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Xavier -- (Christmas On Mars)[HOL2014]

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posted on Dec, 10 2014 @ 10:14 AM
a reply to: TrueBrit

This is the *explanation* era of the story. More to come soon~
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posted on Dec, 10 2014 @ 12:39 PM

As Arkus continued to scrounge around, searching for another arrow, Xavier observed him. During her life in the lodge, as long as she could remember, locals and guests alike would spread frightening rumors about the green man--the monster of Mt. Crumpet. Many people believed him to be in league with Reptilians, because he apparently had a habit of showing up whenever Reptilian raids or attacks would occur. Or, maybe it was just because he was green... or because he had an outlandish, intimidatingly strange appearance. Some people even claim that the green man himself was responsible for the attacks.

But here, now, watching him marvel over his crossbow like a child with a new toy, laughing joyfully every time he shot an arrow, Xavier couldn't imagine anything frightening about him. He seemed like an ordinary person, with a slight mutation and a touch of eccentricity. How could anyone be afraid of him...?

"Xavier!" Arkus yelled, his voice bouncing off the walls of his cave, snapping Xavier out of her thoughts.


"Come try. Wanna try?" He held up his crossbow, but Xavier shook her head.

"No thanks." She said.

He shrugged, then aimed at the target-painted bag again.

"You're pretty open about... everything." Xavier said. "You answered every question I had... told me everything about yourself."

"I've got nothing to hide." Arkus said, then aimed the crossbow at some of his wall decorations instead of the burlap bag. "You're the only one who's asked. Its nice to have someone to tell."

"Thank you." Xavier said, her heart giving a nervous thump.

Arkus fired the crossbow a fourth time, and the arrow whizzed through the open area in the blink of an eye. It hit the skull of a Black Dingo, which was hanging on his wall many yards away. The arrow stuck itself squarely in between the skull's eye sockets.

Then, he turned, raising his eyebrows and staring at Xavier.

"Thank you for what?" He asked.

"S-saving me earlier today." Xavier replied. "From that.. Reptilian. What was it doing here anyway? This isn't their territory. Its way too cold for them to survive around here--"

"Terrorists." Arkus said. "Terrorists with bad intentions--that Reptilian, the one who tried to kill you.. you remember what it looked like, right?"

"Not really. It was wearing a lot of clothes..."

"Exactly! It was wearing a lot of clothes!" Arkus exclaimed, hopping in place and dropping the crossbow at his feet.

Xavier watched him, feeling confused.

"Wearing a lot of clothes--why? Because they're cold blooded. Its night time in the winter time--cold, cold, cold blooded terrorists, they wear a lot of clothes so they don't freeze out here! Keeps them disguised as well, they might be mistaken for ordinary people if nobody sees their scaly skin--bleeding into human society, plotting, planning, caravans--killing--more killing-- killing killing killing--Agh!"

Arkus grasped his head again, releasing a deep breath.

"Stop thinking... stop it." He scolded himself.

Xavier hadn't realized that she was wearing a worried expression. Does it really hurt him to think too much?

"Well, I..." She began awkwardly. "I have to get... back home. I have to run the lodge this weekend. There's a convention."

Arkus looked at her, his eyes resembling those of a lonely puppy... or, perhaps she was only imagining it... He's not lonely. He doesn't want to be around you, stupid. Don't flatter yourself.

After a small moment of silence, Arkus nodded.

"Alright." He said, looking away.

"You could come..." Xavier said. "Uh... there's going to be parties and dinners and whatnot all weekend long. You could come... visit."

He turned her way again, eyeing her oddly.

"I... don't think I'd be welcome." He said doubtfully. "I'm sorry."

"No, its fine." Xavier responded a little too quickly, feeling guilty for some reason. "Well... see you later, I guess. Merry Christmas."

It took her a moment to actually bring herself to movement. When she left the green man's cave, a mild, weird sensation was spreading throughout her body, like ice in her blood. She couldn't erase the green man's innocent, child-like face and orb-like emerald eyes from her mind the entire way down the mountain.


posted on Dec, 10 2014 @ 03:12 PM
Enjoying this story very much!

posted on Dec, 10 2014 @ 04:20 PM

originally posted by: Night Star
Enjoying this story very much!

