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mommy is mean. mommy did it

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posted on Dec, 22 2014 @ 04:58 PM
Yes I saw that. Which just goes to prove that all the nuts are not in the nut house. If she's given custody again after this I'll personally lock her away in a hole in my basement and feed her rats and stale bread.

a reply to: Annee

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posted on Dec, 22 2014 @ 05:00 PM
Yes agreed. There were mistakes made on many levels and this poor child was the victim of carelessness across the board.
There is nothing about the mother being under a doctor's care so I don't think we can blame drugs. At least not the kind you can get at Walgreens. Besides aren't those drugs supposed to prevent this kind of behavior?

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posted on Dec, 22 2014 @ 10:27 PM

originally posted by: AutumnWitch657
Yes agreed. There were mistakes made on many levels and this poor child was the victim of carelessness across the board.
There is nothing about the mother being under a doctor's care so I don't think we can blame drugs. At least not the kind you can get at Walgreens. Besides aren't those drugs supposed to prevent this kind of behavior?

a reply to: diggindirt

Well, I have personally spoken with three people who were on drugs under the care of a doctor and experienced those homicidal and suicidal ideations listed as side effects of the drugs they were on. Scared the bejesus out of all three of them. None of those people had small children but one woman did kick her dog so hard she broke his ribs. She loves that dog---there is no doubt in my mind that she would never have hurt that dog had she not been on those medications. It scared her so badly that she had herself committed. The docs told her that was a "very unusual" side effect---after the fact, she was told this.
In this case---she had her children removed from her home---so something wasn't right for a while.
As to whether this child can recover? I know a young man who was tortured by his mother at age two. He was removed from the home and into a loving adoptive home. He has no memory of the incident, no memory at all of his mother. He didn't know why he had been adopted until he was in his early 20s. So yes, the child can recover if she is removed from the situation.

posted on Dec, 22 2014 @ 11:27 PM
Many of the posts in this thread are about the mother. I have blanked her from my mind.

originally posted by: Annee
This site has pics. Very disturbing.

All of my thoughts go to this poor little girl. Seeing her beautiful picture and her smiling face contrasted by the awful burns was too much to bear. She will most likely have permanent scars which cover about 50% of her face.

Dear, Kaylynn my thoughts and prayers go out to you. As I write this, I can't hold back my tears, I wish you had been my child so that I could have protected you. I would have given my life to stop somebody from doing this to you. I hope you make it back safely to your uncle Scott who discovered this awful tragedy and I hope that you can smile and laugh again.

Fellow ATS'ers if you feel the same then reply with positive thoughts for Kaylynn.

According to the the Fox article her uncle, Scott Lungren, became suspicious when they refused to bring her to a party. He demanded to see her and they wouldn't let him in. Thankfully he called the police. He had custody of Kaylynn during the mother's previous probation. I hope Kaylynn makes it back to her uncle and his family.

Lundgren says the normally bright eyed, bubbly child has lived the majority of her life with his family, and now it is hard to see Kaylynn like this.

“She calls me dad to this day and I feel the same way about her,” he said. “How someone could do this is just amazing. There’s not even words for it.”

Many in the community have asked how they can help Kaylynn. Lundgren says he can answer questions about donations if you email him at

posted on Dec, 23 2014 @ 12:39 AM
Some people in this thread are sick themselves. You don't abuse the mentally ill for being mentally ill. I understand your disgust, but you don't take it out on the sick. That's like torturing someone who has cancer.

posted on Dec, 23 2014 @ 03:25 AM
Wow...I mean this is a hefty conversation so I am going to inject what I know as a person who has hospitalized so-called 'criminally insane' members of society as well as those who are mentally ill with no violent concerns

There are so many variables that polarized sides are going to fail to see on this particular case

However, before I say a word I want to make it know I am speaking for my region ((Illinois - regions 5, 6, 10, 11)) only

Also, I am NOT speaking as if I know all the details of the alleged crime. I am merely throwing out some general issues as I have dealt with a relatively similar, albeit not as extreme, case several times

So…here I go

One major problem I see already is this concept of mental illness versus psychopathy/sociopathy

The breakdown isn’t necessarily there; it’s more so mental/emotional versus behavioral

A true mental disorder can be variably chemical, genetic, or environmental in nature. Although I hate the DSM with a passion, it typically has stricter criteria, is largely manageable IF a proper medication set is found and IF said client sticks to the program. Finally, mental illness often remains out of the realm of control of the client. We can manage and we can help a client live a great life, but even with appropriate meds, a missed dose or a breakthrough day can cause great concern

Behavioral issues on the other hand often make up a great deal of Axis II. A lot of folks are familiar with things like antisocial PD and to a lesser extent borderline PD. Personality disorders are almost invariably uncontrollable by medication. To a small extent, out psychiatrists can help remove a bit of anxiety and depression, but by and large, behavioral issues are controlled almost exclusively by behavior modification which consists of pattern recognition and control.

