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Xavier -- (Christmas On Mars)[HOL2014]

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posted on Dec, 13 2014 @ 05:40 PM

"They know..." Arkus mumbled.

"Who are they...?" Xavier whispered, forcing down the panic that was rising inside her.

"What we're looking for." Arkus answered, his hands grasping Xavier's wrists, securing and shielding her as he faced the hooded strangers. "And my guess is... they know we're onto them, and they want us to stay silent."

"They're here to k-kill us?" Xavier stuttered.

"Probably." Arkus replied, his eyes darting between the hooded Reptilians as they all slowly inched closer.

"What do we do?!" Xavier asked, her hands beginning to shake.

"You... stay put." Arkus responded as quietly as possible. "I'll deal with it."

Then, Arkus stepped forward, towards the four assassins.

Two of the hooded killers were carrying long, jagged blades, one of them was unarmed, and one of them was holding a large, crooked firearm. It was not an ordinary gun, Arkus knew. Ordinary firearms were shunned by the Reptilian society because they were inventions of mankind; Reptilians had their own variety of firearms, and quite literally so.

The Reptilian carrying the firearm raised it, aiming at Arkus, and pulled the trigger--

Xavier gasped, her eyes wide with shock as the large barrel of the Reptilian's gun sent a monstrous wave of fire towards Arkus. The flames seemed to flicker in the reflection of her eyes as fire consumed her friend, and an overwhelming sensation of fear soon engulfed her entirely... something she hadn't felt in ages...

Astonishingly, Arkus was still moving forward, with no apparent damage done to him as of yet. His scars began to glow brighter than Xavier had ever seen them, and his emerald eyes shone with a blinding green light as he pierced the armed Reptilian with a snake-like leer.

Arkus advanced, and with one sudden movement, he grasped the end of the gun and squeezed it; it shattered in his hand, its crumbled remains scattering onto the floor at both of their feet.

Once the Reptilian lost its weapon, Arkus was able to sense its fear; he caught a glimpse of its scaly humanoid face from underneath its hood, its mouth hanging open, its eyes glistening with a quiet panic.

Gritting his teeth, his expression fierce and his eyes still burning green, Arkus clasped his hands onto the Reptilian's head and twisted--


Xavier jumped, covering her mouth and stifling a very sudden feeling of sickness as the Reptilian fell to the ground, its head hanging loosely from its broken neck. It was dead before it hit the floor.

The unarmed Reptilian rushed Arkus, hoping to tackle him to the ground--

Arkus grasped its head, halting the creature, and it met the same fate as the first.


Xavier looked away for a split second as the second body hit the ground.

A third Reptilian dashed forward, blade at hand, and Arkus clamped both of his hands on the creature's wrist.

The Reptilian let out a high, wailing screech, which echoed terribly throughout the banquet hall; it dropped the blade and scrambled away from Arkus.

He's hot to the touch, Xavier realized. He absorbed that fire.

The third Reptilian ran for it; it headed towards the double doors as the fourth Reptilian scurried towards Arkus, making a stabbing motion--

Xavier launched her foot into the Reptilian's side, making it stumble onto the floor.

Arkus lifted the creature by the collar, its hood sliding off, revealing its oddly shaped head.

"No--please--!" The creature hissed, its yellow eyes filling with tears as its slit-shaped pupils gazed up at Arkus, who looked positively furious.

Arkus paused, glancing back at Xavier, then the Reptilian's two dead comrades, then back. His eyes and scars began to lose their glow, their light diminishing as he stared into the creature's face.

"Fine." He said in a dark voice that didn't belong to him. "Leave."

The creature hurried for the nearest set of doors, and Arkus watched until it was out of sight, wearing a particularly grave expression as he did.


posted on Dec, 13 2014 @ 07:13 PM
ooooh, what happens next?????

posted on Dec, 13 2014 @ 08:37 PM


Nicholas looked like he'd just swallowed an entire jar of jalapenos. He gaped at Xavier, unable to make words for a few seconds.

"Don't let any guests into the banquet room until somebody cleans up the... the bodies." Xavier said forcefully as Arkus approached her from behind, the three of them standing alone in the large hallway leading to the banquet room.

"Good heavens..." Nicholas gasped, seeming distraught. "What a horrible turn of events... we--we have to call the authorities. We have to tell them everything you just told me."

"Might not do any good." Arkus said, his arms folded and his face still oddly gaunt. "This has happened before, out here... countless times. The authorities will come, mind you... but not for a long while. It takes them quite a while to travel out here, and most of them time, they won't act on hearsay. Usually they wait until after somebody's already been hurt, like the caravans and traders who go missing out here. You should call them, definitely, but don't anticipate their arrival any time soon."

"How do you know?" Nicholas asked, narrowing his eyes suspiciously at Arkus.

"Because I've been through it." Arkus responded through gritted teeth. "Every time I've witnessed it, the authorities don't even spare an investigation into the attacks--don't even respond to the calls. We're all on our own out here."

They stared at one another in a tense moment of silence.

"They were armed, you said?" Nicholas said. "How did you manage to kill two of them, and chase two of them off?"

Xavier glimpsed between them.