Thanks!! I'll be writing again soon. Today is an errand day.

posted on Dec, 10 2014 @ 05:18 PM
The silence of the cave was maddeningly loud... it was always maddeningly loud, and sickeningly quiet... but somehow, for some reason, in some way, it seemed as though the silence was fifty times louder than it ever had been before in the minutes after Xavier left.

Arkus continued shooting at random ornaments and collected items of his, hitting his marks with flawlessly efficient aim. Such a skill he had, that amazing ability... many amazing abilities... all useless, all empty, all without purpose. If just he--he, by himself, alone, was the only one to benefit from his mutant abilities, what good are they? Why have them at all? Why even live?

"Why indeed..." He muttered to himself, pulling the trigger and landing an arrow directly in the center of his gigantic green clock. "A Reptilian, lurking around on my mountain... why indeed was he here...?"

He continued to shoot his own belongings, pick up the arrows, and shoot again.

"Indeed why... indeed why..." He uttered to himself, firing shot after shot, faster and faster. "Indeed indeed indeed why... sneaking, lurking, slithering, snake-like people--hiding in plain sight,why? Why why why? Why why why? Intentions, motive, fire--always using fire--always burning--anger, ignorance, vengeful--pieces like a puzzle--hiding on the mountain, where nobody would look--caravans destroyed far from society, far far far out of sight--of course--but how? How how how? No knowledge of our land--no way to survive the cold--how? How how how how how?! Christmas convention--convention, convention, convention--motive--rage--fury--motive--something--something--aughh!"

Arkus dropped the crossbow, clutching his head with both hands, his skull pounding horribly as a splitting headache overcame him from seemingly nowhere. Nearly every item on his wall had an arrow stuck in it now, and after forcing his thoughts to mellow, he heaved a slow, heavy breath and stepped backwards.

His back hit the wall, and he slid down, sitting against the rocky interior of the cave, rubbing his temples as he did. Though he tried, he could never eliminate the thoughts from his mind... yes, he could calm himself, he could cease his focus, he could withdraw himself on some level or another... but the thoughts would remain... they'd always remain... a few loose ends or a new name slipping through the cracks of his mind like a snowflake in a firey grip...




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posted on Dec, 10 2014 @ 06:46 PM

The morning came much too early.

Xavier had completely forgotten about her escape through her bedroom/basement window, and now that the snow was no longer blocking it, a glare of orange morning sunlight was free to shine into her room, illuminating it in an almost blinding way.

When Xavier finally blinked herself awake, she found it rather odd that nobody was hammering on her door, ordering her to get up and do her chores. And, stranger still that the whole basement was flooded with sunlight. This day seemed to start very differently than most, but Xavier didn't mind one bit.

An entire weekend without Dad or Carlos, she thought, standing upright and rifling through her clothes hamper. I don't know why I had a problem with it... sounds like paradise!

Arkus appeared in her mind again, but she shook the thought away and dumped the hamper onto the floor, revealing a few of her outfits which she hadn't worn in ages. One outfit in particular stuck out to her; a black and white, long sleeved, tightly-fit corset-like top, one with the two colors mashing together like a beautiful swirl of watercolors. The shirt fit her perfectly, but she usually never wore it.

Smiling, Xavier picked it up and draped it over her body. It stuck to her stomach, chest, and back exactly how she remembered, and looked positively feminine, and even pretty. It wasn't the look she'd usually go for, but with her father and Carlos both gone, she found herself entranced with an unusual feeling of eagerness and happiness, and strangely enough, she wanted to look her best today. It was a beautiful Friday after all, and she'd have to welcome all the convention goers who'd show up today, party on Saturday, and stay for Christmas Sunday.

After slipping into some black skinny jeans, Xavier left her room and made her way to the diner. It was about halfway full of families eating breakfast, and outside of the enormous windows was--not only a gorgeous glare of sunlight--but a fresh flurry of snowflakes falling to the world below. Xavier suspected that Mars had never seen such a beautiful winter before.

Since everything seemed to be in order... as far as she could tell, anyway, as her father hadn't left her any real instructions regarding how to keep the lodge running... Xavier headed into the bathroom. She reached into her satchel, and pulled out a few articles of make-up and a hat.

Last Christmas, she'd found the hat left in one of the hotel rooms. Someone had forgotten it, and Xavier, figuring she may eventually have a use for it, claimed it.

After giving herself a thin layer of black-and-silver make-up, along with black mascara, she placed the Santa hat atop her head, her short, shining crimson hair reaching out from under it, lying on her neck and bordering her face. Examining herself in the mirror--even the scar on her face--she was absolutely pleased with her appearance today.

