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The Place of Origin

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posted on Dec, 23 2014 @ 05:10 AM
a reply to: Harte

My main reason for posting the Scythian fish was because it looks great so why not, but there is potential for further study in that region and culture, just that i haven't done it yet, but they did have the fish people tradition as can be seen by the Pazyryk saddle cover.

Neither the Sumerians or Babylonains knew Fomalhaut as Hastorang, it was refered to as MUL KU, simply meaning Fish star, the name for a fish man was Kulullû and a fish woman kuliltu and MUL KU was the Southern fish in that watery quadrant of the Heavens beneath the Great One, Aquarius.

So that's all very straightforward, and the waters of Aquarius were the basis for the waters of the Abzu symbolism, as can be seen in the Gudea basin whuch he made for the Abzu shrine of Ningirsu;

The Apkallu were understood to emerge from and return into the waters of the Abzu, and thus i identify the Apkallu with the Southern Fish as their sign, very often little fish can be seen swimming through the stream of waters of the constellation Aquarius, so that is their Celestial location.

The identification of Fomalhaut as the fourth Persian Royal star has been questioned by the way, given its distance from the ecliptic plane, some consider it would have been a star in Aquarius itself, but i don't think so important either way, and pointless of you to try and muddy the waters through any possible confusion.

a reply to: TheoFieldsGardener

Well there was the association of Marduk with Jupiter and were Marduk could also be understood as apkallu sa li-ib-bi di-gi^-gi4 ka-la-mu mu-du-u, "Apkallu/sage who knows the thoughts of all the Igigi", but i wouldn't be so sure about the rest of what you write...
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posted on Dec, 23 2014 @ 07:51 AM
This is from the Book of the Secrets of Enoch.

Chapter 18. Of the taking of Enoch on TO THE FIFTH HEAVEN
1 The men took me on to the fifth heaven and placed me, and there I saw many and countless soldiers, called
Grigori, of human appearance, and their size was greater than that of great giants and their faces withered,
and the silence of their mouths perpetual, and their was no service on the fifth heaven, and I said to the men
who were with me:
2 Wherefore are these very withered and their faces melancholy, and their mouths silent, and wherefore is
there no service on this heaven?
3 And they said to me: These are the Grigori, who with their prince Satanail rejected the Lord of light, and
after them are those who are held in great darkness on the second heaven, and three of them went down on to
earth from the Lord’s throne, to the place (H)Ermon, and broke through their vows on the shoulder of the hill
Ermon and saw the daughters of men how good they are, and took to themselves wives, and befouled the
earth with their deeds, who in all times of their age made lawlessness and mixing, and giants are born and
marvellous big men and great enmity.
4 And therefore God judged them with great judgment, and they weep for their brethren and they will be
punished on the Lord’s great day.
5 And I said to the Grigori: I saw your brethren and their works, and their great torments, and I prayed for
them, but the Lord has condemned them to be under earth till the existing heaven and earth shall end for ever.
6 And I said: Wherefore do you wait, brethren, and do not serve before the Lord’s face, and have not put your
services before the Lord’s face, lest you anger your Lord utterly?
7 And they listened to my admonition, and spoke to the four ranks in heaven, and lo! As I stood with those
two men four trumpets trumpeted together with great voice, and the Grigori broke into song with one voice,
and their voice went up before the Lord pitifully and affectingly.

God explaining to Enoch his Creation

4 On the first uppermost circle I placed the stars, Kruno, and on the second Aphrodit, on the third Aris, ON THE FIFTH Zoues, on the sixth Ermis, on the seventh lesser the moon, and adorned it with the lesser stars.

a reply to: Kantzveldt

posted on Dec, 30 2014 @ 09:46 PM
a reply to: Kantzveldt
An interesting thread but I think its a waste of time. Look at it from a logical conclusion and you will see that even we were all created by aliens or given an evolutionary bump that would not matter. In fact if they have not shown themselfs by now then there not going to, and even if they did it still would not matter. And if they do not or if its all just nothing, well the outcome is still the same. And it still does not matter.