Arkus glared at old Nicholas quietly for a moment.

"Go call your cops." He told the old man, then marched passed him and down the hall, Xavier following close behind.

When they turned the nearest corner, they found themselves alone in another long hallway, and Arkus stopped.

He placed a hand on the wall, leaning on it and releasing a huge breath.

"What's wrong?" Xavier asked him.

"Tired." He responded. "Too much... too much power... ngh..."

Arkus allowed himself to sink onto the floor, his back against the wall as he stared up at the ceiling, his exhaustion now visible on his face.

Xavier sat beside him, observing him.

"Are you okay?" She asked him forwardly.

"Oh yeah, I'll be fine." Arkus answered, shaking his head and making a casual expression. "Of course, I'll be fine, course I will."

Xavier continued to stare at him. He turned his head, meeting eyes with her.

"Are you really?" Xavier said intently.

Arkus was quiet for a few seconds.

"It feels like I..." He started, sighing. "I... burn up my life, when I'm like that... resistant to fire, ridiculously strong, all that... but when its over... I feel like I'm... like I'm an inch away from death..."

Xavier gulped, trying to mask her concern.

"One day... sometimes I think..." He paused, took another breath, and kept speaking. "Sometimes I think that I'll... I'll over-do it one day. I'll use up every ounce of energy in me all at once, and I... I'll just die. Flicker out, like a light... and just.. die."

He closed his fist, then opened it slowly, as though he was releasing an invisible butterfly.

"Gone like dust." He mumbled.

"I--I won't let it get to that point." Xavier told him.

He blinked, his ominous green eyes stuck on her.

"I'll stop you." Xavier said, gently resting a hand on his shoulder.

What are you doing? She silently scolded herself. Get your hand off him. He doesn't want your help. He doesn't want you touching him, you stup--

"Thank you..." Arkus said in a deep tone of sincerity, unable to tear his gaze from her, his eyes shining in a soulful, unexplainable way. His voice sounded muddled... distorted, almost... and, if she hadn't imagined it, his eyes were watering...

He looked away, biting his lip and forcing down every feeling erupting in him like a volcano spewing radioactive green lava.

"You're a godsend." He muttered, staring directly forward now.

Xavier exhaled a breathless laugh.

"I'm nobody." She said thoughtlessly.

Then, Arkus looked at her again, his eyes unmistakably filled with tears.

"You're everything." He told her, using every ounce of his remaining strength not to cry.

He pulled the glove off of his right hand, then wrapped his warm, soft fingers around Xavier's wrist, staring into her as though he could see the gates of Heaven in her eyes.


posted on Dec, 13 2014 @ 11:27 PM
More please.

posted on Dec, 14 2014 @ 03:03 AM

Time out


I wanted to post something real quick before I continue this story.

Hopefully that works... ^

So, ATS was attacked and brought down for a couple of hours last night right in the middle of my writing. So, I decided to draw Xavier and Arkus on the tablet. I tried to upgrade my artstyle a little bit, to make it a little more *realistic* because this story isn't meant to be visualized in the form of anime, its meant to be visualized as "live action" I guess you'd call it. Real life.

I picture Arkus as a sort of green and heavily mutated David Tennant, while I picture Xavier being a slightly-more-healthy me, with a big scar on her face.

Righto, back to writing... or sleeping... not sure...

posted on Dec, 14 2014 @ 06:18 AM
a reply to: XxNightAngelusxX

The story is AMAZING so far, so engrossing!

However, what you said about the way you visualise the story and the way it unfolds, with regard to your assertion that you conceptualised it as being closer to real life than an anime or comic book, I have to say, with art skills like you have, and with the evidence of that picture above....

I have to say, I REALLY want to see you draw a serialised comic book on this site one day.

But, back on the subject of the story at hand, I love the way that you create these perfect transitions between the fury of action and combat, and the sensitiviy of emotional connection between your characters. It is SEAMLESS, and that is very difficult to achieve. I am, as I always am, thoroughly impressed. In words familiar to the kids these days "You got GAME girl!"

Keep it up!

posted on Dec, 14 2014 @ 04:56 PM
a reply to: TrueBrit

You never cease to flatter me, sir!

I'll post some comics on this site one day! Every time I've tried, I get my thread thrown in the trash bin for some reason or another. On a completely unrelated note, the link in my note "Doomsday By Design" leads to the first few pages of a graphic novel I'm doing. Just started it recently, and there was an alternate version of the story in the Collaborative Writing forums a while back. A couple of the main characters are in my avatar ^^

But, back on the subject of the story at hand, I love the way that you create these perfect transitions between the fury of action and combat, and the sensitiviy of emotional connection between your characters. It is SEAMLESS, and that is very difficult to achieve.

For reals? I'm really happy that its turning out so good. I can't say "thank you" enough for all the positive feedback, which is quite possibly the only thing that keeps me writing OR drawing. Sometimes I wonder if many people are reading my stuff, then you pop in at the nick of time and remind me to write on~

Thank you, and Night_Star, and whoever else might be lingering around and reading without commenting. Your reader experience is why I make stories. Peace~

posted on Dec, 14 2014 @ 04:59 PM
I love your writing and come every day to see what else might have been added.

posted on Dec, 14 2014 @ 06:15 PM

Xavier returned his stare, feeling a bizarre bombardment of backwards emotions.