When she reached the lobby, Xavier was surprised to see that it was already packed with people; families with suitcases and backpacks, and quite a lot of children were standing in line at the front desk.

The man behind the front desk was attempting to handle everything by himself, and the spot beside him was empty.

"Need help?" Xavier offered, stepping behind the desk and powering on the second computer terminal. "I can get someone over here!"

Some of the conventioners from the line broke into a second line, forming behind Xavier. After grasping a vague idea as to how to enter guest information, Xavier greeted every family happily and punched their information into the computer. Twenty minutes passed by, and the crowd had finally died down. Xavier gave the lobby man a salute, then strolled off to check on the rest of the lodge... and, all the while, she barely realized that she was in a powerfully unusual good mood.

"Miss!" Someone yelled when she was halfway down the hall.

Xavier turned to see old Nicholas, the host of the convention.

"Sorry to bother ya' miss... oh! You're wearing a Santa hat. You're in the spirit now, ain't ya'!" He said, approaching her.

"Yep." Xavier agreed, grinning.

"Er... where's your father?" He asked.

"Away for the weekend. I'm in charge, apparently."


"Yeah... weird, right?"

"Oh no, its not that... but, er... I was wondering if you could spare an extra employee to help me decorate. I have my two grandkids hanging up lights and whatnot, but I'm afraid we won't get it done on time if we don't have an extra person--"

"I'll do it." Xavier told him.

"Will you?" Nicholas said, trying not to sound surprised. "Well... God bless ya' sweetheart!"

And so, Xavier followed Nicholas to his stash of decorations just outside of the lodge. They unloaded the boxes, and Nicholas kindly suggested where and how the lights ought to be hung. They spend the next hour or so carrying around two large ladders and stringing up the lights, both inside and outside of the lodge, and at some point, Nicholas had rigged a soundtrack of Christmas music onto the loudspeakers somehow.

Once Xavier had exhausted her supply of lights, Nicholas gave her a thumbs up, and she replied with a simple wave and marched away. It was eleven in the morning now, and Xavier couldn't exactly figure out what to do next.

Dinners! She thought. There's going to be a lot of people here, and I bet Nicholas ordered a lot of food. The chefs probably need help.

Xavier made her way through the diner and entered the kitchen, where, as she predicted, the chefs were scrambling to cook a lot of things at once. Many gigantic plates of food were assorted along the free counters, and the chefs were moving from one spot to another, weaving around each other and trying not to knock anything over.

"You guys need help?" Xavier asked loudly, trying to speak over the many noises in the place.

A few of them looked her way, seeming to recognize her as the lodge owner's daughter.

"You wanna help? Help us cook?" The head chef asked, balancing a monstrous plate containing a whole turkey and a large pitcher of tea.

Xavier nodded.

"Er--right, um--ah! In the back--in the freezer--could you grab us a couple of hams? I've got everyone busy here..." The chef asked, and Xavier nodded again, grinning.

Cautiously, she traveled through the kitchen, dodging the people, pots, pans, and preparations taking up most of the space. When she finally reached the other side of the kitchen, she realized that the freezer was in an entirely different room.

Xavier opened the door and stepped into a large, dark room, and just ahead of her was a massive, vault-like door.

That's the biggest damn freezer I've ever seen in my life, Xavier thought, approaching it and placing her hand on the handle.

She pulled the giant metal door open with considerable effort and stepped inside.

It looked like a wonderland of frozen foods; like a rich man's bedroom, frozen over entirely and dedicated to the storing of foods and nothing else. It was astronomically enormous on the inside, and, as she ventured deeper into it, Xavier realized that there was no handle on the inside of the door.

This would be a good place to trap someone if you wanted somebody to freeze to death, She figured. There's no way to open the door from the inside.


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posted on Dec, 10 2014 @ 07:33 PM
Xavier located the hams, stuffed two of them underneath either of her arms, and slowly left the freezer. She wasn't able to close the door behind her.

She came out of the back room and placed the humongous hams on the closest counter, then asked a nearby chef what they needed help with.

Xavier spent the next two hours making more trips to the freezer, wrapping large chunks of meat in aluminum foil, saturating them, and putting them in ovens, along with stirring soups, retrieving cans from the pantry, and last but not least, washing the dishes.

