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NEWS: U.S. Money has Helped Opposition in Ukraine

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posted on Dec, 11 2004 @ 07:14 PM
In the past two years over 65 million dollars has been spent by the Bush administration to help Viktor Yushchenko. The money was funneled through various organizations. Part of the reason is said to help train groups and individuals opposed to the Russian-backed government candidate - people who now call themselves part of the "Orange Revolution." Russia and the United States are claiming interference by both sides as the Ukrainian Supreme Court invalidated the results of the Nov. 21 presidential runoff.
Washington - The Bush administration has spent more than $65 million in the past two years to aid political organizations in Ukraine, paying to bring opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko to meet U.S. leaders and helping to underwrite an exit poll indicating he won last month's disputed runoff election.
U.S. officials say the activities don't amount to interference in Ukraine's election, as Russian President Vladimir Putin alleges, but are part of the $1 billion the State Department spends each year trying to build democracy worldwide.
No U.S. money was sent directly to Ukrainian political parties, the officials say. In most cases, it was funneled through organizations such as the Eurasia Foundation or through groups aligned with Republicans and Democrats that organized election training, with human rights forums or with independent news outlets.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Wow, there is so many things to say about this article the real question is, where do I start? Did Russia poison Vikor to ensure their candidate's success? Now, if Russia did then I guess that proves that the United States is not the only "morally corrupt" nation in the world, as much as the world would want to paint that picture on us. The funny thing is that before the United States election Vladimir Putin endorsed President Bush in the things he said, now we must ask ourselves did he do that because Bush was the weakest candidate?

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