I'm everything...?

Arkus sniffled, heaving a long, shaky breath.

"So... convention still on, then?" He said, attempting to smile at her.

"Convention still on." Xavier agreed, grinning.

She stood, extending a hand to Arkus. He grasped her hand and she pulled him to his feet.

"I can't believe you're not.." He said. "You're not.. after what I... and, you're fine with it... you're fine with it...?"

Xavier knew exactly what he was referring to, images of the brutal slaughter of the Reptilian assassins playing through her head again...

"I don't care." Xavier told him straightly, shaking her head. "They wouldn't have gotten killed if they didn't show up here to kill all of us just because we're humans. They're not the innocent ones here. And you... you even spared two of them."

"You're fine with me..."

"Killing? You're protecting everyone here. So, yes, I'm fine with it."

Yeah, Xavier knew. They don't show mercy to us. They deserve whatever's coming to them.

Arkus shook his head slightly, staring at wordlessly at her for a few seconds.

"You... are fantastic." He told her. "Unbelievable."

"That reminds me.." Xavier said, holding up a finger. "I have something to show you. Come on."

Smiling, Xavier took Arkus's ungloved hand and lead him down the hallway. They entered the lobby, pushed their way through the crowd, and made their way to the stairs. Xavier and Arkus climbed three floors, then ventured down a left hallway, then another left, and at last, they were out of sight from any of the conventioners.

"This one." Xavier said, pulling a small keychain out of her pocket. "I got us a room."

"A room?" Arkus said. "Don't you have a room already?"

"Yeah, I have a basement. But I wanted to spend the weekend in a hotel suite for once. All at my dad's expense. And since you're here, you're gonna need a place to stay too. Most of the other rooms will be full by now, but I got this one on reserve early. C'mon."

Xavier turned the key, then pushed the door open.

The room was enormous; a thick, extravagant rug with a crimson design stretched over most of the floor, and a flat-screen television sat opposite of the gigantic queen sized bed. The bed was covered in a fluffy scarlet quilt, and the head of the bed was layered with at least ten pillows. An endless window was at the end of the room, allowing the late afternoon sunlight bleed into the room, and on its left was a large green fridge. To the left of the window was another large door, which Xavier assumed must have lead to the bathroom.

"Damn, there's only one bed." Xavier muttered.

"Hah! but its a regular beast of a bed, innit? Oh, I love it!" Arkus said happily, making a single loud clap with his hands. "Two friends of opposite genders forced to share the same bed? Oh, I love a good sitcom moment. Merry Christmas! Ha!"

As Xavier closed the door, Arkus bolted forward and dove onto the squishy mount of fluff that was the hotel bed, stuffing his face into the mountain of pillows.

"I'm pretty sure Nicholas is gonna keep that whole incident on the down-low." Xavier said. "He really wants this convention to happen. And even then, there's not really anywhere we can send all these people if we decide to pull the plug, is there? We're just gonna have to wing it."

"Wing it?" Arkus said, rolling over and gazing up at Xavier from the infinite fluff of the bed. "That's my best suit, winging it!"

"I like to think I'm good at winging it too." Xavier told him.

"I majored at winging it." Arkus replied, grinning broadly as he nuzzled the pillows with the back of his head, making himself more comfortable and screwing up his hair. "Point one for winging it! Improv heroism!"

Xavier hadn't realized that she was smirking.

"What do you think they're planning?" She asked him. "We know they're planning something, otherwise they wouldn't have tried to silence us..."

"A large convention is here... a lot of humans from many other human colonies." Arkus said. "If they wanted to make a political statement via violent means, this would be the time, and this would be the place. The question isn't are they planning something, its how are they going to carry it out?"

"So.. how are they gonna carry it out?" Xavier wondered.

Arkus stared up at her ominously.

"What do you think?" He said.

Xavier took a moment to think, crossing her arms.

"One of them had a gun that shot fire..." She uttered. "They like fire. We know that much."

"Ye'ap, they're cold blooded. They like everything hot."

"And... they apparently know how to move around the lodge without being noticed. How else would they have followed us to the banquet hall?"

"Good, very good."

"They... they wouldn't be planting bombs in the place, would they?"

Arkus exhaled, looking at the brilliant chandelier hanging over him.

"Don't think so." He replied. "This place has great central heat and air."

When Xavier gave him a bewildered look, Arkus explained.

"They're cold blooded. And, they're incredibly cunning. They wouldn't destroy this building. I think they'd be more interested in... liberating it." He informed.

"For the heat.." Xavier nodded, understanding. "They want a warm place to stay out here."

"Ye'ap, so... my guess is, they don't want to destroy the lodge. They only want to destroy the people in the lodge." Arkus added. "So, we won't be looking for missiles or bombs falling from the sky, or an armed force attacking from outside... we'll be looking under the hoods of our guests. They're doing spy work as we speak. They're in the walls."

Xavier felt an odd sensation of uneasiness overcome her.

"I think we should go to the diner with the other guests." She asked him. "They're having dinner right now, I think."

