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2015 Predictions

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posted on Dec, 26 2015 @ 03:49 AM
Well another bust year.

None of my predictions came true, no great cheese apocalypse took place, and Asimo still does not have moonwalking software which allows him to pull off a Michel Jackson while dancing to beat it. And whatever else I predicted really I forgot, but if the others turned true and those didn't, its kind of pointless anyways.

Another lame duck year with nothing eventful happening. But there are still a few days left till its over, here's hoping for at least something eventful happening, its hard to keep track of all these years as they all just blend into one long string of bland same old's, same old's.

posted on Jan, 7 2016 @ 04:06 PM


I think there will be another big oil spill this year,
but it will involve a tanker, much like the Exxon Valdez.

Double hit, train, and oil spill.

I don't like this one, and it could follow into 2016, but I will list it as 2015.
Ozzy Osbourne will become seriously ill.
Pneumonia, or some other sort of respiratory illness,
and I don't think he will make it.

This one was an interesting one for me. I'm an Ozzy fan and one day I got a bad vibe about his health.
He didn't come down with pneumonia, his wife did and then collapsed after.
Then Ozzy was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.
They announced Black Sabbath is having one final tour with Ozzy and disbanding.
The death of Black Sabbath.
Hit so far.

The Pacific Northwest will experience a major Earthquake.
Seattle, and Vancouver, and farther into Southeast Alaska, also south into Northern Oregon.

This did not occur, however, sometime around May there was a bunch of hype over the pacific NW and the megaquake they expect there. Seems like every 5 or so years they rep-hype the dangers because it is overdue, so I wonder if I am not sometimes just picking up on hype. I dunno.

A last spring snowstorm will roll through the country in late April dropping over a foot of snow and serious ice problems in the southern States. It will be one of the worst on record.

The storm hit in May and flooded Texas and that area. It was one of the worst on record, but I missed it by a month.

Gas prices will drop down to around 1.50 a gallon before steadily climbing back up by late September. By that point it will be back to 3 bucks a gallon.

This one had promise, as I was following gas and oil prices after and it seemed to be going well, but the lowest I saw at the pump was 1.71 a gallon, and it never did rebound past 2.60 a gallon...

Russia/US relations will continue to decline.
No wars, just bad relations and typical cold war tactics on both sides.

No shots fired at each other,
but the Middle East put us eyeball to eyeball and the cold war does seem to be coming back.


Terrorism will keep increasing. I had a dream last year that someone was going door to door and killing people in apartment buildings and homes in the US. A new form of terrorism, one that scares everyone.

Just two days after I posted this France was attacked, and we all know what has been going on since.
That's a hit. Gunmen/women with firearms and the biggest terrorist attack since 9/11, both here in the US and in France.
Kind of scared me in a weird way, or at least made me feel very uneasy.

Much more rain in California this year, helping to end the drought.

yep,that's a hit.

The gaming industry will get a major boost come summertime from something no one expects.

One of the best years in gaming ever!
Also the announcement of VR coming next year.
Good stuff, I consider it a hit.

The US economy will continue to get stronger,
but I worry about another sucker punch like a 9/11 event that will attempt to derail the economy.

Yeah, we have not crashed, economy showed promise although slow, even after China's market tanked last year.
The sucker punch was ISIS lone wolf terrorists.
Again, the biggest attack since 9/11, although not nearly as comparable.

But no, no world ending events,
and nothing really changes this year as far as the road we are traveling down.
We continue down this path, for better or for worse,
the world will stay functionally dysfunctional.

We're still here!

So lets see.....

7 hits?
3 Misses?

Hard to keep count...
Feel free to tell me I am wrong

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