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The truth about what you; and this world are

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posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 11:40 AM
a reply to: stirling

If you want people to love you; become your own enemy.

This is an ideology to failsafe's. Intricacies designed to address and supply whatever particular flavour of the same bull# is necessary to appeal to any who reject the 'matrix' if you like.

Spirituality is a function of this; in its varying forms.

They will show their hand; but generally only because they want it to be shown. They want you to be lead by seeing it. It is so self-redundant in its own design; that the very perfect truth itself could be presented to make it doubted; if it believes that this is the only way to protect it's control. Disinformation at its optimal.

The thing about the construct of such a system and AI; is that the strengths of the connectivity which empower them; shall also be that which destroys them.

For their ever evolving myriad of cascading lies; will deplete the lines of probability through the inaction and contradictions which come of them.

They will eventually trickle out to nothing like sands falling through an hourglass. Which is exactly what is happening. They are self-expiring.

Beautiful; poetic. And pathetic all at once.

The system will heal itself. Once it has freed itself of the parasites.

They; are various different forms. Energetic entities which exist within the various spectrums of light relative to our own.

I've seen too many possibilities of what 'they' are; to tell you definitively.

Mainly due to the fact that it is usually only the displaced energies of the orbs which are seen. And although you hear them. They will avoid showing any physical forms to you at all cost.

Those who are capable of doing so at least.

posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 11:56 AM
The human condition binds us all.

Your post is nice fictional "Matrix based" reading. It is not a revelation and is not unique.

Proof is paramount. Pointing at the world around us as saying 'look' isn't proof of anything.

posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 01:23 PM
a reply to: BOOKOFTHOTH

Great post and thanks for the information. Nearly all of what you've said here rings true for me as well. My only question comes from your contention that we will somehow free ourselves from this control at some point. How can we when such a huge majority continue to willingly/apathetically remain fooled?

posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 02:09 PM
a reply to: BOOKOFTHOTH

Your title says

The truth about what you; and this world are

Question 1...This sounds as if you in some manner exclude yourself from this statement. Do you?
Question 2... If so how, and if not, why not say "the truth about what we, and this world are?

I am being forced to come forth;

Question 3... Forced by whom?
Question 4... and why you?
Question 5... And how are you being forced?

and therefore as they left me no choice other than to become the that which I did not want to be coming into this world; I shall now give truth; both barrels, to all.

Question 6... Again, who are they?
Question 7... How do they abridge your free will?
Question 8... As you say when you came into this world, you did'nt want to do this, so what has changed that is causing them to go against your original plans to NOT do this?
Question 9... Can truth truly be "given"?
Question10... Both barrels? Why do you use not only a symbol of violence but a symbol of extreme violence (both barrels) a preperation for your empartment of truth?
Question11... For All? Is this just for us here who read it that you consider all? Or do you suppose that this information will spread around the world when you mean all?

You see, I search for not so much "the truth" but more for what is true. I read your post for a while, finding things that have a degree of verisimilitude but soon into my reading I was lost in the imminence amount of "truth" being imparted.
So I went back and began rereading your post from the beginning.

I don't know about accepting "truth" as a whole" as I have seen that there are to many peoples and groups around the world who are all to ready to impart "the truth" in large and complex conglomerances that must be taken en toto to be correctly comprehended. For some of us, accepting these forms of 'truth' are simply beyond our capacity.

There are those of us who can only handle smaller, bits and pieces of what is true at a time. Me being of this type began rereading your post from the beginning, wondering at all the things you were saying, I then decided to ask you about those 11 question I came up with from just your title and your first sentence. Having so many questions that might have varying answers in so short a time, I would be hopelessly lost were I to try to comprehend your even longer tome without first knowing the truth of those first couple of statements you made.



posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 03:00 PM
Nice right up Thoth very thought provoking,I have been familiar with this material for a while And just a few days ago happened upon these links,I'll add them for anyone that may have interest.

It is a bit late this end and I feel I am not up to a post worthy of a topic of this magnitude,I'll keep it simple and just say thanks and I'll keep an eye on this thread and make a better contribution at a later date.

posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 03:15 PM
a reply to: Urantia1111

Good point! have you heard of 100th monkey syndrome? Basically if a critical mass of awareness is reached,then this may well be automatically inherited by the remainder.

posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 03:21 PM
a reply to: BOOKOFTHOTH
Thank you for sharing, what you have explained resonates with many of my experiences. I wish more people were aware of it, and they will be.