Arkus squinted at her questioningly.

"I mean... we were by ourselves earlier when we got attacked. They won't come after us again if we're in the crowd. And we'll get to observe everyone, and everything... look for clues." Xavier explained.

At that, Arkus hopped off the bed in one swift leap, his green hairs now messier than ever.

"You are brilliant." He said, smiling.

They both left the room and headed down the stairs, joking and laughing with one another along the way. And as they entered the diner, Xavier realized that she'd never been so happy to be overworked before in her life.


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posted on Dec, 14 2014 @ 06:21 PM

originally posted by: Night Star
I love your writing and come every day to see what else might have been added.

You're fantastic, thank you!

posted on Dec, 14 2014 @ 07:24 PM

"How do I look?" Arkus asked her, turning to her and looking away from the ocean of people inside the diner. He straightened his false tie, looking rather proud to be wearing something other than his cloak.

"You look fantastic." Xavier told him, adjusting the flaps on his shoulders.

"As you," Arkus said, placing his fingers on the edges of Xavier's Santa hat and pulling it down a little, making it secure atop her head.

Before either of them could speak again, two girls rushed up to them appearing almost frantic; they looked to be about Xavier's age, both also wearing Santa hats, both of them rather skinny and having long, flowing blonde hair.

Xavier became instantly tense. Oh God, what the hell do they want...

"Hi! Omigod, are you Xavier? Are you?" One of them said, jumping in place excitedly.

Both girls eagerly awaited an answer as Xavier stared at them both, looking absolutely awe stricken.

"Yeah.." Xavier answered vacantly.

Both of the girls squealed with joy, trading happy expressions with one another.

"Nick won't let us set up a Santa pinata without permission from the owner--can we? Can we please? Please? Please?" One of them said, and they both repeated the word 'please' more times than Xavier's brain could process.

"Yeah--yeah, sure, just don't set it up near anything breakable." Xavier told them.

The girls squealed again, making celebratory gestures and rushing back into the crowd.

Xavier gave Arkus a depleted expression, making him choke on a dry laugh.

"You look like a Black Dingo caught in headlights." Arkus told her.

"Girls like that never talk to me." Xavier said. "Unless they're calling me names."

"Well, I know how you feel." Arkus said, pocketing his hands. "Shall we?"

"Shall we what?"

"Well... everyone in here is doing a lot more than eating. They're talking, drinking--a few of them are dancing--and I expect there's gonna be a pinata hanging from the ceiling soon. So.. shall we?"

Xavier and Arkus both vanished into the crowd, and they were careful not to lose sight of one another as they claimed a few slices of ham and spoke politely with anyone they'd happen to bump into. During their time in the diner, Xavier found herself bombarded with requests from the guests; someone wanted permission to play a particular soundtrack over the speakers, a group of teenagers wanted permission to smoke on the lodge grounds, and the two blonde girls approached her a number of times asking questions about how and where to set up their pinata. Arkus would appear by her side occasionally, breaking away from his small talk with the guests and hoping to keep a close eye on Xavier throughout the course of the evening.

"The first night of the conventions are never the worst." Arkus said into Xavier's ear, trying to speak over the loudness of the crowd. "But it seems rather crazy tonight, huh? I can't imagine what tomorrow night is gonna look like... shudder at the thought."

"Its nice." Xavier said, holding up her wine glass. "To see everyone so happy for no reason... and to be a part of it, for once... its really nice."

"Oh, they have wine? Where did you get wine?" Arkus asked.

"The counter. They don't have it at the tables because they don't want kids drinking it. Its the strongest stuff we have... its barely wine. It might as well be rum." Xavier told him, twirling her glass a bit and making the wine dance inside it.

Arkus's eyes lingered on her for a moment.

Xavier, noticing, blinked at him.

"What...?" She said.

"Nothing, just... be careful." He replied, glimpsing at her half-empty wine. "I'll be right back."

After Arkus vanished into the crowd again, Xavier turned up her glass and drank it all at once, then placed the empty glass on the table nearest to her.

I only had three glasses, she thought. No big deal... now what should I do...? Damn, I forgot what I was thinking. Maybe I'll get some more ham...


Xavier turned to see the two blonde girls again, both giving her an excited, expectant look.

"Its your turn!" They both told her.

"My turn for what--?"

They both grabbed her by the wrists and dragged her through the crowd without restraint. They emerged on the other side of the diner, near a large, open area, and hanging from the ceiling was a hilariously disfigured paper-made Santa pinata, presumably filled with candy. Judging by the gaping holes and dents in the pinata's body, many people had already beaten it severely. The poor fake Santa didn't look like he'd last much longer.

The two girls placed a blindfold on Xavier's head, put a wooden bat in her hands, and they proceeded to spin her in place three times in order to disorient her.

She wasn't able to see them, but Xavier was hearing many people chanting her name, cheering her on. Grinning, she advanced forward and began swinging, hoping dearly that she was aiming in the right direction. The bat made contact with something, and she continued beating it until she heard that fatal, paper tearing noise.


The pinata burst open, and everyone scrambled for the candy lying along the floor at their feet. Xavier threw the blindfold off and dove for the candy, resisting the urge to fend off her competition with the bat in her hands.

