..

well you go be right.. I will just be happy, and chit chat with God and hear how the very rocks are now submitted to my authority because HE is inside me. I have no idea how they might be or what that means yet, but it sure does sound cool!

This topic is not debatable. I will not debate theological points with anyone. Say whatever you like, its a free world.. but I am not debating. I am offering this gift freely to anyone who wants to give it a shot for a chance at a better life.

Merry Christmas

posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 06:16 AM
As a Last and final note to this:

He gave me a new name. He tells me I am certain things. He told me that like Paul, I am both Jew and Gentile. He told me that I am HIS precious daughter. He tells me that life isn't about us anymore, its about HIM, and Glorifying HIS name.

So two days ago He spoke to me, and I know it was HIM because it left me shaking for hours. It rocked the very core of me. If God has a voice, that was it for sure.

But how HE addressed me HE says is my new name, one that will bring Glory to HIM, and not Glory to myself. So if you ever think of me.. I have a brand new name.

HE said to me:

Hear ME, Oh my daughter Israel (there was more but that was how he addressed me)

so I am proud now.. because its not about us. Its about HIM.. My name, is now HIS daughter Israel. Crazy...isn't it.. not long ago I was Muslim.. and being called by the name Israel.. makes me proud!

And not because they are perfect, but because HE is. Because just like HIS ability to forgive me and take me in shows HIS perfection, so does HIS ability to forgive them just the same. He is faithful. To all of us. HE is utterly amazing. None of us deserve it. Yet.. HE still stands, offering us something amazing...
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posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 06:19 AM

originally posted by: OpinionatedB
This topic is not debatable. I will not debate theological points with anyone. Say whatever you like, its a free world.. but I am not debating. I am offering this gift freely to anyone who wants to give it a shot for a chance at a better life.

"Not debatable" is going to draw attacks, so let me remind people of the original description of this forum;
"Discuss all things spiritual and share your own faith-based experiences".
Here is a faith-based experience being shared. This is the right place for it to be.

posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 06:30 AM
a reply to: DISRAELI

I meant debatable as in I am not getting into theological argument over any of it. All that stuff is about ego. He tells me this is HIS message, and as it was freely given to me, so also I should freely give.

The dreams and explanations is how it came to me through the Holy Spirit, and why I stand here Christian right now. Its not about ego.. its about HIM

posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 08:21 AM
a reply to: OpinionatedB


To be honest when I started reading this I thought, here we go Cody more religious drivel.

I've known you a while now OB and very much respect you, so I carried on reading, I found it very thought provoking, and now I must address a few issues in my life, it really made me sit up and take notice.

My thanks for your gift.....................................The timing was perfect


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posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 08:36 AM
a reply to: cody599

I am glad you sat through. Many if not most wont, because of what we have done to "religion". But this is all true. He spoke to me in dreams, visions, and words. This is how HE explained everything to me. I believe it was HIM speaking. I really believe it, and it has changed EVERYTHING for me.

I love you as my brother. And Merry Christmas! Have JOY!

posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 08:43 AM
a reply to: OpinionatedB

A very merry Christmas to you as well OB Joy, peace and love to you.

Check your u2u's


posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 09:30 AM
Awesome to hear
he can take things from us just like you said
imo this is not the work of a profit but the son of GOD
Do not let my previous comment make you think poorly
May GOD continue to bless you and have a merry christmas.

dang there is no mistle toe icon here

posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 09:36 AM
a reply to: OpinionatedB
If it brings you peace, joy, happiness, and strengthens your faith and resolve in life, that's awesome OB. You aren't shoving it down any ones throat, you're just sharing your personal experience. Happy Holidays, and may the New Year bring you more "blessings" than you can count.

posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 10:17 AM
a reply to: deadeyedick

lol.. I don't hold anything against anyone.. you think I haven't done wrong? lol... no worries at all..I have a tendency in life toward ego myself. HE says we are gonna work on that with me a lot!

Merry Christmas and Happy Happy New Year! Have tons of joy and more mistletoe! hahaha
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posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 10:19 AM
a reply to: Klassified

Tis true tis true! If God doesn't force us, I have no idea why we try to beat others over their heads with our ideas!

Have a blessed holiday season, and have great fun!

posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 08:55 PM
a reply to: OpinionatedB

Congratulations on becoming saved in our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for sharing your dream, this message from the Lord through the Holy spirit. I pray this thread plants many seeds and the Lord bless us all in these trying times. I pray also OpinionatedB that the Lord bless you even more mentally, spiritually, and physically and that he guide you forever in your, growth, refining, and walk as we all go through in this world has Christians Lord and I ask also that you bless B with the special anointing appointed for these times Lord, thank you Lord God for your will and I pray these things in Jesus Christ name Amen.

Merry Christmas B

posted on Dec, 25 2014 @ 04:29 AM
Rise Rise RISE Oh My People! Repent!

Jesus took on the sins of the world, and died so that you might be free! Where are HIS children who are willing to put their burdens on HIM and climb on that cross with HIM?

One Child has entered HIS Kingdom... I can feel you.. I know your there! You succeeded and I am with you.. get the you who already did this and put him on! Its okay! Jesus took all your pain!

You don't need worry! Place it all on HIM..

Die.. and rise to new life a child of the Risen Savior!

posted on Dec, 25 2014 @ 05:07 AM
This is your first Christmas understanding Who Jesus really is.
Your joy must be over flowing. I'm so very happy for you.

posted on Dec, 25 2014 @ 07:45 AM
a reply to: FlyersFan

I would wish I could explain this to anyone... what this is. I am clothed in HIS spirit, HE covers me completely.

I love all of you... I have so much hope for us all!

The Kingdom of Heaven came down over the top of my head, and I want to help everyone who wants to come here with me.
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posted on Dec, 25 2014 @ 03:28 PM
a reply to: OpinionatedB

Very cool dream. You are blessed to receive dreams and visions.

posted on Dec, 25 2014 @ 06:55 PM
Wonderful and inspiring post, I love reading folk's conversion testimonies. Plus, there's no need to debate, I found every word of your post theologically correct and in-line with mainstream Christianity.

Your entire text here, sounds like it was taken directly out of The Catholic Catechism. It's an amazing and beautiful read, that I hope you're familiar with. Your beliefs and Catholic belief are the same.

May the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God and communion with the Holy Spirit continue to overshadow your ongoing journey. It even gets better *wink*

a reply to: OpinionatedB

posted on Dec, 25 2014 @ 10:45 PM
a reply to: Ignatian

I think you actually bring up a topic that I think needs to be discussed, for a couple of reasons. Knowing what the truth is, and knowing what sin is, then why wouldn't I simply join a nice catholic church and be happy? Why would I choose what i would choose, and for what reason.

Because your right.. the catholic church had at some point the correct core.. there is absolutely no doubt of that. Yet, why I cannot join her, is important I think. And honestly, this gets into a conversation of.. what church? That is a question faced by every believer, and should be adequately addressed.

For that conversation, I would like to make another thread. I will link you as soon as I have it up.. its a good conversation indeed. And one i think all should join in.

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