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Rusk, Texas: Pastoral Small Town? Or Malicious ET "Evaluation for Kidnapping" Center?

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posted on Dec, 16 2014 @ 11:34 PM
i mean who are they going to report it to? They better have good insurance...

posted on Dec, 17 2014 @ 12:20 PM
a reply to: stormbringer1701

"seriously if anyone has a known verified location for an ET base their flying saucers will be mine! they had better look out!"

LOL! I have some ideas, from my own research. But unless you are heavily-armed Black Ops military, I do NOT suggest trying to enter these sites.

Colorado south of Boulder for sure, and probably at S-4 south of Area 51 in the "Nevada Test Site". Undoubtedly other places - I'm keeping my eye on UFO stories out of Atlanta, Georgia (where a TR-3B triangle has been seen emerging), and Katy, Texas, west of Houston, on Highway 10 (main west to east freeway in the lower U.S.).

And Yes, helicopters and UFOs (including "our" TR-3B) sometimes navigate by well-lit freeways at night, so they can turn their lights off, fly low (under radar), not have to use "detectable" GPS, and not be seen. Anyone observing just looks up to see a "star blotting-out" dark shadow go over them.

The things to look for that might indicate underground "UFO storage sites":

1) UFOs that are seen hovering and flashing a "code" - probably their ID and/or species if alien.
2) UFOs that then lower "out-of-sight", with no trace of where they appeared to have "landed" if you rush to that area.
3) The lucky few, usually daylight in an overhead plane, who see the ground "unzip" into a UFO parking lot. Opening is long, may be rectangular or trapezoidal in shape, with a central "open" corridor, and multi-levels of parked, unearthly craft on both sides of that central corridor.

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posted on Dec, 17 2014 @ 01:10 PM
a reply to: stormbringer1701

"i mean who are they going to report it to? They better have good insurance... "

Actually, many of the ETs on/under/near Earth have "cousin species" who are also here. So, again, I don't suggest attempting to enter any of these underground UFO-hangars. Especially if those UFO-hangars are really "ours."

There are little-known NASA-related and Space-related organizations in Boulder. One is called SGLS, or "Space and Ground Link Subsystem." And another is LADEE, or "Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer."

And, according to Wikipedia, Boulder has an impressive list of Science Institutes, including Space-related, from the "Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy" to the "Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research":

From what I read, at least one of the big defense contractors has a satellite office in Boulder, probably more. So it's possible the "unzipped" underground UFO hangar south of Boulder, is really "ours," with captured craft being back-engineered.

posted on Dec, 17 2014 @ 03:57 PM
Here is more Strangeness in East Texas:
"According to the Texas Bigfoot Research Center, there has been a long history of sightings in the state of Texas. One of the first in the history books is the strange case of the "The Wild Woman Of The Navidad". This is a story that was recounted in the Legends of Texas published by the Texas Folklore Society in 1924. The creature was described as covered in short brown hair and was very fast. She eluded capture because the horses were so afraid of the strange creature that they could not be urged within reach.

"These events occurred in 1837 in the Texas settlements of the lower Navidad. Mysterious barefoot tracks were seen frequently in the area. There are Native American legends dating back hundreds of years that describe tribes of giants that were hair-covered and lived in the woods.

"In 2002, residents of Sabine, Texas, reported seeing a gray, ape-like creature in the area’s dense forests. The local newspaper dubbed the creature the “Sabine Thing”. A similar beast called the “Caddo Critter” is said to have inhabited the bottoms around scenic Caddo Lake in the 1970’s. The Sulphur River along the Texas-Arkansas border has been a source of similar sightings for decades."
"Located in the northeast quadrant of Dallas is the beautiful suburban area of White Rock Lake. The northern part of the lake is now a state park while the southern area has been developed into lake front estates. Known not only for its beauty, large mouth bass and white crappie fishing, it is also known to have a creature stalking its shores.

"Stories abound that while picnicking on the banks of the lake during the dusk hours, a creature of half man, half goat appears out of the woods throwing trash and even tires at the visitors in attempts to drive them away.

"It is described as a very large creature about 7 feet tall with the horns and hooves of a goat, but standing erect. The body and legs are that of man and the face is human-like. His skin has a jaundice appearance that is almost greenish and he has long gnarled fingers with grotesque fingernails.

"There have been sightings of the Goatman as far south as Normangee, TX, which is over 140 miles from White Rock. People have reported seeing and hearing the creature in this rural area where there are no goat ranchers to account for the sounds."

(NOTE: If there IS some kind of long-time underground ET base/laboratory in East Texas, what better place to get rid of your "genetic-experiments-gone-wrong" than in thick forests and swamps?)