After filling her shirt with candy, Xavier forced herself into the crowd again, hoping to find Arkus and show him her prize. She felt unusually proud to be the one who burst the pinata... all this candy, ehk... candy gives me headaches... I won't be able to eat this all by myself... I can't believe I got so much! Ha! He's here somewhere... damn it... Arkus, come on... where are you...

Xavier's vision was blurry... she hadn't noticed until now, but for some reason, she couldn't see as clearly as usual... and no matter how far she'd travel through the crowd, it seemed that the conglomeration of people was simply eternal, and she'd never get out... but Arkus... Arkus has to be here somewhere... somewhere...

Paying no mind to the few pieces of candy she'd dropped along the way, Xavier kept going, silently wishing that people would stop bumping into her... or maybe she was bumping into them... she couldn't be sure...

At last, someone clamped a hand on her shoulder, stopping her.

Xavier looked up, expecting to see Arkus, but was disappointed to find that he wasn't there.

A stranger had grabbed her by the shoulder, and Xavier narrowed her eyes, trying to get a clear view of its face. The stranger was wearing a rather large hood, two jackets, and a pair of very thick gloves...

It all hit her at once... this person... it wasn't a person...

Just when panic began to consume her, she heard a distant, familiar voice calling to her from seemingly miles away...



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posted on Dec, 14 2014 @ 08:12 PM

You really know how to make a story come alive! I love the characters and have grown very fond of them.

posted on Dec, 15 2014 @ 06:17 PM

The hooded stranger pressed something against Xavier's neck... something cold, sharp, and metal... it would be quick... nobody would notice... she'd try to scream for help, but no one would hear her... she'd be gagging on her own blood... dying silently in this mob of Christmas conventioners... unable to call for help... for Arkus...


Arkus appeared from nowhere, grasping the stranger firmly by the throat and hurtling him back with all his might. The disguised Reptilian fell to the ground with a harsh thump, making a few people nearby gasp and stare.

Then, Arkus grabbed Xavier's wrist with a vice-like grip and lead her away as fast as possible, making her spill all of her candy on the floor. Dazed, Xavier followed as fast as she could, and they both darted into the kitchen (which was empty as of now), dodged all the loose plates and pans along the counters, and entered the back room.

"Where are we going--?" Xavier asked.

"Somewhere it won't follow us." Arkus told her, pulling the freezer's heavy door open. "Get inside. Come on!"

Arkus shoved her inside, then stepped into the freezer with her. The door of the freezer was still open, and Arkus stood board stiff, facing the opening and standing his ground in front of Xavier.

"Why are we in here?" Xavier whispered.

"It's pretty bold to think it can kill us in the middle of that crowd--no! Wait! Auugh, I'm so bloody stupid!" Arkus said, hitting himself on the head. "They know who I am--they know I won't fight in front of all those people, I'd blow my cover! I can't protect you when we're in that crowd--damn them!"

"I'm sorry." Xavier said.

"No, no no.. I should've thought of that before." Arkus said, still watching the opening intently, waiting for any sign of movement. "We're in here because it won't follow us into this blasted icebox of a freezer. I wasn't kidding when I said it was colder than the outside. A Reptilian would die in minutes inside this concentrated below-freezing temperature. Maybe less. And believe me--it wouldn't survive my company for long either. It won't come in here."

Xavier couldn't see his face, but she imagined that he looked furious.

A few long seconds passed them by, during which the only thing stirring was the clouds of breath visible after each of their exhalations. Then, they were both able to hear the wooden door of the back room creak open, and moments later, the hooded figure appeared in the freezer's doorway.

Arkus glared heatedly at the Reptilian, and it returned the cold leer, both of them looking absolutely merciless.

The Reptilian seemed aware of the drastic temperature change inside the freezer, and as Arkus had predicted, it did not come inside. It then began to examine the door of the freezer, and Arkus, noticing, felt a sudden wave of uneasiness.

Reading the Reptilian's intentions, Arkus rushed forward--but he wasn't quite fast enough.

The Reptilian had pushed the massive metal door closed, and Arkus slammed his fists against it just after hearing the hatch click, sealing them both inside.

"AUGH! Damn damn damn damn damn them!" Arkus hollered, bashing his fist against the door, his scars glowing again. "We're trapped in here--trapped--should have seen it coming--should have--watched the crowd, lurking spying heathen monsters--watch them, hoods, jackets--hiding--hiding--I should have known--I--should--have--KNOWN!"

He continued hammering his hand into the metal so hard, it sounded like it could have shattered his bones.

Xavier grabbed his arm, halting him.

Arkus stopped moving entirely for a moment, releasing a huge breath cloud into the icy air.

He then turned and grabbed Xavier by the arms, staring intensely at her.

"I'm not having this. I want you to know." He said. "I'm not having us freeze to death in here. I promise, I'm not..."

He trailed off for a moment, his fingers curling around Xavier's arms. He was able to feel her trembling.

"You're already cold to the touch." He said softly, a glimmer of worry now visible in his eyes.

Xavier returned his gaze, unable to find any words.