The dishes in particular proved to be the most exhausting chore. Nearly another hour went by, and after a long while, she finally finished, placing the last squeaky-clean plate on the rack and releasing a heavy sigh. Despite her tiredness, Xavier returned to the kitchen, prepared for more work.

"Anything else needing done?" Xavier asked them, adjusting her Santa hat.

"No--er--yes, one last thing." The head chef replied. "Just pop back into the freezer and grab us another ham, we're one short... and then... yep... we'll be all accounted for. After that, you go take a break, kid. You've certainly earned it. I hope your father's paying you."

Xavier gave him a polite smile, stifling the urge to breathe a sarcastic laugh, then headed through the kitchen and towards the back room again.

She stepped into the back room and approached the giant metal door once more, ignoring the hungry rumbling of her stomach. She turned the handle and pulled the heavy door open--


Her heart could have stopped.

It was the last thing she expected--a person flew out of the freezer, wrapping its arms around her tightly and squeezing her in a very close, intimate embrace.

"THERE you are!" A familiar voice shouted with extreme joy.

Xavier pulled away from the person, but he did not release her.

Arkus, only inches from her face, placed his hands on both of her cheeks, looking incredibly relieved and happy. He seemed to enjoy the touch of her skin very much.

"What the hell--?!" Xavier stammered, hoping the chefs hadn't heard either of them yelling. "How the--what--how did you get in the freezer?! What are you doing here?!"

"Warm warm warm warm warm, so very warm..." He exhaled, grinning broadly. "You're so warm! Ahhhhh... I came d-d-down to join you--the convention--snuck into the lodge, saw you helping in the kitchen... I snuck into the freezer... I wanted to surprise you... but the door... the door l-l-locked... couldn't get out... so cold!"

He continued to toast his hands upon her face, and despite her shock and bewilderment, she allowed him to. His hands were blisteringly cold to the touch. His neon green hairs were dripping bits of frost, and his body was trembling madly.

"You've got it--t-t-t-ten times colder in that bloody freezer than the winter wasteland out on Mt. Crumpet!" Arkus said, sounding awe stricken and pointing to the freezer. "H-h-how on Mars did you manage that?!"

"I--I dunno, I didn't build the freezer." Xavier said, gently placing her hands on his forearms, his cloak shedding flakes of frost as well as his hair. "Jesus Christ--I can't believe you hid in the freezer! You're out of your damn mind!"

They gazed at one another for a moment, both of them forming smiles... then, they erupted into laughter simultaneously.

"Come on... I've got something warm for you to wear somewhere." Xavier told him, grasping him by the shoulder and leading him out of the back room. "Let's try and get to my room without anyone... seeing you."


posted on Dec, 11 2014 @ 12:47 AM
Good job, good job!!!!!!

posted on Dec, 11 2014 @ 07:10 PM
I had a lot more written, but my browser crashed right when I tried to post it. Might have to wait a little longer, sorry guys.

posted on Dec, 11 2014 @ 10:14 PM
"Still... freezing!"

Xavier, having explored the lodge numerous times, was able to take the ideal route back to the basement with very little attention from guests and conventioners. When they slipped into her bedroom, Xavier closed and locked the door behind them.

"Still freezing?" Xavier asked, looking at Arkus, who was still shivering, crossing his arms tightly across his chest.

Arkus nodded, his stringy hairs drooping over the middle of his face.

"I think I've got a cold." He said. "Agh.. that's weird. Never had a cold before. Hold on..."

Then, Arkus extended his arms, and the openings in his skin began glowing with an intensity unmatched. He inhaled a long, fluent breath, and the brilliant green glow spread into the tiny cracks on his cheeks as well. About a minute passed by, and Arkus exhaled, making the brilliant glow diminish.

"Warm..." He mumbled, opening his eyes and giving Xavier a light smile. "Much better."

"How do you do that?" Xavier asked, staring at him and looking befuddled.

"Just made myself warmer... don't feel sick anymore." He answered. "Think I might've burnt it outta me. Good for me."

"Okay, so... what're you doing here?" Xavier said. "I thought you didn't wanna come..."

"Changed my mind." Arkus told her, glimpsing around her room.

"You've never come here before. I've been here all my life and you've never come down the mountain before."

"Well, now I have a reason."


Arkus's shining green eyes met her oceanic blue ones.

