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Why does the American media wish to create such obvious social unrest in the United States???

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posted on Dec, 22 2014 @ 09:58 PM
originally posted by: [post=18792307]greenday1978

"Exactly. Who's pulling the owner's strings? I'm sure the owner has some kind of agenda here."

Based on my research, the ultimate agenda seems to be global domination. There have been plenty of books written documenting this globalism movement. "The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy", by Jim Marrs is one, but there are many others. This is all well documented fact, but you will not likely hear much from the MSM on this topic.
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posted on Dec, 23 2014 @ 06:13 PM

They want us divided. Race, gender, religion, class. It's all by design.
If we are at each others throats we won't be at theirs. And once things
get really out of control they will send in the big guns. Order out of chaos.

Another theory for you, it's not them that want us divided. It's us. Humans like to categorize things and we're inclined to like or dislike another group based on if they're like us. Language, skin color, employment, culture, and so on. The media gives that to us, because that's what we naturally look for as humans. It's a flaw in our species.

posted on Dec, 23 2014 @ 06:51 PM
a reply to: daaskapital

You make it sound like the news media have normalcy and credibility with that collegiate level text book description of how the news operates, and you aren't really wrong. That description might be what the band plays, but anyone who quit watching the main stream propaganda and then after a time pops back in to take a peek can easily see the twisted and propagandized news stories every day, and NOT ONE NEWS ITEM goes unedited to fit every agenda that exists right now which the NSA and CIA are absolutely required to do (or walk away from the job).

I can listen to any news story, and hear the difference between facts being reported, and opinion being pushed. (And also the heavy propaganda when they say something that they only say because they are using examples to support those agendas, or to support the passing of some unconstitutioinal law, or to offer false witness about how some of the illegal Obama legislation is working good or some other nonsense. It is so blatent today in the news how they report a few sentences of news combined with several paragraphs of supporting opinion just to sell the public the way they are supposed to think after hearing it all reported.I am sure you can also tell when news is being encapsulated with about 25% news or facts, another 50% of opinion to make it sound like news in America, and another 25% falsehood or statements which only support the swaying of public opinion. Opinions in the news are pushed heavily to support all the current agendas of the US government, and that is a fact. News might often portray the facts as they actually happened, but it is easy to see when they veer away from facts and switch over to supporting the agenda that has things in common with every news story.
New gun law in Washington for the background check which does nothing at all to curb gun grime, but the other day, a man who was wanted on a warrant, (but not for any violent crime) tried to buy a rifle at a gun trade show and the new law stopped him.
So guess what the media said. They were all over the story showing how the new law "worked" and stopped someone as if that man would have certainly used the gun to kill someone which is ridiculous. Those "supporting the agenda comments" were 75% of the news story. The people in government who cooperate with these conglomerate network politicians are all guilty of betrayal of their fellow citizens and they have no intentions to stop that betrayal.

posted on Dec, 23 2014 @ 09:28 PM

originally posted by: orbitbaby
They want us divided. Race, gender, religion, class. It's all by design.
If we are at each others throats we won't be at theirs. And once things
get really out of control they will send in the big guns. Order out of chaos.

Add to that their dream of Elysium. They only want those that serve a purpose, and serve them. The expense, both physical and financial, will be too great for them to do all the dirty work themselves. Let the dirty unwashed and ignorant masses do the dirty work for them.

The irony of their Elysium is that even if they call it heaven or paradise. It is still a place for the dead.

posted on Dec, 23 2014 @ 09:40 PM
a reply to: greenday1978

Outrageous. The society is being subject of a lie? How dare are those governments? No respect of our dedicated news papers readers. Don't tell me I was brainwashed for the past decade or two.

Russians, that's the cause of confusion and urgent unpopular steps. You know, good our neo con friends still stand to save us from much more devastating outcome. Vote pro lease so we can finally bomb the rest of the world into eternal peace.

Let the almighty Lord to be with Mobile-Exxon for ever, god bless us all. Coz that 99% corruption in Russia according to Reuters got to stop. Amen.

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posted on Dec, 23 2014 @ 11:44 PM

Racial stories and reports of police violence permeate the media. Why are they "stirring the pot?

Because their Zionist overlords tell them to. This is just the latest stage of the last 30 years of the media pushing minority (mostly black) culture and growth onto America, while they destroy Europe with immigration.

Why, I guess they think that when all of us "gentiles" are out of the way they think they will rule the world?

posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 04:30 AM

originally posted by: greenday1978

The media can select what it wants to report. If a topic becomes too charged and negative, why wouldn't they opt out of reporting it if it's going to cause things like riots or extreme retaliations. They could at least sugar coat it. They do it all the time for other subject matters such as ufo's.

Frankly, I am of the opinion that the media, while very minorly complicit, is the least of my concerns over who to blame for riotous and violent backlash. The media reports on what sells. What will sell more? That cop who saved 10 ducklings in a sewer or Ferguson? I'm not saying they don't spin; of course they do. What I am saying is it's like throwing a match into an already-lit bonfire. Riots happened well before national TV coverage. And riots will continue to happen regardless of how they are reported.

Complicit? a bit...

To blame? no

Blame the rioters...or blame the people who fuel the riots like the police or race baiters ((whichever side you should happen to see as the aggressors)) point is I am not looking for a finger pointing game, I am merely saying blame those who let themselves get taken by the destructive activities...not the people who show it on TV

I bet if a completely fair and balanced news team or net subscription reported it...there would still be just as much rioting

ETA: do folks realie that things like media are made up of humans? Literally, we do this to ourselves
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posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 04:53 AM
I wanted to add that it is fairly easy to discover why they do this by watching them create the social unrests, or what have you, and then from there, watch what they do about it after they cause it... They attempt to take away liberty and freedom, but at the same time, they proclaim their support for liberty and freedom. They do not. They sold out a long time ago and will continue along in betrayal to the human race. Not just one country. The arrogance in the Obama administration is conducive to extreme methods of correction, like they did in those old shut down lunatic asylums.

Reinstating the electric chair would be a fitting reward for traitors like this. The former Bush thinks that the few things he did that were good, wipes away all the treasons and lootings he went along with and that's why he acts so convinced that he committed no wrong.
Obama has the same habit only worse, and with much less poise or fear of the American public that elected him. He was never beholden to anyone that voted for him, because he proved that by lying to everyone hundreds of times over.. He thinks it doesn't matter when he betrays trusts on a daily basis.
Why does Obama hate criticism? Because all of his goals are lies to begin with and have other unstated purposes, and he is afraid of those becoming known. And many have become known and are death penalty treasons. If I was a skunk like him I would be doing the same thing simply for survival. Of course he is "too big to jail"

Obama has created every single civil unrest using the NSA and CIA with their huge propaganda machine and their fingers on all the right buttons. They own the beast.

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