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since we rant about how little some people make, why not rant about how much others do

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posted on Dec, 9 2014 @ 10:37 AM

originally posted by: Grovit

originally posted by: Cuervo
a reply to: Grovit

If Hollywood got a bailout or ridiculous subsidies, you would have a point. The entertainment industries are far more independent and not nearly as connected to American income.

how does my point not stand.
movie stars make millions per picture.

the entertainment industry also gets tax breaks for shooting in certain areas. i dont know the particulars of all that but it happens.

all im saying is people like to talk about hoe ceo's and such make such crazy money...
i want to know what people think about this.

21 million a year for lebron to play ball....

to me that is what is disgusting...

To me that's them paying him what he is demanding so that he will continue to go out and awe people.

Now - here's my take.

The american sports industry, in its billions and billions of dollars; is brought into question here because there are so few wielding so much - but let me put this in context real quick: NBA Player vs WalMart CEO.


WalMart CEO - takes home [some absurd amount].
NBA Player - takes home an equally absurd amount.

WalMart CEO - employs [hundreds of thousands?]
NBA Player - employs nobody

WalMart CEO - reinvests his money into more money.
NBA Player - reinvests money into charities.

WalMart CEO - 'underpays' employees ( up to interpretation )
NBA Player - buys up all of his homies to be his entourage for 6 digits a piece. "F*[; it ninja! We out the hood!"

WalMart CEO - exempt from taxes and ... laws.
NBA Player - probably pays a grip in taxes, and gets fined a hundred grand for his drunk entourage inciting a riot.


Now - many of those are bad examples, and probably don't Actually apply - but there are some evils that are due more attention than others IMO. All semantics really; but it's arguable that a basketball player is just a 'well payed walmart greeter' to someone's 'ceo'. And by well-payed I mean... Probably too well payed; but I don't think that that's where the attention is due.

Tepco anyone? Much higher priority.

ETA: What does reducing the NBA player's salary do for us bottom feeders? Lowers grandstand tickets... But lowering the CEO of WalMart's salary - results in more money to spread around - to employees.
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posted on Dec, 9 2014 @ 11:37 AM
a reply to: Grovit

how am i supporting such a system? im curious as you seem to have it figured out

aren't you easy to manipulate?

Hey I am jealous too. I should have kept on a path I was on when I was 17 and chances are I would be playing Bball in Europe somewhere as the Aussie leagues don't pay as much and NBA was just a dream, one that I could have striven for but changed my path. No one to blame other than my choices.

How are you supporting, well you might not support in the way you think support happens but to say a movie is good could lead to someone that reads your review and opinion buying a ticket or DVD.

You mentioned TV stars, do you watch TV, free to air TV, forget about pay TV, just Free to air TV when watched has viewer ratings, the more people that watch a TV show the higher the ratings are and the more the actors get paid.

TV show friends, got so many viewers by the last season that each of the main 6 actors were paid a million a show.

Same with sports, TV viewership counts.

But Hey If you don't watch TV I guess I have no leg to stand on then other than my point about another that might be influenced by your views.

Hey you know my nickname from when I was younger, MR Knowitall,

Thanks for giving me a laugh.

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