"Aren't you wondering why that lizard man tried to kill you? Why he was on the mountain in the first place?" Arkus asked her. "I think that's worth looking into... and a weekend long Christmas party is a pretty nice bonus, innit? And I made a friend. Its a win, win, win."

Xavier swallowed, feeling flustered.

"Why're you looking into that...?" She asked. "The Reptilian... why do you care? It was just a straggler by himself... doesn't mean anything."

"Is that what you think?" Arkus said in a soft tone, staring into her. "You think he was here by chance? He looked pretty purposely dressed for winter to just wander onto the mountain of winter hell by chance, didn't he? And he's not the only one. Lots of those cold-blooded people have been lurking around these parts for years, killing caravans, killing loners like yourself--but they don't have any colonies within fifty miles of your lodge, or Mt. Crumpet. They appear from nowhere--doesn't that bother you?"

"I dunno... I guess." Xavier said. "Nobody cares, I mean... the news never talks about that kind of thing anymore. Nobody seems to think its a big deal."

"That's because they can't explain it either." Arkus replied. "Why would anyone pay attention to a problem that they can't possibly solve? A problem with seemingly no solution? No explanation? That's too terrifying for anyone to face. Even the news. Especially the news. They won't report anything that would generate panic, even if its true. Even if its a legitimate problem that desperately needs solving. They don't report it, but people still die. They don't see it because they don't look for it--never look for it--obvious signs, sneaking stealing killing--where do they come from--come from nowhere--tensions rising, hate in the air, invisible but everywhere--bad intent--bad intent surrounding--all vulnerable--asking to be killed--killing killing they hate want to kill kill torture kill--ngh."

He clasped his hand onto his forehead, his hairs poking out from between his fingers.

"Sorry." He added. "Trying not to get ahead of myself here, but... that's what I do, see? I think!"

Xavier tried to ignore the rising sensation of anxiousness brewing inside her following Arkus's words.

"Okay, so... assuming this is all true... why are you here?" She wondered. "Why you? It doesn't have anything to do with you, does it? Why bother...?"

"If I don't try to fix it, who will?" Arkus asked in a high tone, sounding appalled.

Xavier stared endlessly at him. He's trying to save the human colony by himself? All those people who treat him like a monster, and he's trying to save their lives... I couldn't imagine...

"And you.. you think you'll find leads here?" She said.

"There's no other nest of humans around here for miles. If they plan anything bad, this place will be their first target. And its nice to.. well.. I could use some help."

They stared at one another for a moment.

"Me?" Xavier said, taken back.

"Of course." Arkus replied simply.

"You want me to help you investigate my dad's lodge and look for lizard terrorists while I'm trying to run a humongous Christmas convention all weekend?"


"Just the two of us."


There was another moment of silence, during which they continued watching one another silently.

"Okay." Xavier said. "But... I'm gonna need help too. I've got a lot to do this weekend. And you... you're gonna need some new clothes."


posted on Dec, 11 2014 @ 10:21 PM
a reply to: XxNightAngelusxX

Duuude, don't type in ATS first, especially with long texts like short stories. Use notepad or something. Trust me, it will save A LOT of frustration.

Anyhoo, carry on then!

posted on Dec, 11 2014 @ 10:43 PM

originally posted by: CagliostroTheGreat
a reply to: XxNightAngelusxX

Duuude, don't type in ATS first, especially with long texts like short stories. Use notepad or something. Trust me, it will save A LOT of frustration.

Anyhoo, carry on then!

I'm learning... the hard way.

I've been through this before, but I haven't been on the stories forums--or the internet at all--for a while. I got soft...


posted on Dec, 11 2014 @ 10:51 PM
a reply to: XxNightAngelusxX


The site is wigging out tonight anyway. If you get a time out just hit refresh it will post fine after that.

Nothing worse than losing work. I just lost my laptop and over 10,000 words along with it. All because I failed to back it up recently.


posted on Dec, 11 2014 @ 11:36 PM
I just love this story!

posted on Dec, 11 2014 @ 11:58 PM

"What's wrong with what I was wearing...?" Arkus asked, looking down at himself and scanning every inch of his body, craning his neck in order to examine his backside. "This is... different."

"Its fantastic!" Xavier told him happily, adjusting his tie.