But there is a massive problem here. Many people will label me ultra liberal by saying this and that is fine…even behavioral issues usually have come from somewhere. Now, I am NOT saying it makes this woman’s actions excusable. Not in the least. But frankly yes I do have to ponder where this came from

Ok so regardless of if it is mental or behavioral, you are going to run into a major legal issue I have seen so many times. I have many (see approximately 50) clients who come to the ER almost nightly/weekly/monthly and always claiming to be suicidal. At some point when they come in literally 10 days in a row, we have to consider it a behavioral or attention-seeking issue

But there is a problem here…whether we agree or not, we CANNOT by our ethical codes simply label someone solely on Axis II. We MUST have an Axis I diagnosis…and there is the problem there. When these constant repeat offenders come to me day after day they get labelled as mentally ill and making strict sentences land and stick on them is very very difficult short of murdering someone and even if they do something highly violent, they will often find markedly reduced sentences.

So my questions already are

1. Is this woman actually mentally ill?

2. If she is, how hard is the court going to stick should all charges be upheld?

3. If they DO stick, does she deserve to be imprisoned or institutionalized?

Then I have to likewise wonder

1. What has this woman’s past been? ((again let me make SUPER clear since members here LOVE to misread…I am NOT condoning her behavior just as I wouldn’t condone Dahmer’s behavior)) I am simply asking for what brought her to such actions?

2. More importantly, what of the child? I am a PTSD specialist and work with child personal trauma…my concerns for her are great as such events in the formative years can be frightfully damaging. I have seen it over and over in the children’s home I visit…these kids, sad to say, are highly violent and impulsive due to the abuses they have suffered

So here it comes…the much hate set of questions that make people think. Flame me if you must, label me a progressive idiot…I can handle it

1. Consider the children I speak of. They are truly violent and impulsive and have seriously harmed many staff members in the home. Thing is…they have suffered untold amounts of abuse in their childhood so the State by and large does not always hold them accountable…Should we hold these young teens and older kids accountable for their violence despite what they have been through themselves?

2. Following that logic…what if we discover this mom had a horrific upbringing? If we do tend to side with these poor kids, at one point do we morally stop separating from their actions and holding them responsible? Obviously if we should find this woman had a delightful upbringing, separate questions remain. But what if she herself was abused? What changes now for her life and future? Of course she needs immediate separation from her kid but do we now seek imprisonment? Institution? Death penalty?

3. What if we find out she is legitimately mentally ill and never been appropriately treated? Do we still call for her blood?

4. What of the child? Say she does not cope well and she turns out violent as a adult and harms a kid? Knowing know what this toddler has been through, when do, if at all, morally stop separating HER actions if she becomes the same?

5. Finally, and one of the harder to swallow…what becomes of us and what does it favor if we execute this woman? Are we bringing justice? Are we preventing her further attacks? Such could be done with an institution or prison. Or…are we seeking revenge and blood?
Again…I ask ALL of these in the most gentle means possible to approach real dialogue…thanks for listening


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posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 09:47 PM

originally posted by: CagliostroTheGreat
Just answer this one question (one I already asked but received no answer to) if it was your daughter that abused her child would you still want to see her killed?

Riddle me that Bats.

Father Shoots Son Execution Style Teen Confesses To Molesting Sister, Dad Executes Him

Sorry if this seems like a harsh rebuttal and you'll have to ignore the unrelated comments regarding whose baby daddy is screwing who. This is an old video that has always stuck with me though.

I guess to simplify it, if (using this case as our basis) I found out that my 15 YO son was playing 'hide the hot dog' with a toddler then they are not only no longer my kid, but it becomes my responsibility to remove them from this Earth.

So in the case of a mother traumatizing and permanently scarring her toddler, I'm going to have to side with the 'kill her' crowd. At least we'll be 100% sure it'll never happen again.

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