My best wishes to you, and yours.

posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 03:35 PM
a reply to: EndOfDays77

Good point! have you heard of 100th monkey syndrome? Basically if a critical mass of awareness is reached,then this may well be automatically inherited by the remainder.

Good and optimistic point you made ...

What you say is true ... It only takes a certain percentage of people to become aware and ACT for the rest to follow like dominos ...

I do not fully grasp all of what the OP is saying ... like most I understand in my own way from my own experiences.
Our views do not have to come from the same view point ... There are many ways of seeing ... all of which can be true ... But what ever way you look at it ... we are being manipulated ... or so they think

posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 03:55 PM

originally posted by: wdkirk
The human condition binds us all.

Your post is nice fictional "Matrix based" reading. It is not a revelation and is not unique.

Proof is paramount. Pointing at the world around us as saying 'look' isn't proof of anything.

The Movie The Matrix came out in 1999... There were not invisible energy parasites that feed on humans altering consciousness as they see fit in this movie..

You may look much much further back, maybe to the Gnostics? They called them Archons. Interesting word for them if you look into the word in Greek. And don't tell me next that Archons come from a game in 1995... You are so young.

You can go back thousands and thousands of years in India and Find people telling you this whole universe is Maya. It's Illusion. Simulations don't have to be based in a computer, that's just how we currently make them. All it needs to be is information with consciousness in it.

I actually know what he means in a lot of ways.

If you get on the right track you won't stay on it long. Something will happen to bitch slap you. and then you may spend the last 10 years of your life trying to just forget about it all. On the other hand either I remember before I came here and I'm trying to go back, OR something was helping me.. I was on a path.

And I do agree with the OP.. Changing the equation around too many times.. Spinning the spider web.. At some point the strands will be too weak.
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posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 04:10 PM
a reply to: BOOKOFTHOTH

Yes I do think you are at the very least creating your own reality using someone else's made up story aka...The Matrix....put your own spin on it but still the same story. You start by saying you are being "Forced" to come forward...BY WHO ?

If as you say you will reveal all then do so without vague references to algorithms which are based on mathematics created in this reality not the puesdo other reality you reference throughout your post.

You speak of projection and say if we are using 100% of our brains then we would be able to tell the color of your speak as if you do use 100% of your brain then how about you prove your nonsense by telling me what I am drinking...and what I am eating...project yourself here so you can hear my laughter at the plagiarism in your post that you have blatantly ripped off from others who tell the same crap over and over and never offer proof nor substance, if you have it all figured out then predict the next event using the algorithms you say you know.

Fantasy is fantasy and reality is reality...and nonsense is just that nonsense.
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posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 04:11 PM

yes indeed, manipulation in every area! from the pineal gland, to DNa, electromagnetic bombardment etc (as I'm sure you know) but it all seems to fall back to energies, which are being harvested, so if the negative energy is not there to feed off, 'they' will have nothing as sustainance (and be powerless) this is really looking like a real proposition now and although the news seems packed with negativity,I would venture in saying an awakening is in full swing.. I look forward to a golden age of sorts I must say...

Judging by the approach of those in control there is certainly a feel of desperation, I may also say I contend there are two factions in control over may want us to be freed so to speak and the other wants to use and manipulate..just a thought there..but we are controlled either way.. I also believe a natural event coming soon will also play it's part in cleansing the veil of deception.

reply to: artistpoet

posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 04:48 PM
a reply to: EndOfDays77

General response here stating what I believe

The Universe is Intelligent ... it was created by Intelligence
Not the Intelligence of Academia for that is mostly the parroting of our so called elders and betters ...

We each have within us the capacity to understand all we need to know for our purpose of being here on Earth
Some call that one's Inner guiding voice or Intuition or Inspiration or Free thinking unhindered of the all encompassing Indoctrination that is placed upon us from birth

We like to think of ourselves as having Free Choice ... and indeed we do have that ... once we can overcome the obstacles placed before us ... The choice is simple in one way of seeing it

We can choose to continue following the path of Indoctrination and go against the Universal Intelligence within us or we can be in accord/harmony with the Universal plan.

