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America's future is bleak

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posted on Dec, 8 2014 @ 11:42 AM
Yeah, it's not the best position..

I suspect the idea of revolution will be pushed and guided as it has for a couple years now. Manipulated like puppets, the public will be the catalyst for a greater crackdown on freedoms and liberties.

Blame will continue to be placed everywhere but ourselves and "TPTB" will sit back and laugh as they bring the script of Idiocracy to life, with the people's participation and assistance of course.

I'd say that's the optimistic route.

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posted on Dec, 8 2014 @ 12:25 PM
a reply to: Unity_99

There is no reason to mistreat an animal that we are using for food or for making clothing. We can be humane with the process. Animal husbandry is supposed to be a symbiotic relationship. We care for them and give them a decent life then eat them.

I do not like what I see in the big commercial industrial yards.

posted on Dec, 8 2014 @ 03:26 PM
*sniffs the air*

Being away from ATS for so long, I can't help but to creep from the lurker shadows when a topic like this is presented. Normally I would banter on about my years spent here with the rallying cry of revolution, and I would harp on the constant state of things and frolic around yelling, "Told you so" at the top of my lungs, but there isn't really a place for that anymore.

In a world of pessimism and no hope, the comedians are those who laugh in the face of the system and recognize its flaws, no longer funny in a comedic sense, but ironic in a way that you can simply laugh at absurdity of it all and how far it has come with still no action.

I mean - revolution. The one side claims that it needs to happen, and they are split with those in blissful denial that it can be peaceful with hippies placing flowers down the barrel of a gun all over again, and the other side who know that regardless it will be bloody and it will be hard. And of course there are those that deny it, split among the sides of disdain simply for the idea of violence in any capacity or by the driving believe that revolution is actually "what they want us to do".

Regardless, my name and my history reveals where I stand. Although the movie "Fury" released earlier this year was set on the battlefields of World War II, I could not help but to see a certain future in some of those scenes, a certain reality that we are heading towards whether people deny it or not. The only question is will the people continue the slow boil and allow them to prepare for the coming storm, or will people one day simply have enough and start the "terrorism" that it will no doubt be labels as until a following is gained?

The OP was pessimistic, but truthful. The option of revolution is the only option, as it has been, and I see even in this topic there are those who I once saw denounce the very idea entirely who not have accepted it. The same can be said for people all over the world. With each passing day and each grievance perpetrated against humanity by those in power that becomes public and spread, another person will accept reality, another person will have nothing left to lose, another person will accept revolution as the coming reality, with the hope of a better future to follow.

For those who think peaceful revolution is possible, or that simple change will just happen overnight and the world will embrace ideals of peace and harmony among all of humanity, a quote from "Fury" puts that in perspective as well:

"Ideals are peaceful. History is violent. "

That is the reality of the situation. S&F for a good topic OP, for saying what needs to be said.

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