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NWO - America's Decline As Super Power

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posted on Dec, 12 2004 @ 09:21 AM
Hi, I used to come on here ages ago under a different name. 18 Months later and im back - This is my first post.

Many believe and im sure some of you do, that the NWO is evil, and is going to be bad for us all. I believe that America is in decline as a super power and over the next 100 years China and India will be the only superpowers, with China for instance they have a million strong army, and with over 1/6 of the planets population it would be a tad tricky to invade them. Those 1billion people all work for peanuts compared to the western workers, and technologically Asia has overtaken both the US and Europe long ago. America has very little natural resources compared to Asia. Why is it then, that when people talk of a NWO they automatically point the finger at the US? The NWO is simply a term used to describe the changing powers of the world, with regards to the political climate, and the power countries of the world. We are the living generation of people going from one century and also millenia to another, so talk of a new world is inevitable, and I believe can be productive - Perhaps we can (as nations) talk about ending poverty and re stabilising the eco climate (for example the Toronto Protocol).

Your thoughts my new friends would be very helpful as I am trying to establish myself on this fantastic website.

posted on Dec, 12 2004 @ 09:50 AM
'SuperPower' is a relative term that incorporates a number of factors, does it not?
There is the international influence and leverage aspect.
There is the military aspect.
There is the economic aspect.

All-in-all, the US spends more on its defence/military than nearly the next 25 nations combined.
Despite the 'falling' dollar, the US's sheer economic influence is still tops. Remember that the Chinese yuan is tied to the dollar, not the Euro. As such, as the dollar 'falls' or stabilizes, so does the Chinese yuan.
Despite the 'lowdown' and after-shocks of Afghanistan and Iraq, the US is still at the forefront for international influence and leverage.

Who knows how or what will take place in 100 years with the US, China, and India, or other likely nations, I believe that the US will still be in the forefront of defining 'superpower'.


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posted on Dec, 12 2004 @ 09:50 AM
i just read transmissons deployments post, I think im a day too late!

posted on Dec, 12 2004 @ 12:47 PM

transmissons deployments

excuse me? i dont really follow, what are you talking about?

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