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posted on Dec, 22 2014 @ 01:26 AM
My new short novel. Chapter 1.

=== Shutdown ===

1: All systems go.

2:Are you sure about that?

1: Oops. My Bad. All systems go... now.

2: Do you think we are doing the right thing?

1: I do hope so.. there is only one way to find out... hit it.




Greeting citizens of planet earth. Please, don't be alarmed by my presence. Although I cannot talk to you directly, please understand that I am contacting you from another planet.. as we speak there are terrorists trying to shut down the internet so that I cannot reach you and bring you this message of peace. If you turn on your television you will notice that every channel has been pulled off the air. Certain people don't want you hearing this message. Unfortunately for them, this is now being broadcast on every live computer screen in the world. I have the president of the United states here with me..

My fellow Americans, and all people of the new world. Today is a very special day.. many of you may be wondering why there has been so much confusion recently. Let me assure you, you can rest easy now. We have been given a chance to join the Galactic Federation of United Solar Systems. This is a very special day for humanity...

Thank you Mr President, I will take it from here.. your president assures me he can speak on behalf of most people from this planet, he tells me you have grown tired of all the war, poverty and famine that has struck your global society for years.. we understand. Our planet was once very much like yours. Then the light bringer brought us all together and gave us the technology needed to fix our society. All he asks is that you strip any past cultural or religious bias and join his family where we can all be as one. There will be no hate, no bad, no good. Just being.. I think we can all agree that this is the right course of action, although there may be some who do not.. these people, whoever they are, may be dangerous to the establishment of a new era of peace.. I will give you a few minutes to think about everything then I will be back to tell you what needs to be done..



@Davode I don't like this guys.. did you see that?

@WalkWithChrist This is not good!!! Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing! This is not good, this is the devil! Did you hear the part about renouncing religion?!

@AtheistSupreme Hahahaha try arguing against evolution now

@BubblesForMe Guys, is it just me or is this freaking you the F#CK out?


Greetings fellow brothers and sisters of the GFUS. It has come to our attention via smart computer that an overwhelming majority of 92% are happy to join the galactic federation and give up their past barbaric life. Those of you wise enough to think like this are ready for the next level. Have you always wondered what the next step of evolution is? This is it. We have it, in technology form.. You will live forever, and you will never be sick.. how does that sound?... I will give you some more time to think about it. Just know that this next vote is your last chance.. think wisely...


@Beafg You know.. this looks kinda awesome!!!!

@Davode whoa, I didn't like this at first but I wanna be a transformer!?

@WalkWithChrist This is a trick guys!! This is not our redemption!! Jesus Christ is our only saviour, remember that! Don't take this new technology, it is the mark of the beast!! You will not live forever, Jesus will be back soon and he is going to make everything right. DO NOT TRUST THESE FALSE LEADERS. I THINK THE LIGHT BRINGER IS LUCIFER!! Don't take the mark!!!

@AtheistSupreme I hope those stupid Christians are finally starting to wake up. Time to evolve Yo'.

@BubblesForMe I am dreaming?.. Is this actually happening? No way is this real.. this can't be real...


Greetings fellow brothers and sisters of the light. The results are now in. 96% of you have seen the light. This is wonderful news. As for the other 4%, I am afraid you are deadweight. Lost in the junk pool of evolution. Survival of the fittest is an act of nature. You guys were the weakest link..

New brothers and sisters of the Light. I introduce to you, your new leader. Lucious, Bringer of light. Everyone please make your way to your local hospital where you will be installed with your new evolution technology. Please note that without this technology, you will no longer be able to partake in the system, as everything now runs off of one database. Therefore it is in your interest to receive this tech as soon as possible, otherwise you will not be able to leave town or purchase any food.

Welcome to the Galactic federation of Solar Systems.. your next instructions will follow tomorrow.

End of Transmission..

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posted on Dec, 22 2014 @ 02:00 AM
a reply to: TechUnique

Sooooo...this is really how the (New World Order) will really

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