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Leaked CIA docs teach operatives how to infiltrate EU

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posted on Dec, 21 2014 @ 09:33 PM

Wikileaks has released two classified documents instructing CIA operatives how best to circumvent global security systems in international airports, including those of the EU, while on undercover missions.

The first of the documents, dated September 2011, advises undercover operatives how to act during a secondary airport screening. Secondary screenings pose a risk to an agent’s cover by focusing “significant scrutiny” on an operative via thorough searches and detailed questioning.

The manual stresses the importance of having a "consistent, well-rehearsed, and plausible cover," in addition to cultivating a fake online presence to throw interrogators off track.

Meanwhile, the second document, dated January 2012, presents a detailed overview of EU Schengen Border Control procedures.


Isn't his old news? Here in Denmark the scandal of CIA black flights have been put under wraps for a while. Hell, the Danish government even participated in it, news show. But they just "shift the blame away".
Somehow its ok, because its the "terrorists"! Without a shred of evidence. If asked, you are referred to another big military operation cooperating with our "allies", and which is top secret stuff, that we should not bother our tiny peasant heads with.

Infiltrating the EU - Rent the movie Pink Panther, and you are heading in the right direction. Still a better spy-story than the one CIA gave us?

It sucks...

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