After digging through her closet and making a horrible mess of her room in doing so, Xavier was able to locate a few outfits that she swore she'd never seen before. She'd found two matching black gloves, long enough to cover up a person's wrists, and a coat which was styled to look like a suit. The coat had three loops along its front, intended for keeping the coat closed, and the hips had two large rectangular pockets on them. The collar area was white and separate from the rest of the coat, which was black. The collar--despite the rest of the outfit--looked very business friendly, and it contained a false black tie. The long black sleeves were just a little too small for Arkus, but the gloves covered the skin that the coat wasn't able to. The outer collar and shoulders Were draped with two thick layers of cloth, which resembled black padding, meant for keeping the wearer warm in harsh weather. Matched with the sleek black pants and shiny black shoes Xavier had given him, he looked absolutely stunning.

"My hair..." Arkus said, running his fingers through his green fohawk. "This isn't normal, is it? Green hair..."

"Some people are born with unnatural hair colors nowadays, its a mutation. Nobody will question it... you might get some stares, though." Xavier told him.

"Wouldn't be the worst thing I've got... and my face...?" Arkus placed a hand on one of his cheeks. "People don't sometimes turn green, do they? Is that just me...?"

"Um..." Xavier began. "You're not that green. Your skin tone is really... mild. I don't think anybody will care. They'll probably just think you painted your face to look like an elf or something."

"Elves are green?"

"Uh... I don't know."

"Me either. But my scars..." Arkus grazed one of the open slits on his cheek. "There's no real explanation for my scars, is there...? How many people have open wounds that glow green?"

"Most of your scars are covered up." Xavier said. "You only have three scars on your face, and they're all really tiny. You can't really notice them unless you're looking for them."

"That's... true." Arkus agreed hesitantly, staring at himself in Xavier's closet mirror. His face only harbored three small scars; one on his left cheek, and two on his right. None of them exceeded an inch in length.

"Well then. Shall we?" Xavier asked, gesturing to the door.

Arkus was quiet for a moment. He met her gaze, looking softened.

"What?" She said.

"You." He said, seeming to stare right through her. "I just realized... you're unbelievably kind. Giving me clothes, helping me fight terrorists, and letting me stay for your Christmas shin-dig..."

Xavier's heart leaped into her throat.

"And you still haven't told me..." Arkus went on, giving her a curious, serious look. "Why aren't you afraid of me?"

"I... um... well.. why would I be?" Xavier mustered up a response. "You're not scary."

"You've seen what I can do." Arkus said. "No one ever stays after they see what I can do."

"That doesn't bother me." Xavier told him truthfully.

They gazed into one another for a moment.. a long, profound moment. Xavier's face didn't waver one bit as Arkus studied her, her pale, round-ish face.. her short crimson hair... her cerulean eyes.. her face... her face...

Arkus's eyes seemed to drift to Xavier's cheek...

"I hadn't noticed..." He said so faintly she barely heard him. He lifted his hand, gracefully sliding his fingers along her cheek, staring into her scar.

Xavier took a step back, covering her scar and suddenly looking defensive.

"I'm sorry.." Arkus said, his hand still raised, staring at her in a soft, longing sort of way. "I didn't mean to... I only just noticed..."

Xavier gulped, seeming distant.

"Oh.. Xavier..." He said quietly. "They've hurt you."

Xavier still said nothing.

"They've burned you... they used fire. They always use fire." Arkus continued, taking a step towards her. "They burn everything. They like to watch things burn. They love the heat. Love the suffering."

"Stop it." Xavier said without thinking.

"Never again." Arkus told her, advancing another step, now barely a foot apart from her. "That's never gonna happen again."

Xavier averted her gaze, staring down at her feet.

Arkus placed both of his hands upon her cheeks as gently as possible, carefully holding her face, forcing her to look at him.

"I promise you. Xavier." He told her straightly, making a thousand feelings erupt from inside her, her heart hammering now. "Never again. That's what I'm here for."


posted on Dec, 12 2014 @ 12:01 AM
a reply to: CagliostroTheGreat

Oh no!! 0_O

I hurt FOR you. That's awful!

a reply to: Night Star

Thank you so much!! Any comments and feedback are welcome. I'm really glad a couple of people like this story. This is the closest thing to "Christmas spirit" I have.

posted on Dec, 12 2014 @ 12:11 PM
a reply to: XxNightAngelusxX

It is a wonderful story and I'm glad you are writing and sharing it!!!! I look forward to it every day. The only thing that sucks with a good story is that eventually it has to end.

posted on Dec, 12 2014 @ 03:30 PM

originally posted by: Night Star
a reply to: XxNightAngelusxX

It is a wonderful story and I'm glad you are writing and sharing it!!!! I look forward to it every day. The only thing that sucks with a good story is that eventually it has to end.

