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Modified tomatoes & cucumbers

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posted on Dec, 21 2014 @ 07:31 PM
This is the food forum so hope it is relevant here. What I am reporting is probably nothing new and is obviously the way the world commercially grown food is going at the moment.

Where I am living (not in the UK or USA), I have been noticing in the fruit & veg market an increase of cucumbers with their flowers petals still attached at the end. Now, in the past I can never remember this and the flower petal part which develops into the cucumber has always gone - dropped off like other petals do. Now I am wary of these cucumbers and I suspect they are GMOed items.

The tomatoes are in a similar state. The ones I am talking about are the firm large slightly bluey-red tomatoes which I think are called beefsteak tomatoes. Not the ones which are smaller round and orangey-red which you probably grow yourselves in your gardens.
With these tomatoes, they just do not go bad. They last and last and last and eventually they will start to go soft in patches or grow mold. The same thing with the cucumbers with the flower petals on them. They too just last for ages and grow mold before they go soft. oh... no apparent seeds in both items either.

Bananas too look fine... except they have long hard black pieces in the centre. I know these are not the seeds since I often buy firm green-ish ones which never previously had a line of black harder chewey material in the centre. What's going on ?

Just a heads-up to keep an eye out for these. If they appear in your local store or market then maybe avoid buying them.

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