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Sources: NASA chief to resign

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posted on Dec, 12 2004 @ 08:33 PM
Sean O'Keefe NASA administrator will resign on Monday, they say it is for financial reasons, because his oldest daughter is going to college. It seems like a lame excuse to me, I don't know what his salary was but I imagine it would not strain his budget to send his child to school.

CNN) -- NASA administrator Sean O'Keefe will announce his resignation Monday, CNN has learned.

Sources inside NASA told CNN on Sunday that O'Keefe will accept an offer from Louisiana State University to be its chancellor.

O'Keefe's decision, the sources said, was made for personal and financial reasons -- the LSU job pays significantly more money than the NASA job. O'Keefe's eldest daughter will soon head to college.

I wonder why he is reallly leaving, he took over shortly before the challanger fiasco and was supposed to be the interim administrator.


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