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posted on Jun, 2 2003 @ 11:57 AM
This is the demons classification made by Saint PSELLIUS (Died in 1051).

Saint PSELLIUS says that there are 6 categories of demons :

    Fire demons
    Air demons
    earth demons
    water demons
    underground demons
    night demons

Fire demons take them power from planets and stars. The use radiations of these celests bodies to hurt men, but these negatives influenced have them limit to the power of GOD. Black magicians, cards readers, occultists take them power from these demons. Quote from one of these demons :
"It's not important if these magicks are done for study, curiosity or having fun... For us, important thing is that these act engage will of those who practise them, so we have an open door to introduce in their mind"

Air demons use power of the nature : Thunder, wind, rain, storm, kill humans. Saint paulm wrote in Ephesians 6,12 : "No matter for us, in fact, to fight versus blood men, but versus Princes, power, kings of the darkness : Versus the spirit who are in the air".
That's why in middle age it was custom to make the church bells ring during a storm.

Earth demons. They live in insane places : Woods, bayou, caverns and today they also have an influence on car crash. According to a missonary who lived in amazon jungle for years : No one who have the saint cross medal around his neck will be biten by a dangerous snake. Jesus said one day : "Shame on those who dont have any sanctified symbol on them ! "
A demon revealed while an exorcism : "If the mankind, actually, invocated more the guardians angels, there will be less and less accidents, because we are always near they take place."

Water demon hunt men in rivers, lakes and seas causing death, boat sinking or exciting squales to eat them. In the equador virgin forest, some people saw black dog running on the water and even black knights.

Underground demons are against the gold seakers, miners...etc. In 1937, In the Ruhr (Germany; One of the most important place of Coke mines), a mmine hazard killed 120 workers. A wisdom woman, Mother Hibbeln, said that the worse was that most of them were damned because they have the bad habit to go to work with saying blasphems, while they worked they was saying blasphems, and when they go back home, they was still saying blasphems.

Night demons makes us making many sins and crimes that take place the night. We should called archangel Saint ORPHAR, angel of the night, to protect us from them.


Personnaly, I dont believe in hell and purgatory, but I give you this prayer, in protection from these demons, called the prayer of purgatory :

"LORD, I'm in joy to meet you this day. Because all the sky is now near me. And I'm not proud. I give this saint communion for all the men, everyone in particular, and for the HOLY Church. But remind you the soul trapped in the purgatory, those I recommand you in particular, and all other forgotten by everyone on this earth. AMEN."


I'm sorry if I've made some translations errors.

[Edited on 4-6-2003 by Nans DESMICHELS]

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