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Cyberwar: The Social Singularity Has Happened

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posted on Dec, 23 2014 @ 09:20 PM

originally posted by: Hefficide
Another snafu is that the Government not actually need to have their own botnets. One of the things they are very good at is finding and arresting "hackers" on dead to rights charges ( often severe, such as hosting child porn ) only to see the hacker released a day or two later with no charges.

To me this screams "deal". That the hacker in question has been recruited in exchange for dropped charges.

So if Big Brother has dragged in the herders of several large botnets? Then it's not really them doing the DDoSing. It's individual citizens who are quietly and secretly endebted to do so under the threat of prosecution for past crimes.

I completely agree here, I'm not a very good hacker, just good enough to break wifi passwords but I've always had it on my list of things to one day learn to do. One of the things I picked up on pretty fast was that you could tell who knew their stuff based on who the government chose to flip vs who to they chose prosecute.

Could this not be analogous to the practices of England that lead to the 3rd in the first place though? Soldiers were often taken from the prisons as a form of probation. If the person served X time their crime would be forgiven and these criminals now in uniform were placed inside homes as a way to punish the population. Letting a hacker out of a sentence in exchange for sitting virtually in a persons home carrying out the will of the government isn't much different.
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posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 03:44 PM
a reply to: Hefficide

It's always been that way. There's no use in fighting it. Just lie down and curl up in a corner.

Really, there is no possible way to fight the oligarchy, we should believe everything we hear from the corporate owned mainstream media! They have drones and scary military surplus equipment, and we are all sheeple unable to learn or posses the knowledge of how to defeat these things.

That was sarcasm if you didn't pick up on it.

There is a way to fight it. But not in a peaceful manner. As long as the puppets and puppet masters still live, they can still do harm. So you must make them disappear. Whether in a deep dark hole in Siberia or a bullet in the head and a swim in the Atlantic, doesn't matter. The time for peaceful hand holding is over. They have time and time again proven that have no concept of morality or "fairness" if it gets in the way of money making. They don't care about laws or think like us. They have become like a infection in their blind pursuit of money.

And the only way to deal with an infection is to kill it.

Armed revolution in this day and age in a modern, industrial nation? Impossible, there are drones and tanks and attack helicopters to fight against.

In a war of attrition, you don't blow up drones and tanks. You blow up their fuel, you destroy roads and bridges, you make it so the other side can't or won't fight anymore. You sabotage power stations, you make it so that the person flying the drone, doesn't want to do his job anymore. He is too worried about his family, too worried about being kidnapped and thrown off a building live on the Internet. If there is no visible enemy to fight, it is very demoralizing when they kill a dozen of your comrades in an ambush and you only kill one of them. And as Iraq proved, it doesn't matter how big and bad you are, all it takes is a small group of determined people. Except, in America and elsewhere, it won't be sheep herders with rifles older than they are, it'll be against battle hardened veterans with the latest generation body armor and rifles. Against people who were taught how to construct bombs from things found in a convenience store or how to train guerrillas.

2015 will be very interesting

There are more of us than them. United we stand, divided they fall.

posted on Dec, 25 2014 @ 08:11 PM
I have thought about what you're saying and I find myself torn. I have children and grandchildren. The thought of all out war is too scary to contemplate. Especially when I think of my family. What would TPTB unleash if there was a mass uprising? Then I think of what my children/grandchildren will grow up in if this mess is left unchecked. Equally scary! This is how control is maintained. Fear of the unknown. Frightening times indeed!! a reply to: thisguy27

posted on Dec, 25 2014 @ 08:41 PM
yes, the social singularity HAS happened….
some of us are slowly going blind….really.
but on ATS, sadly, pics or it didn't happen.
This is a real thing you post about. I wish for anyone not knowing to know, and yet, what does it pay them to know, really? Here's to you….

posted on Dec, 25 2014 @ 08:58 PM
I think it's really important to understand what that singularity means, and just how it's accomplished socially. Is that not what this thread's about?