"Sabine’s dense forests and randomly scattered swamps are loaded with wild pigs, deer, cougars, snakes, alligators, coyotes, old grave yards, ancient Indian Mounds, Cherokee Indian descendants, retired folks, missing Astronauts and who knows who or what else.

"Toledo Bend’s biggest “town,” Hemphill (pop. 1036), was the focal point of the Space Shuttle disaster’s main crash site. Texas Highway 87 goes North and South, directly through this little, old-fashioned East Texas town.

"We were about five miles down 201 on our way to Jasper when suddenly out of nowhere a bright ball of light, perhaps a soccer ball size, came barreling and flashing down the Highway straight towards us at a very high rate of speed. It was moving so fast it appeared visually to be leaving a trail of light behind it.

"It streaked right over our hood and windshield, swerved up a bit, probably 20 feet above us and headed off down the Highway somewhere behind us. The ball of light’s brightness hurt my eyes and even days later when I think about it, it still gives me a slight frontal lobe headache.

(NOTE: Sounds like an unmanned scanner, since it "streaked right over our hood and windshield" then swerved upwards. Despite being dark, the orb also followed the highway, indicating intelligent control.)
"The discovery on Monday of one of the biggest and most recognizable pieces of Columbia - the nose cone - underscored how hard it will be to find the thousands of much-smaller bits of debris. The shuttle part - about 4 feet across - was discovered drilled into the ground in a deep thicket near Hemphill by two men who were scouring their land for debris."

(NOTE: One of the local stories after this tragedy, is that the shuttle Columbia had a piece of Alien Tech hardware on board, and that the most intense "debris search" was for this box. Texas volunteer searchers report being given hand-outs of a detailed description of this box, that NASA appeared frantic to recover.

(Also, the heaviest debris field started in Central Texas thru Louisiana. There's a well-known ET underground base near Stephensville, SE of Dallas, which is more or less "central" Texas. Although the Columbia reportedly started breaking up on Final Approach over California, could the Stephensville underground base have triggered this Alien Tech to explode and cause the more massive debris field?

(And how strange is it that the shuttle's heavy nose-cone came down in Sabine Country near Hemphill - site of a streaking "ghost light" that sounds more like an ET unmanned probe/scanner?)

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posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 03:53 AM
The best way to get rid of a genetic experiment gone wrong, such as a 7 foot tall goatman, is to release it in a forest or swamp? They must be very humane genetic experimenters then. Or they were just not very concerned with their creations being discovered. Maybe they have a strict code of ethics that does not allow them to kill, then throw into a woodchipper, incinerate, and then dissolve what remains with some kind of acid, whatever they gave life to.
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posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 10:27 AM
a reply to: 3n19m470

Thanks for your post.

"They must be very humane genetic experimenters then. Or they were just not very concerned with their creations being discovered."

There's also the idea that some "hybrid experimental creatures" may have escaped. But the only ones who survived in the wild retained the basic "humanoid" shape - and could run like h*ll from anyone chasing them.

For comparison, here are some "official photo reports" on the "experimental creatures" from Dulce - all of which were shot and killed in their cages by our Spec Ops attackers. (NOTE: Disturbing photos and "creatures.")
(Start at the 1:33 mark. Could these "creatures" have survived survived in the wild? I doubt it.) er+sanctum+-+Dulce
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posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 10:47 AM
Foxhunters hill in hemphill is quite a place for such sightings.

When i was twenty mi south of henderson buring some phone lines down a dirt road we came around a corner and i saw three slender fellows sitting on a fence. When i got closer i noticed that they were perched upon the actual tee post them selves. That was a first for me.
Later that day i was worried and began to question them when they began to beat the youngest one. Why in the hell are you beating him?
The reply was "We caught him with a book trying to learn how to read and momma said we can't get our check if he ever learns how too read".

As far as people being abducted there i think it is clear they took the best and left myself and

Another day further down the road we began taking gun fire from a house up the road. Luckly we had a large hole dug for the cables and took cover. They calmed down and began to tell us how we were doing the devils work with them lines we had. About a week later the sherrif found a missing woman dead in the trunk of one of their old cars in the yard.

I had a friend that worked with me and one day his coon dog drug up a human arm from the woods. It was later found to be from the space shuttle that exploded over tx.

People do not mess around with them creatures in the woods because them creatures have people that protect them.

It is not wise to mess around east tx. and i am sure it makes for a great show for et to watch.

posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 10:54 AM
a reply to: deadeyedick Like I said, them east Texas folk are just a little different. Ever been to witches grave down by Laneville? Don't know if it's still there but it was where we'd go on full moons when I was in my teens.

posted on Dec, 24 2014 @ 11:01 AM
a reply to: quercusrex

that is very close to where my stories happened.

The hunting and fishing is great though.

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