Arkus wrapped his arms around her, squeezing her tightly, her hair nuzzling against his chin. He covered as much of her as possible, gently placing a hand on the back of her head, his scars illuminating the inside of the dark freezer brilliantly.

"Don't..." Xavier said, her voice muffled as she spoke into Arkus's chest. "Don't warm me up... stop it..."

Arkus continued concentrating his power, his body radiating heat.

"Don't...!" Xavier said, pushing away from him.

Arkus gave her a look of concern and befuddlement.

"You're wasting your power." Xavier told him, cradling her arms and trying not to shiver. "I don't want you to..."

"I'm not going to let you die!" Arkus told her very directly, looking between her and the door.

"That's right..." He uttered in a raspy voice, approaching the door. "I'm not...."

Arkus placed one of his hands on the rim of the door, and placed the other on the freezer's interior frame. He then began to pull them apart from one another, his scars and eyes igniting a blinding green almost instantly.

Xavier wanted very much to stop him, but she didn't.

Arkus used all of his strength prying the door apart. Astonishingly, the metal began to bend to his will, his arms beginning to shake as the door began to make icy crackling noises.

Bending the metal became immensely difficult, and Arkus, his arms firey hot and aching terribly, released a long, horrendous scream as he continued to pull.

The hatch snapped, and the door flew open.

Arkus toppled onto the floor just outside of the freezer, sending a tiny explosion of frost particles into the air as he did. His scars and eyes lost their glow as quickly as it it had come, and he exhaled a long, relieved sigh, suddenly feeling completely drained and exhausted.

Xavier pulled him to his feet and escorted him to their hotel room, careful to avoid anyone wearing hoods or thick jackets along the way.


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posted on Dec, 16 2014 @ 05:09 AM
a reply to: XxNightAngelusxX

You are rocking this. Like a hurricane!

Keep it up!

posted on Dec, 16 2014 @ 07:09 PM

"Get in bed..."

Xavier closed the door of the hotel room with her foot, then turned the lock.

Arkus was leaning on her, one of his arms wrapped around her shoulders. Xavier lead him to the bed and pulled the thick, fluffy covers open, and he collapsed into the pillows.

Xavier placed the quilt over him once he was lying down. Then, Arkus grasped her by the wrist.

"Freezing.." He mumbled. "Stay.. please.."

Arkus gazed up at her, barely able to keep his eyes open. Xavier hesitated for a moment, watching him. His hand was icy to the touch, curled around her wrist tensely, and Xavier was able to feel him shivering.

"Freezing.. freezing.." He breathed. "Warm... you're so so warm..."

Xavier carefully walked around the bed without releasing Arkus's hand, then climbed underneath the covers beside him.

Arkus wrapped both of his arms around her, binding her close. He seemed almost desperate for her touch; Xavier couldn't imagine what he must have felt like. He'd used up a lot of his power at once when he ripped the freezer door apart, and now he seemed to be freezing to death inside this warm, toasty lodge.

Xavier embraced him as he gently lie his head on her chest, his face resting tenderly against her collarbone, and his green hairs poking lightly at her face. She held him tightly for a long while... it could have been minutes, or could have been hours... and after a little while, he'd stopped shivering. Xavier stared silently at the ceiling as Arkus drifted into a long, peaceful slumber.

Her heart was pounding, her body filled with a nervous sensation as Arkus slept on her, hugging her like a life-sized teddy bear. Still, despite her anxiousness, she felt unusually comfortable lying with him, so close, so intimate... and eventually, her exhaustion began to outweigh her willingness to cling to the moment, to this wonderful, unthinkable situation... so close... so very close to a friend, a loved one, someone... this... this is what I... always wanted...

Xavier couldn't remember when she'd fallen asleep.


The magnificence of one of the lodge's most expensive suites was entirely visible now that the sun was rising, the weak orange-ish yellow light illuminating the extravagant room with an indescribable beauty. The enormous bed was covered by a stream of morning sunlight, along with the bed's inhabitants.

Arkus had never slept so comfortably in his life. When the sunlight met his face, He began to blink himself awake, wondering why he felt so very content and unwilling to move. He lie motionlessly on something soft... so very, very soft... warm, captivating, inviting skin... and a gentle, rhythmic heartbeat, one that had lulled him to sleep the night before...

Arkus's shining green eyes were fixed on Xavier's chin, her neck, her chest... he easefully began to prop himself upright, careful not to wake her, as one of his arms was still trapped underneath her. He leaned over her, gazing longingly into her face, wearing a soft, emotive expression as he did. He could scarcely comprehend that she'd laid with him all night, holding him, keeping him warm... another inch from death, and she, Xavier, had pulled him from the brink of it...

"Thank you." He said quietly, stroking her lightly, and removing a few loose strands of her hair from her face.

Arkus then wiped his mouth, his heart giving a nervous jolt. He only just realized that he'd been drooling in his sleep.

He warily wiped every visible inch of Xavier's chest with the quilt, then slipped his arm out from under her and reached his feet, crossing his arms and staring out the tremendous window, a smile forming on his face.

"Tomorrow is Christmas." He said happily. "Its practically here!"