I'm flattered that you look forward to my story

I try to make these *short* stories as long as possible. I want my readers to be attached to the characters before anything huge happens to them. I want this story to have a lot of content, but it will be finished before Christmas is over, in order to stay in the spirit... and for the contest.

Thanks! Will be writing more soon, if ATS will let me. The site is crashing every other time I try to post just like last night.

posted on Dec, 12 2014 @ 06:14 PM

"Eh..?" Arkus gave her a small smile, hoping to get some sort of positive response out of her. He lowered his hands, watching her.

Xavier, unsure of how to react, nodded.

"Yeah.. come on. Let's go... do something." Arkus said, gesturing to the door with his head.

He lead Xavier out of the bedroom, but Xavier quickly took the lead when Arkus realized he had no idea where to go.

As they ventured up the stairs, the fuzzy, static-like sensation spreading throughout Xavier's body didn't go away. She couldn't exactly pinpoint why she felt so intense; she'd never felt such a thing before. Then again, no one had ever spoken so profoundly to her before...

Arkus was the only friend Xavier ever had, so naturally, she didn't know what to expect. She didn't have a clue how friendship was supposed to work.

"Where do we go now?" Arkus asked once they reached the ground floor.

"What are we looking for?" Xavier said, turning to him. "Reptilians... how do we look for them?"

"Well..." He slipped his hands in his pockets again. "Hoods. People wearing a lot of clothes... people wrapped up in jackets, hoods covering their heads, most of their skin covered up..."


They both headed down the hallway, then emerged in the large doorway of the lobby.

The lobby was packed; it was an ocean of people, both adults and children, most of whom were wearing large jackets with hoods.

"Well... this complicates things a bit." Arkus said, raising his eyebrows at the crowd.

"Its twenty degrees outside... everyone's dressed like that." Xavier said. "What else are we looking for? Do they have any tells...?"

"Scales." Arkus said, biting his lip. "Claws. Scales... and... mean."

They looked at one another for a moment.

"What?! They're a lot easier to spot when they're out attacking caravans!" Arkus said.

Xavier tried not to laugh.

"There you are! My Christmas helper." Nicholas pushed his way out of the crowd, approaching them. "Everyone's showing up now. We've even got people waiting outside... there's not enough room in this big ol' lobby! By jingle, I'm happier than ever! I hope the rooms are ready. They are ready, aren't they...?"

Xavier and Arkus exchanged faces.

"Yep." Xavier said, nodding and hoping dearly that she was telling the truth. "Rooms are clean and ready for people."

"Great! And who is your friend here?" Nicholas asked, looking at Arkus.

"Arkus. He's my ah.. assistant. He's helping me run the place while my dad is away." Xavier told him.

Nicholas's gaze seemed to linger on Arkus for a moment.

"Uh.. do you need anything else done?" Xavier said, hoping to avert his attention from Arkus. "We're just checking on everything right now. Making sure everything is in order."

"Wonderful! Listen--we could really use some help decorating the banquet hall. That enormous room in the back of the building with the mile long table, that's where I plan to have the Christmas dinner this Sunday. We've been so busy decorating the outside and the interiors--the lobby and the diner--we haven't gotten to the banquet room yet."

"Nobody's used that room in a long time. It probably needs a cleaning too." Xavier told him. "We'll go straighten it up and hang up some lights."

"The lights and the ladder are already in the banquet room, but nobody's gotten around to using them yet. Thank you so much for your help--and here, Merry Christmas."

Nicholas grasped her hand and placed a small chunk of glistening gold in it.

"Red gold? Wait, I can't just take this--"

"Yes you can. You've been laboring over this convention all day long, kiddo. You deserve it." Nicholas told her. "Bye bye, now."

After Nicholas strolled away, Xavier stared at the nugget of gold in her palm, unable to believe it. It was the biggest hunk of red gold she'd ever been given. Then, she glanced at Arkus.

"Well'p, let's go decorate a big ass room."


posted on Dec, 12 2014 @ 07:22 PM


Xavier pushed the double doors open, marveling at the inside of the endless room. The ceiling was forty feet high, and the only thing inhabiting the room--apart from a jukebox, a ladder, and an entanglement of Christmas lights--was an incredibly long table. The room was bigger than a gymnasium.

