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BREAKING: No Charges in Eric Garner Chokehold Case for Officer

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posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 07:59 AM

originally posted by: Spider879
He was killed because too many cops have too big an ego,

The government needs to begin testing and screening for sociopathic tendencies, for all serving police officers and prior to their first training.

There are serious questions to be asked about the mentality of the people police departments employ. Too many police officers see it as an opportunity to have control of people, rather than an opportunity to work for their communities.

Think about this, how many serving police officers were, or wanted to be, in the military? These are two entirely different things, but their mentality is the same. They are not suitable to be serving the public in a policing scenario, and they should be tested to see if they are adequate from the start.

A good example - last night I was watching the live feed from NY as thousands of protestors were stopped by hundreds of NYPD, I counted three white officers smirking, holding their baton and chewing gum. That right there is enough to tell me that those individuals have no respect for the people they serve, they're there to beat someone down and abuse the public, they are not there to serve anyone.

There are massive levels of arrogance and a downright abusive attitude in many of these cops, and that's what needs to be weeded out through the employment process.

posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 08:04 AM

originally posted by: Collateral
a reply to: FraggleRock

According to you, that is deadly force as it resulted in a death.

You can punch someone in the chest and kill them. Is that deadly force?

You can push someone and they trip and die. Is that deadly force?

You are the one who wants to define what deadly force is so you tell me where it starts and where it stops.

Is the air conditioning unit an employed police officer?

You're being ridiculous in an attempt to justify your ridiculous notions.

A police officer used excessive force on an individual and that individual died as a result of that excessive force. There are no debates to be had, no "what if" and no "but how about..."

The facts are there for all to see (unless you're on a racist murdering-cop-defending jury), Garner's death was caused by the officer, and the officer was using it because he and his colleagues believed that the accusation of selling loose cigarettes was enough of a reason to wrestle a man to the ground and choke him to death.

These are the facts, deal with them or don't. Just be certain that your denial of reality only serves to make you look either completely ignorant, or completely racist - or both.

posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 10:10 AM
a reply to: seeker1963

So are you saying white people aren't harassed because of how they look to the popo?

If your answer is yes, I am prematurely calling you out as delusional!

I am a long haired, bearded white male who could easily be a member of the Sons of Anarchy without any makeup! I get profiled just as much as young black males!

Quit race pimpin!

If you truly want to address police brutality and unwarranted "stop and frisks" leave race out of it!

You are absolutely correct. It's no different than walking into Macy's or Dilliards or some other high-end department store and having store security follow you around, assuming you're there to steal simply because you're wearing ripped jeans and a t-shirt instead of dressy clothing...that is profiling, plain and simple. You're already being judged based on nothing more than your appearance, and it's wrong. And police do it every day, to people of every skin color and ethnic background. No one is exempt. Yet for some reason, it seems that the only incidents that make it into the public eye are the ones in which people of certain ethnicity are being mistreated by white LEO's.

It's really sad because bringing race into it actually detracts from how widespread police brutality and misconduct truly is, and sends the erroneous message that it only happens to certain groups of people. Of course the demographic of the population in any given area is going to play a huge factor in how the statistics are stands to reason that an area in which the majority of the citizens are non-white and the majority of LEO's happen to be white is going to naturally show a markedly higher amount of these type of incidents occurring in those non-white groups...but it happens everywhere, to all ethnic groups, and those cases get dwarfed by this overwhelming focus on race to the point of relative obscurity.

We should all be working together to stop these awful things happening to anyone...not just focusing on the racial issue, but focusing on the overall humanity issue. Instead, we have more racial division than ever, and that is going to do absolutely nothing but make the problem worse. It's so disheartening that people can't seem to rise above this and work together as a cohesive unit.

posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 10:41 AM
It will take too long to go into detail about my story but I'm white and I almost got death by cop for answering my door. I was thrown to my stomach on my front porch a knee in my back and a gun to my head, I couldn't breath if he had held me like that for another minute I would have gone unconscious and could have died or sustained brain damage.

I look at the facts with these cases, when I see a guilty officer I'll point it out straight away. If I see something like the case with wilson I'd say he was justified. Race doesn't come into the equation, fact of the matter there are good/bad cops and there are good/bad people. The outcome would be the same when these 2 factors mix in a negative way.

posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 10:57 AM
a reply to: jheated5

I don't know your circumstances but how did you end up on your front porch? Did you open that door? Did you ask them if they had a warrant to come into your home? Did you ask them if they had a warrant for your arrest? Did you have the money to fight for these basic rights?

If you don't have money, you can't argue with them. You just become another statistic who gets an appointed attorney and pleas out. More than likely it will be a lessor charge you plea to and because it's a lessor charge people think they are getting a good deal.

Cops, Sheriff's, District Attorney's, Prosecuting Attorneys and the lawyers all work together. They rub elbows all day long and they have their own way of doing things.

posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 11:01 AM
While I acknowledge that there is, in fact, widespread and systemic racism in the U.S. - especially amongst the police, I will say that police brutality DOES extend to all races. I grew up lower class and white and dealt with my fair share of it.
However, the fact that I am still alive to talk about it does speak volumes.
Police brutality does extend to all races based on economic standing. However, I believe blacks see the worst of it.

posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 11:06 AM
a reply to: Collateral

According to you, that is deadly force as it resulted in a death.

You can punch someone in the chest and kill them. Is that deadly force?

You can push someone and they trip and die. Is that deadly force?

You are the one who wants to define what deadly force is so you tell me where it starts and where it stops.

You seem to be comparing apples to oranges here.