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"Travel--where how and why--caravans--caravans--caravans--wrong way caravans--hiding sulking attacking--where--how--where could they be hiding? Where where where where where?! Ahh--!" Arkus rambled, then realized that he'd left the eggs on the stove for too long without flipping them. He hurriedly set the gigantic pitcher of orange juice on the counter, grabbed the spatula, and flipped the eggs in the pan, making them sizzle loudly. "Stupid--bloody--eggs, cooking--no idea--never cooked on a stove--never--Reptilians, convention, cooking--eggs eggs eggs--stupid eggs--stupid!"

Arkus sprinkled a few seasonings atop the eggs, then returned to the orange juice and filled two glasses full. He returned the pitcher to the fridge, then examined the eggs again, squinting suspiciously at them.

Xavier rolled over, allowing her eyes to drift open. That smell... damn, that smells good... breakfast...?

Her vision adjusted, and she spotted Arkus moving around the small kitchen area, doing a number of things at once.

Xavier sat up, her legs hanging over the edge of the bed as she watched Arkus from behind.

"Damnit!" He swore. "Don't you spit on me--eggs! I HATE eggs!"

He whipped around, searching for a rag of some kind, then he met eyes with Xavier.

"Oh--Thank God you're awake!" He exclaimed. "How do you cook eggs?! How do you know if they're done?!"

Xavier stood, concealing a smirk, and entered the kitchen.

"They're done." She told him. "Actually, they're perfect."

Arkus didn't waste a second; he rummaged through the cabinets rapidly until he located the plates, then set them on the counter and slung the eggs onto them with the spatula.

"Breakfast!" Arkus sighed, smiling. "Happy Christmas Eve!"

They both sat at the small table across from one another and began to eat.

"This is really good." Xavier said, slurping up half of an egg at once. "Thanks for cooking."

"Naaah, thank you. For..." Arkus began, staring at her.

Xavier glimpsed up at him.

"I have an idea." She said. "We tell Nicholas to monitor everyone's clothes until the end of the convention... like... tell the guests they aren't allowed to wear hoods in the building or something. That's how they keep hiding. They cover up their big ugly heads."

"Yeah, yeah of course." Arkus agreed, nodding. "And another thing too... you don't leave my sight."

"Hm?" Xavier mumbled, stuffing her mouth with her second egg.

"We're going to need to be a part of the crowd again tonight... for the reasons you said. To keep an eye on everything." Arkus explained. "And it'll be even crazier tonight. One of the chefs told me last night that they're using the banquet hall tonight for a party... a sort of... rhythmic ceremonial ritual-type thing."

Xavier blinked at him, giving him an bemused face.

"You mean a dance...?" She asked, grinning.

"Yes!" Arkus said suddenly, snapping and pointing at her. "Dance! Dance! A dance! That's what he said! But--the banquet hall... its huge, and its going to be darker in there. No hoods is a good idea, but they might find a way to lurk around in the darker areas of the place tonight. And you..."

Arkus paused, exhaling and gazing at her.

Xavier finished her eggs, then met his eyes, returning the stare.

"They know that I won't use my power around the crowd." Arkus said in a serious voice. "I can't have everyone here finding out who I am... they think I'm... well... evil. But they still won't approach you if I'm with you. They'd wait until we separate, just like last night. So... you don't leave my sight."

"Okay." Xavier said simply.

She took a long, fulfilling swig of her orange juice, quenching a massive thirst that she didn't know she had. Arkus continued to watch her, looking distant.

As Xavier kept downing her juice, suckling it until the glass was empty, Arkus stood and marched away. He returned seconds later and placed something on Xavier's head.

"Hold still." Arkus said, maneuvering the Santa hat onto her head perfectly. "You're gonna need this today. We have a lot to do."


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Today I have the time i wanted to read Your Story. This Rocks!! I am Loving it so far. I wanted to take a short break and tell You that.
Arkus and Xavier are getting ready to decorate the big ass room. LOL!
Reading some more......
Oh, I have my entry in now as well. Link in My Sig Box.

Great Job so far!!!!!!

ETA: Just finished what You have so far. Awesome Awesome Awesome!!! Star and Flag For You!!!!!!

I am painfully awaiting more to this Tale!!!!!!
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Thank you very much!

I'll check our your story too.

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Gah! No new post in the story???

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Arkus and Xavier spent the day assisting Nicholas in making extra preparations in anticipation for the party, which was set to happen in the evening, only hours away. Nicholas made it clear that the conventioners were unaware of the Reptilian threat, and the authorities had been tipped off, and were expected to arrive in the next 24 hours in order to give the threat a quiet investigation. When 6:00 pm came around, the party began, and the sun began to set outside, the day drifting into a long, winter night. The only lights in the gigantic banquet hall were the Christmas lights that Xavier and Arkus had strung all along the ceiling, and a few large neon lights placed on the long, empty table in a way that made the party resemble a rave. Many conventioners had glowsticks and glownecklaces, and the music was exclusively rock-and-roll covers of Christmas songs. As the conventioners continued to pour into the banquet hall, forming a crowd which made the first party of the convention look like a tea party, Xavier and Arkus broke away and stood against the wall, watching everyone.

"Madness." Arkus said, smiling and shaking his head. "No matter what's going on in the world, humans always find a reason to celebrate. The funnest form of madness."