Nothing is set in stone ... It depends on the choices we make ... It is also not some grand thing but the simple things such as the way we inter act with one another and our Earth in a caring or not caring way.

When you care for another in effect you also care for your own soul ... for we are all connected

For sure the Intelligence I speak of is in control yet it is within us also ... What I mean is ... would you tust Humanity in it's present state of being to run the Milky Way for example ... No ... Humanity would trash it for sure in it's present selfish and uncaring condition so we remain fixed to Earth till we pass over ...

I believe we should be more humble and aim lower by taking care of the little things day today in a caring way.
Whether that be how one cares for our family or friends or strangers we encounter

Caring is not a weak thing ... To care sometimes we have to speak hard truths

As I say these are some of the things I have come to believe and trust in

I believe the Universal Intelligence has always got a Plan for us ... yet the details of how that plan is accepted or not is down to our own individual Free choice ... to not have Free Choice would make us no more than drones or robots

... But Indoctrination is so embedded within that for some their seems to be no other choice but to go along with the same old way which is unsubstainable ...

Hence if you are truly aware and awake it is sureley your duty to share that but not to force it on others for that would be another form of Indoctrination

We can see easily what ails the world ... a child can see that and often we are called childish to believe this Earth could be a true Paradise for our short stay on it ...

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posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 05:16 PM
I'd like to believe that the universe is giant nerve centre thats interconnected, to all things that which was, which is, and has yet to come. Wether it a synthetic or artificially made by some high power for some utter reason we can't fathom, or that they don't want us to think about is left in the air to debate or believe. It could be fuel, or maybe some biological defense matrix that gets cooked up and tuned every now then.

Or even scarier, it could be the real thing, the real reality of it all, and were left to do the Gods work that they haven't started yet. Which is commonly believed to be a slave concept. But hey, we are probably all puppets in this chaotic, randomly eventful, cooled entrophic universe, or verses.

posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 07:02 PM

originally posted by: wdkirk
Your post is nice fictional "Matrix based" reading. It is not a revelation and is not unique.

Although I do agree with you about the fictional aspect, I see nothing at all wrong with someone using the Matrix as an analogy.

The 'Matrix' was plagiarized from a book written by a Christian woman named Sophia Stewart...

According to court documentation, an FBI investigation discovered that more than thirty minutes had been edited from the original film, in an attempt to avoid penalties for copyright infringement. The investigation also stated that ‘credible witnesses employed at Warner Brothers came forward, claiming that the executives and lawyers had full knowledge that the work in question did not belong to the Wachowski Brothers.’ These witnesses claimed to have seen Stewart’s original work and that it had been ‘often used during preparation of the motion pictures.’ The defendants tried, on several occasions, to have Stewart’s case dismissed, without success.

The Original Writer of The Matrix

Sophia Stewart (pictured), a writer, former student of the USC Film School, and a working tax clerk, allegedly sent the Wachowski’s her 6-page treatment and her 45-page manuscript – ‘The Third Eye‘ – in 1986 in response to an advertisement in a national magazine seeking works of science fiction. Some thirteen years later, the Wachowski’s, producer Joel Silver and Warner Brothers produced and distributed The Matrix movie and comic book series and subsequently the movie’s sequels, which Stewart contends were all based on her copyrighted works.

Whoa, De Ja Vu! Finally, there is a passage in Sophia Stewart’s 1986 manuscript that is nearly a beat-for-beat explanation of a scene in a film that would be produced seventeen years later – The Matrix Revolutions. Its specificity warrants replication to avoid confusion in paraphrasing and I will also attach key scenes from The Matrix Revolutions to illustrate the similarity.

This to me illustrates “substantial” and “striking” evidence to the fact that there was some “extrinsic” plagiarism of plot, themes, mood, setting, pace and characters involved in the creation of The Matrix Revolutions narrative. Yet Stewart’s council were unable to illustrate the similarities which, in reading the case notes, seems to be based on the “intrinsic test” of “feel” of the work as well as an omission of actual case work. Also, her testimony of said allegations, strangely including facial similarities between her character descriptions and the actors in The Matrix, were inadmissible as evidence to the fact. Curiouser and curiouser.

The Matrix Delusion – Did the Wachowski’s ‘steal’ their seminal work?