I mean what did you do read the whole section of history and prehistory on that land area summer and the advance of civilizations from the cradle of mass human migrations or whatever at your local library? It's sort of hilarious, but dont worry I am not here to make fun of your thread, no power rangers or roger rabbits from me. But your better off writing a book about it. And even then it would not matter, but at least somebody may get a thrill from it somewhere and you will probably make a few bucks from sales. In all, ah! Whatever.

posted on Jan, 18 2015 @ 10:54 PM
This belief system Faith call it as you see It

Is Knowledge bestowed upon our Ancestors .

The Bestower 's explained to a primitive culture..Primitve by there standards..To be P C..

Coincidentally Politics as platform for all in the Community's voice an needs welfare to be espoused

Was one of many concepts they bestowed up on us .

They thought we were ready to learn of Politics .

They could never have imagined the Bastardisation future generations would mutate there gift of Enlightenment into a cess pull of mire and dire war an fire.

They could have given us the P C as in personal computer ie the object I am using to write this nonsense .
Lucky for us Plebs there are laws ,
Strict Laws that prohibit advanced beings Introducing tech to less advanced species .

Technology Is not a sign of Intelligence in any case .
It can be a useful Indicator as to were to search.

But so far the most advanced form of life/intelligence discovered has no form of technology what so ever.
An Its not as if they advanced as a species an out grew tech.
Never developed it never needed it.

The best way I can explain it a through a Synonym.

If a race /species emerged through Evolution with perfect 20 20 Vision there would be no reason for them to even imagine the concept of glasses .

Our forebears where given the knowlage of the double helix D N A Evolution the entire Enchilada.
The primordial brew that would Eventually spew us Mottley Crew .

All living organisms use DNA as the carrier of genetic material and RNA as the messenger molecule.

.Although theres still a hand full of r n a viruses still just on message.
No carriers requires . .
R N A was bound in a nucliatic nutshell .Unable to flourish till it pulled UP its bootstraps an acquired some back bone .So yay for hence appears DNA
Directing the expression of genes and creation of proteins. This arrangement has lasted 3.5 billion years. But what came before these life-giving molecules?

Do you want to know the Answer ?

If yes read on if no then Bye.

T .N. A.

Yup that's what we call It what scientist have theorised about as the possible missing link in the early prosess of evolution .

Think of TNA as billions trillions of foetus.
Think of the comets and such as eggs.

We call it or you call it T N A..

The New Arrivals.

scientist s refer to it as threose nucleic acid

.Some of the knowlage remained in mutated versions such as life/us/inntelegence evolveing from the oceans.

Became over time instead of life an intelllgence evolveing in the water an then slowly coloniseing dry land

Some Cultures took it as read that super inntelegent God like humans lived in the ocean an prolly still lurking there

We do it all the time as humans cant understand something we morph the event into some thing we can wrap our heads round.

Quite a few fell asleep in class when our forebears where being bestowed up on with this knowlage.

Long story short the bestowers then left .

You are allowed to assist when a new gene pool springs into being.
Its not allowed though for one to become self appointed life guard for this pool.

They let us make waves an go with the flow.

Inert organic material travels eons through space thrown of as debri from a star a far.
Then it coalesced to begin its journey .

Billions of years falling through immence energys you call radiation .

Ironic Alert!

Radiation is the perfect word we think we chose.

Radiates life .

If not for radiation creating slight mutations in both inert and volatile organic and non organic matter .There would be a lifeless barren universe.

All this stuff was imparted to our forebears about 50thousand years ago.
That's a lot of generations for not only does life mutate.
So does the truth ,

Storys told re told sometimes exsagerated at the other spectrum under played.
Or edited and besides 5o thousand years Is a long game of Chinease Whispers.

All I can say is all faith is justified . So keep the faith.

The clues are not subtle there In your face.

Be it the Fish resonate with Christian Faith or a mirror like pond to a Budihst meditating

There are many beleifs many questions .

But there Is only one truth.

We all come from the same origin an we all go to the same Destination

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posted on Feb, 3 2015 @ 01:21 AM
a reply to: Kantzveldt

Sorry if it is a bit off-topic, but i noticed yesterday in the intro of the national geographic "invasion Earth" series, they are always showing the piscius. Maybe you enjoy that little coincidence.

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