The singularity is being applied hereabouts, which means on this thread and elsewhere. We can stop it if we build a strong enough grouping, that understands what that means and wishes it be stopped. That's all it takes, as I squint at my screen and hope for the best: in other words, first, you must recognize it in your life abd everwhere around you. Yes, I know that sounds crazy but it is not. Realizing its prsence in your life is the start…...

posted on Dec, 27 2014 @ 08:53 PM
a reply to: tadaman

I cant resist. So here is this: Metropolis is a 1927 German expressionist epic science fiction drama film directed by Fritz Lang. A silent film, it was produced by Erich Pommer in the Babelsberg Studios by Universum Film A.G.. It is regarded as a pioneering work of science fiction genre in movies, being among the first feature length movies of the genre. Made in Germany during the Weimar Period, Metropolis is set in a futuristic urban dystopia, and follows the attempts of Freder, the wealthy son of the city's ruler, and Maria, a poor worker, to overcome the vast gulf separating the classes of their city. Metropolis was filmed in 1925, at a cost of approximately five million Reichsmarks, making it the most expensive film ever released up to that point. The motion picture's futuristic style is influenced by the work of Futurist Italian architect, Antonio Sant'Elia. The film was met with a mixed response upon its initial release, with many critics praising its technical achievements and social metaphors while others derided its "simplistic and naïve" presentation. Because of its long running-time and the inclusion of footage which censors found questionable, Metropolis was cut substantially after its German premiere: large portions of the film were lost over the subsequent decades.

Apologies for not getting back to this thread sooner, I got to give you credit Tadaman! That was one of the most powerful things I have ever been witness to and I cannot fathom that was produced in 1927 because of the quality and the content.
My favourite parts were these......

"Where are the people who's hand's built your city?"

"People spoke the same language but could not understand each other"

"Let the Machines Die! Don't let them starve you, Fool!"

"The Mediator between the Head and the Hands Must Be the Heart'

I will state for the record here that I was wrong and that some movies might actually show the truth. That is tough for me to admit to, but in this case it applies.
Please everyone watch the video Tadaman so kindly provided and keep in mind this was released in 1927 well before things really got cranking big time.

I am actually blown away by this production but I still am very wary of anything produced that shows up on a screen.......LOL
Thanks for the lesson Tadaman!

Regards, Iwinder

posted on Dec, 27 2014 @ 10:29 PM
a reply to: Iwinder

"The Mediator between the Head and the Hands Must Be the Heart"

Those words changed my life.

I am so glad you enjoyed it.

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posted on Dec, 27 2014 @ 10:49 PM
a reply to: Hefficide

Excellent thread! Let's tag this on as it directly pertains to the subject. Man, when this guy said CHANGE, he really meant it.

Obama hopes to enlist GOP in push for trade pact, despite Democratic resistance

This bill needs to be stopped. However no MSM outlet talks about it. Why? Because they're going to profit from it and become part of the corporate global governance.

posted on Dec, 28 2014 @ 10:43 AM
a reply to: Hefficide

Man such a good and worthwhile topic for discussion and it's not on the main page. 57 flags makes it odd that it isn't there. Lots of truths were posted in your OP. Did this prompt the FIMS thread?

Obama is pushing the TPP and it's certainly part of this conversation. Why no interest from the general forum population? , is beyond me.
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posted on Dec, 28 2014 @ 08:17 PM
a reply to: Bilk22

The FIMS thread was promted by personal interaction with another person and mainly my way of venting being self-conscious. This thread was on the front page for awhile and even got Tweeted and FB posted by ATS more than once.Something that I have zero input over and was actually really proud to see!

I think, ultilmately, the reality of what's happening is ssssooo far off of the map in terms of "the norm" that most people shrug it off as paranoid thinging, or figure they can't stop what's happening anyway, or are too busy with real life to care.

We've become a culture of acceptance - trained to be that way from birth. A prime example is gas. How many years did Katrina having us paying four bucks a gallon for? And now it's all back to normal and nobody twitched an eye the entire time. Well a few did, but not the majority.

To most people the 'Net is a tool, like their television or computer. They don't really understand how it works, only that it does what they expect it to do. They'll only flare up when it stops doing so. By that time the new system will be in place and most will buy into it ( for a lot more money per month ) because they've been told the new system is safer.

posted on Dec, 28 2014 @ 10:34 PM
a reply to: Hefficide

Yes it is way off the map. I too get some odd looks from family and friends when I try to approach some of the subjects discussed here. Only a few see it, but even they only look at it and shrug it off as things beyond our control. Everything we know and trust in, is slipping away very quickly. One day everyone will wake up and the world won't be the one they went to bed in. Then the shock will set in.

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