"Thanks." Xavier said.

"For what?"

They met eyes.

"I would've died numerous times in the past few days without you around." Xavier told him. "And you helped me put all this together."

"Aww, don't worry about all that. I'm just doing my job." Arkus said, crossing his arms and staring into the crowd again. "What about you?"

"Me...?" Xavier asked.

"Well..." Arkus cocked his head. "The authorities should be here some time tomorrow... and everything's gone smoothly today. I think we're in the clear. We don't have much to worry about now. So... I think you're free to enjoy yourself tonight."

Xavier kept her gaze on him as he examined the crowd.

"Go out there... in that mob of party animals... find yourself a nice guy. Dance a little. You've been getting some looks tonight. I hope you've noticed." Arkus said.

"No... I don't get looks." Xavier laughed.

"I'd bet to the contrary." Arkus said, only half kidding, giving the crowd an odd look. "Go find yourself a guy, Xavier... you deserve a break. Go have fun."

He turned his head, and they stared at one another for a moment.

"I don't..." Xavier shook her head slightly. "I don't want to."

There was another moment of silence, during which they stared into one another profoundly. It almost seemed as though the glistening green in Arkus's eyes only shone in reflection to Xavier's luminous blue ones, like the moon's shine from the sun, and the seconds they gazed at one another seemed to last for years.

If Arkus hadn't imagined it, in this dark, loud, enormous room, he thought Xavier's mouth began to form into a small smile.

"Xavier..." He uttered softly, suddenly feeling anxious, his heart thumping. He silently hoped his rising nervousness didn't result in the slight glowing of his scars or eyes, because in this dark banquet hall, it would be fairly noticeable if he began to glow green.

"Yeah?" Xavier responded in a similarly light voice, as she too was feeling particularly emotive.

Arkus opened his mouth slightly, hoping to manifest his befuddling, overwhelming feelings into words somehow, but he was unable to. And, as he searched and scrambled for the right paring of words inside his head, he couldn't bring himself to look away from Xavier's face... that beautiful, pale face, with the shining oceanic eyes portraying her innocent soul, the soft red hairs, the scar, just as flawless as the rest of her... that scar was a part of her, and therefore, it was beautiful... beautiful, beautiful Xavier... the only human alive who didn't hate or fear him, the only one who cared for him... and as the music bounced off the walls of the massive room, it seemed to sing to Arkus's heart, softening his soul, lulling him into an unfamiliar sensation of captivity and contentment... or perhaps it was Xavier's eyes, making him feel so very comfortable, so loved... maybe it was her face... her voice... he couldn't know for sure...

As he exhaled, having failed to verbalize his endless feelings, everything inside of him seemed to mellow itself into a tender, soft state, his thoughts slowing themselves for the first time in his life, his mind finally having discovered some sense of ease. Just the sight of Xavier made the stress, the random, un-pieced-together thoughts, and the maddening, nonsensical ideas swarming through his head slow down, like a calming storm. Her angelic, human face was so very simple, so very real... the face of a loyal friend, the face of something he, until now, thought to be nonexistent...

Then, something new happened. Something subtle, quiet, but huge... something unthinkable... it crept up on him, like a hug from behind... his thoughts hadn't abandoned him... they remained in his head, but calm, cool, like a swift winter breeze... and, astoundingly, as Arkus gazed infinitely into Xavier, every thought in his brain, if only for a moment, seemed to fall directly into all the right places. The caravans... the Reptilians... the hoods... their plans, the holes, the pieces of his observations that, for years leading up to now, simply did not add up... wrong way caravans... human caravans traveling in the wrong direction... towards the lodge... Reptilians appearing from seemingly nowhere, despite their lack of colonies in the surrounding areas... the broken water heaters... it made sense... it all made sense... all connected... like a puzzle, connected... everything...

"Xavier!" Arkus exclaimed, clamping his hands onto her shoulders, startling her. "Its--its clear! Clear clear clear! Oh--I can see it! They... the water heaters. They've stolen parts from your lodge's water heaters in order to keep themselves warm in their hideout! That's why your water heaters are always broken! Wrong way caravans--they don't always burn the caravans! They steal the clothing and the vehicles from the humans they kill, and they disguise themselves as humans in order to travel to the lodge! They've been doing it for years--years! They've been living here, right under your noses for years years years years years! Don't you see--we're not looking for an underground crime organization, we're looking for an underground crime organization!"

Xavier gaped wordlessly at him, and he continued to ramble, his expression changing rapidly and his eyes darting from person to person.

"Under us!" Arkus said excitedly, pointing to the ground. "The only place they can keep warm--where do reptiles go in the winter time? Underground! Living in the red soil of Mars--nobody guessed it, either! Nobody! They've been planning this for years--they've been waiting until the lodge was full, until they'd have enough humans in this spot to make a huge statement--they want to kill as many as possible, and now--now, there's more activity from them than ever before! What, with them attacking us and trying to silence us? That means they're planning something soon--very soon--dangerously soon--soon--"

Then, as his thoughts caught up with him, Arkus's expression began to drop, and he stared at the crowd solemnly.

"It's tonight."

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