"Nicholas should have a dance party in here. Its huge!" Xavier said, grinning and gazing into the ceiling. "I don't think I've ever actually been in here before."

"Fantastic!" Arkus exclaimed, rushing over to the lights. He lifted them up, separated some of them, and began to wrap them around his body.

"What the hell are you doing?" Xavier asked him, laughing.

"Fantastic! Brilliant! I just love these lights!" Arkus twirled the lights around both of his legs, his torso, one of his arms, and finally, his neck and head.

"You're a gorgeous Christmas tree." Xavier giggled as she watched Arkus, his green hairs even messier than usual now that the lights were draping over his head on two different spots. "What're you doing...?"

Arkus's eyes seemed to sparkle as he gave her a sly smile.

"Watch this." He said, holding up the plug for the lights.

Arkus rolled up one of his sleeves, then gently pushed the two prongs of the plug into one of the larger scars on his arm.

"Don't do that!" Xavier said. "Doesn't that hurt?!"

Arkus's grin began to grow. He balled his hand into a fist, flexing his arm. It seemed as though he was channeling as much power as possible into his arm, the cuts in his skin beginning to glow brilliantly again as he held the plug firmly in place.

Then, something unthinkable happened.

As his scars shone green, the various colors of the Christmas lights all lit up at once, turning him into a human Christmas tree.

"Holy--How are you doing that?!" Xavier asked, both incredibly shocked and deeply impressed. "You're like a generator!"

"HA!" Arkus laughed, letting the plug fall to the floor, and the Christmas lights all died. "I've always wanted to try that!"

Xavier took a moment to process what she'd just seen.

"We need to get started..." She told him, still smiling.

It took about half an hour for them to string up the lights around the ceiling, and they used extreme caution in doing so; the ladder reached 35 feet, just high enough to place the lights along the top of the walls. After they finished, Xavier climbed off the ladder only to see that Arkus was eyeing the jukebox.

"Music." He said. "The only thing we're missing."

"We should probably go back... see if Nicholas needs anything else done. We're stretched for time and there's a thousand people here right now." Xavier told him.

"Of course, of course..." Arkus nodded, glimpsing between her and the jukebox. "We should... we should really..."

After meeting her eyes for a split second, Arkus dashed towards the jukebox and powered it up. Xavier released a laugh.

"Five hundred songs!" He yelled excitedly, flipping through the songs on the machine. "Ohh--this one!"

Then, the machine erupted with a Christmassy song that Xavier had never heard before. After roughly twenty seconds of music, Arkus decided to abandon the machine.

He stepped in front of Xavier, extending his hand.

"What?" She said, looking lost.

"Dance?" He offered.

Xavier's heart skipped a beat.

"No.." She mumbled. "I've never danced before... I can't.."

"Come on, its easy. I promise."

"Can you dance?"

"Sure. There's not much else to do when you're alone in a cave all the time."

"But I can't..."

"Come on, we're the only ones here."

Arkus motioned his fingers, revealing a faint smile.

Xavier, sighing nervously, grasped his hand.

Arkus placed his free hand on her waist, then began stepping in a rhythmic way. Xavier was hardly able to make eye contact with him as they moved around the room, her hands sitting tenderly on his shoulders, their faces only inches apart.

"What's this, what's this?
There's color everywhere
What's this?
There's white things in the air
What's this?
I can't believe my eyes, I must be dreaming
Wake up Jack this isn't fair!
What's this!

What's this, what's this?
There's something very wrong
What's this?
There's people singing songs
What's this?
The streets are lined with little creatures laughing
Everybody seems so happy
Have I possibly gone daffy? What's this?!

What's this?"

As the song continued to echo throughout the enormous room, Xavier's heart seemed to thump harder and harder, and she briefly wondered if Arkus was somehow able to feel it. His emerald eyes were absolutely captivating, and it felt as though she was staring into infinity, gazing into them... and Arkus, who was about a foot taller, seemed completely lost in her eyes as well, both beautiful pools of blue... they drew closer to one another as the joyful music bounced off the walls of the banquet room...


They both looked towards the doors, noticing that they'd slammed shut.

Four hooded strangers were standing in the massive room now, two of them at each entrance, all of them seeming to glare in the direction of Arkus and Xavier.

Arkus, now looking positively serious, stepped in front of Xavier.

"Stay behind me."


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