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New kid on the block

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posted on Dec, 9 2014 @ 12:02 PM
Hello ee,

I wanted to stop in and say hello for the first true time. I've lurked here for years and I have always looked forward to Phages reality checks. I even had an account from years ago that I rarely used due to it being extremely hard to remember being that it was binary and at the time my converting skills were kind of weak. All the same I had out grown the username anyways. But here I am again though, mainly due to the fact that I always see so many great articles that I would love to be active in. Like many on here, I have always been overly opinionated and believe myself to be both logical and philosophical. Therefore, I hope to bring many questions and opinions while enjoying the content you many, fine, users bring.

Starting with my first opinion. Being the holidays, you find yourself watching the holiday classics. You see all these happy, nice people. Great communities, block parties, unlocked doors. So my question, for years now, has been: "Where did it go and where did we go wrong?". I was born in the early 80's so I can't account for the difference between "before the 80's" and "the 80's,90's,2000's". I mean minus what they wanted you to believe at the time or what I like to call "only in a movie" moments. I can account for some of the 80's and all the 90's. What was portrayed, was exactly what I remembered. So logically that leaves me at where did we go wrong or have my thought constructs completely changed over time and growth. Similar to watching a movie as a child, then as an adult saying "What was I thinking then?".... Or could it have to do with the fact that Computer & Information Technology got to booming in the 80's and has never slowed down since. Many say we have almost, if not fully have surpassed humanity with technology.... Or with technology, do we lose a piece of humanity tit-for-tat? Believe me when I say I know what good technology brings. I'm here typing as you can see and all my degrees and certs. are within the IT field. So I'm definitely not screaming that tech is bad, but I have noticed the since of distancing from the physical. Social media, networking, tech in general have basically eliminated the need to physically do a lot. I mean what happen to the days when you could find dates without matching sites?

My next point of entry, have we lost our confidence due to technology or have we just fallen into the "I'm us to it, so I'll take advantage of it?" or both? I mean it easier to deal with rejection or act like a totally different person logically as opposed to physically. I also love taking advantage of a good opportunity as much as the next. Back to the main topic of question though, difference in times from the 80's to present. Could multimedia and the violence be portrayed as the culprit? or are our minds really so far out of touch with reality that many believe media has become reality. This I could probably believe. Things in life and society are almost full force flipped. It's hard to tell up from down these days. Policies and laws by are supposed brightest show this. They don't even fully get it anymore, they just seem to throw darts at an idea board these days. In short, reality has become complex as hell. I'm sure there are thousands of variables to plug n play that account for the fact that life has changed or my concept of it has. Have you ever had a conversation or an idea by yourself or with another and years later look back on it. You laugh about your concepts and usually end up at "what was I thinking?" or "if I knew then what I know now?".

Either way, the whole concept has been driving me nuts for years. With the only truth I can see is being that I believe it to be getting worse or my concept of it is, due to signals life pushes my way. We are destructive in nature which I believe will be our downfall in the distant future. We created metal and what was the best thing we could think to do with it first. Make weapons to kill with. Nuclear Energy, turned to WMD's. Technology, to control the WMD's. Seems like history is folding in half to bring our technology to the state at which we resided during the middle ages. I have made it out to sound like the present is horrible and around the 80's were all glitter and gold. That not what I'm trying for though. I'm just saying things sure have changed and I would like to fully figure out why being inquisitive in nature. Thanks for sucking it and taking the long read. Enjoy the holidays, get out and physically socialize, its healthy and good for the soul. While enjoying all the pluses of the holidays feeling happiness and joy, care and love for one another. Think about how great it would be if that truly lasted all year round like I believe it once did. Peace and happiness to all and to all a goodnite. LOL Take it EZ folks!

posted on Dec, 9 2014 @ 12:30 PM
My front door at home is unlocked all day. I only lock the door when we go to bed.
We also exchange christmas cookies and cakes with several families in the neighborhood. Nice things are all around us if we just look for them. You younger kids are the ones losing the old ways I'm afraid.

Oh yeah! Welcome to ats.... Grab your foil hat and hang on..
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posted on Dec, 9 2014 @ 12:39 PM
a reply to: Chronico

I have always looked forward to Phages reality checks.

We can always use more realists.

Welcome back to the site, "chronic-o".

posted on Dec, 9 2014 @ 03:16 PM
a reply to: Chronico

Welcome aboard! I generally steer clear of Phage unless I know exactly what I'm talking about... or need a bit of common sense in the mix.

That's actually a compliment to Phage. But there are so many other great members here too. All a great wealth of information..

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