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Cops and Common Sense

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posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 12:15 PM
a reply to: Bloodydagger

To answer your question do we believe all cops are bloody killers....

IMHO a "Good" cop obeys all laws... They place all lawbreakers in jail to include the bad cops! When the so called "Good" cops fail in their duties IMHO there are no longer any "Good" cops....

And no there will never ever be a reason for me to call them. Ever!!!! If one has had a bad time "insert any of your examples here", why on earth would I invite a police officer in... WHY???? they no longer protect and serve, so what will be the point? If in a car accident they for generations do not come out for non injury accidents. If injured they clearly it was not (your) my call!

NOW please explain your "Good" cop theory here in response to this thread....

Cops told to turn off body cameras for policing a protest march.

I am a VN Vet Against the War member and marched many veterans day and we were breaking the law as we were denied a parade permit. Having said that this was after we surrendered VN. There were no Veterans marching in San Francisco... Just Reservist and Nuckey Gobblers.... In those days none of them served ergo no combat patches no CIB... It was us who wore those.... So please remember who this parade was for...... We were surrounded by cops and had FBI infiltrators... We were peaceful but it because close as the cops were NOT.....

SO when the cops turn off their body cams.... How dare you insult us with this BS.... clearly there is not a good cop policing those protesters. YOU must remember some of us were under the illusion we were vets to protect the American way.... My brothers were the last one fooled. There was no internet those days... We were the ones shining the light on the Rich mans war... Those who followed 911 were fooled and did not listen to us...

Sorry off topic I left America 30 years ago and my flights in are not pleasant cause I am on the no fly list as I was very out spoken and the NSA / FBI went through all the news reels and police photographs and entered those of us who made a stand.... I refer you to Naomi Wolfs "End of America" Book and or uTube video lecture...... Never been arrested worse crime speeding tickets which cleared whilst in Uni to qualify for a Corp job with Company Car... Left that job for the UK... Never been in trouble here nor speeding ticket... so why the "SSSS" on my tickets... Some good cop decided I am a risk....

Those in peaceful protest like Berkeley last week the students with no agitator were denied their freedom of speech and threaten much violence and how some of them after being attacked by your "So Called Good Cops" I am humbly impressed that nobody did what I would have... there is so much beating on innocent people before someone likes me stands up to be counted..... Merry Christmas.....

edit on 12/24/2014 by IceHappy because: Added plane ticket showing my SSSS stamped 4 times with one lot hole punched to show I was carefully examined like a terrorist

posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 12:18 PM
yeah, common sense would dictate the law enforcer make sure the criminal is actually proven to be such--- in a court of law?

Fatally shooting someone while backup is en route? WTF have a taser? To neutralize the threat until backup arrives?

That's a clear sign the shooter soils not only himself but the entire department. Ofcourse an officer being indicted???...

Such an investigation will unveil the officer's doing the shooting are either scared to the point of crapping themselves, (do not have capacity to uphold written law as a peace officer-apprehend suspect for day in court), or they may be found to be cold-blooded killers?

Cops should be indicted either to be canned as an invalid-left to own devices-without firearm licensing, or prosecuted for murder?

posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 06:33 PM
If not the anti citizen violence its the corruption....we need a different personality type to be cops...not bullies and power tripping thugs.....cops like bikers have a thing going about making their bones....

posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 07:38 PM
a reply to: stirling

You must really run into some crooked bad Cops on the daily.

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