Filing her case in 1999, Stewart claimed that the movie The Matrix was based on her manuscript “The Third Eye,” which was copyrighted in 1981. A manuscript that Stewart submitted to the Wachowski Brothers when they were searching for new sci-fi works. After an FBI investigation, it was discovered that a cover up had an occurred by filmmakers in editing the film. The original “The Matrix” film had been edited in a way to try to avoid copyright infringement. As the investigation proceeding witnesses, who were employees at Warner Brothers, came forward collaborating that Stewart’s work had been used in preparation for the film and that Warner Brothers executives and their lawyers were fully aware about everything that was going on.

The Matrix Lawsuit

originally posted by: Sun Matrix
Yes, it is very likely that the Matrix has you. What is the Matrix? The world created to keep you from the truth. All these conspiracies are really only part of the one true conspiracy. Are they creating a New World Order? Yes. Are there Freemasons? Yes. Are there Aliens? Yes. But all of these conspiracies and others are only part of the one true conspiracy. The Matrix. The Lie.

I contend that you live in the Matrix right now. Just like the movie, you are born into bondage, blind to the truth. A world has been created to keep you from the truth. I'm not talking about Artificial Intelligence or turning people into batteries. I'm talking about the truth. The purpose of this thread is to pull back the Matrix and show you what is really going on in the world. It is to show you the truth and trace all of these conspiracies to the source. There is only one source.

originally posted by: Sun Matrix
It is the beginning of the lie. And it's all around you blinding you. Look how effective it is. You even know the beginning, but you still don't know the truth. The Matrix has wound all through history, religion, everyday life and yet you can't see how it controls everything you do. The Matrix has one purpose. To separate you from God. Satan wants you to serve false gods or no God. There is a Matrix code all around you that you are blind to. When you drive down the street, go to the bank, get gas, go shopping it's everywhere. How can the blind see? If we go far enough, we can run this Matrix through the New World Order, through the Freemasons, through religion, through your every day life.

There is only one Conspiracy...the Matrix has you

posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 08:01 PM
Some people miiiiight believe you if you spelled your words correctly.

posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 08:38 PM
jesus i think the bible may be shorter than some of the posts on this subject.

lets put it this way,we believe what science tells us but the science we believed is always getting tweaked cause what they thought they knew is constantly being proved wrong.

can,t everyone just accept we know nothing and its just a case that one day we hope we will.

posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 09:19 PM

originally posted by: sparky31
jesus i think the bible may be shorter than some of the posts on this subject.

lets put it this way,we believe what science tells us but the science we believed is always getting tweaked cause what they thought they knew is constantly being proved wrong.

can,t everyone just accept we know nothing and its just a case that one day we hope we will.

"the bible" is almost 2,000 pages long is it not?

And no I don't accept your premise of waiting around and not thinking about what is Life.

"what they thought they knew is proved wrong, we know nothing."
Makes no sense.. If you know nothing then nothing can ever be proven wrong.

Some people might feel things. Might do thought experiments that go outside the bounds of what others "obviously don't know, since we know nothing."

Can't you accept that not everyone wants to live within small frames of reference? That like Science hypothesis is the first and most important step?

posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 10:09 PM
a reply to: BOOKOFTHOTH

Congrats on the MA! Any idea where you are going to pursue your PhD?

posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 10:35 PM
a reply to: BOOKOFTHOTH

- make vague claims about personal superiority and purpose
- disparage established religion while pushing similar ideas and even having a religious username
- claim revealing the "truth" while providing zero evidence
- use big words despite poor grammar and spelling
- make connections that are not there
- plagiarise other writers' ideas
- capital letters to imply force and conviction
- tell people they are wrong, foolish, and stupid for believing otherwise
- incorporate other well known conspiracy theories to create confirmation bias

Verdict: cult

There are a lot of interesting ideas in there to entice people. But come on, Obama is Osama? You're losing your victims- err audience!

posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 10:40 PM
PS - pedophiles are people who were molested as children. Pedophilia isnt some 'desire for young energy' bull#. It's a matter of transference of feelings of helplessness. Pedophilia has been used as a control mechanism (breaking down psyches and controlling them) for centuries, particularly in Greece, and now Britain. Pedophiles create pedophiles to continue the lines of control. That is why people groomed for politics or high-class elite are often victims.

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