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New Tape Of Eric Garner Killing Shows Him Cuffed & Lifeless

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posted on Dec, 6 2014 @ 06:47 PM
Garner's state of mind at the time could have been one factor.

He was out on bail.

The police scared him.

posted on Dec, 6 2014 @ 07:23 PM
Well, this is a fresh twist.

What happens when the medics are militarized, then?

Because the way they apparently colluded with the KC(†), in this case, is no different than having administered the beating at their own healing hands. I'm having trouble comprehending what I just saw.

This would not even happen on a battlefield. I cannot see how a medic on a battlefield would behave as such, except perhaps with any identified enemy. I don't know the exact protocols of war.

What tacit code must certainly exist between all tentacles of 'law enforcement' to enable the medics to break their medical training, and obey…? And who?

That was a performance, period. The scary part is for who was the performance meant to please?

That's who.


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a reply to: Swills

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posted on Dec, 7 2014 @ 09:07 AM
a reply to: Swills

They know he's dead and seem to be perplexed that it happened and then clearly take care to not alarm the crowd that's gathered and watching. If they had performed cpr in front of that crowd, which would have made it quite clear to everyone just how bad it had gone, it would have likely gotten ugly for them. They had to play this off as passed out to save their chicken sheet assess from the crowd.

It's just stunning that they did this and got away with it.

posted on Dec, 7 2014 @ 09:23 AM
a reply to: NoAngel2u

...and by "did this and got away with it," I mean negligent use of force, or whatever it would be called, and failing to render aid,,, both contributing to his death.

I don't care how fat he was, how many times arrested before, etc,,, the force they chose to use, and the lack of aid rendered when clearly needed are the outstanding factors in his death right then and there. Just minutes before he was alive, unarmed, disagreeing, but not aggressing. Why not de-escalate? They went in very much the way a dog pack does. Pack attack. Tends to be mindless.

Eta: I suppose mindless isnt really what it is. More singleminded.
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