In the scenario of punching someone in the chest, for that one person doing the punching? Is the punchee standing up and unrestrained or is he/she being forcibly held down by others when the blow is delivered, with no means of avoiding it or of defending him/herself? Is this just a one-on-one confrontation between two people, none of whom happen to be law enforcement specifically trained to incapacitate people?

Because these officers know that choking someone out can render that person unconscious within seconds. They also know that it can result in death in certain circumstances, and that is why the technique has been banned in NYC since 1993. Unless the person in your chest punching example is trained and well aware that their actions can result in the death of another human being, then no. It is not "deadly force". It is an accident. Nice try, but I honestly think you're reaching.

posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 11:27 AM
a reply to: Collateral

Does he have a history of misconduct or discrimination?

Yes, he has a history of misconduct. He also broke the law, by employing a choke hold on the man in the first place.

posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 12:34 PM
a reply to: nOraKat

In many of the black and Hispanic neighborhoods here, there is a heavy police presence. I mean REALLY HEAVY.

You have these things in residential neighborhoods.. especially the projects:

Please, forgive my ignorance, but what on Earth is that thing?? It looks like something straight out of Star Wars. What would police need something like that for??

posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 12:53 PM
I hope posting the vid isn't a T&C? If it is I hope the mods will
help me out and be forgiving. But people like this guy should
realise. He is only having the exact opposite effect of his

Public execution? How retarded is this wanna be MSM anchor man?
I was looking to view the vid on Y-T, believing the cops murdered
this guy. But now after viewing, I see the cops can't believe the guy
expired so easily. Their intent was to arrest not kill. So what I found
instead, is a bunch of over blown bombastic black bull#. I can't
believe I was almost on board, because I know the cops are doing
some blatent horrific things to people of all colors. But this falls
way short. And it's obvious.

posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 12:58 PM
a reply to: randyvs

Way short... of what?

A cop killed an non-threatening unarmed man.

You are okay with this happening?

posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 12:59 PM
Ok just saw this picture on BBC news about the US protests.


I mean WTF! Those are not police those are soldiers! They are police only in the most technical terms!

posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 01:07 PM

originally posted by: randyvs
Their intent was to arrest not kill. So what I found
instead, is a bunch of over blown bombastic black bull#.

Well, I tend to be one who feels like 'the race card' gets thrown into the mix way more than it needs to. But then you get the occasional person who is overt about it. 'Black bull#.' lol. You showed your cards.
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posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 01:10 PM
I can't believe people actually think in this way. It's pretty comical actually. 'Oh, you're gonna blame a cop for choking someone to death? What's next, you gonna blame him for death-by-air-conditioning?' Seriously?

posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 01:20 PM
a reply to: AgentShillington

Way short... of what?

Blatent and horrific as the context reads.
What I'm not okay with is what you said.

" A cop killed an non-threatning unarmed man."

Suggesting there was intent. The only intent i
see, is to arrest. His not wanting to be arrested
was seen as resisting. and the techniques invoked
caused this man to expire. I see only an accidental
death. A good case for a law suit, nothing more.
Certainly not murder.

posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 01:28 PM
a reply to: TheJourney

. 'Black bull#.' lol.

If it only sounds racist it won't keep me from writing it.
Cause I know I don't mean it that way.
So it's really just calling em as I see em. Don't get me started
on the white bull# that's out there.

posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 01:34 PM
a reply to: Myrtales Instinct

I'll try to keep it as short as I can... My brother gets in trouble with the law a lot, I had to call the police on him for a domestic reason. The officers came into my house, one at least had a grudge. There was a punched whole in the wall so they used an excuse to condemn the residence for a hole in a wall, excessive electronics plugged in and no radon detectors. (one of the cops was decent and he tried making a case of not making a mountain out of a molehill but other guy had a grudge).

Anyways 2 days later I returned to take a quick shower and grab some of my belongings because I was told to leave immediately that day, they knocked at the door 30 mins into my return, BOOM they grabbed me up yanked me out and threw me to the ground... BTW I got charged with trespassing on my own property!

posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 01:37 PM
a reply to: randyvs

Are you insane?
The Chokehold is illegal.... the did not just talk to the guy, try and diffuse the situation.
They essentially jumped the guy, used an illegal hold to subdue the guy and then a bunch of others knelt on his back and pushed his head into the ground.

He posed no threat, made no move to attack officers yet they went at him full force, illegally and killed him.

That chokehold is not allowed.. it's not an authorised police tactic or move.
It is unjustifiable and extremely distressing to watch.

posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 01:44 PM
I don't care what color a person is, they don't deserve to be choked to death by a gang of thugs carrying guns and badges. This is criminal---far worse than selling a few ciggies. Every swinging one of these guys who piled onto this fellow should be brought up on manslaughter charges simply because they failed to stop their "blue brother" from killing this man. Having a criminal record shouldn't mean that a suspect gets treated differently since in each case we are supposed to be innocent until a jury says otherwise.
It is now obvious that cameras on cops isn't going to solve this problem. Only prosecution will make them stop and think before they act to kill people. In order for prosecution to happen, special prosecutors from outside the district must be used since the local prosecutor works with cops on a daily basis. There is nothing just about a situation like that since there is an inherent conflict of interest that prevents justice being carried out.
Another good first action would be to erase all the victimless crimes from the books. That would force the police to focus on real bad actors.

posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 01:47 PM
a reply to: blupblup

Are you insane?

I'm quite sure they will say so!

And you haven't said anything to dissuade me from
what I see.

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