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Any legitimate prophecies?

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posted on Dec, 11 2004 @ 02:24 PM
Sylvia Browne - Fraud. Read my posts on her.
Kreskin - Fraud.
John Titor - Fraud.

I was watching Kreskin due an interview, and even though he seems like a nice guy, i still think he's a fake. Let's look at his tricks.

Supposedly predicted the U.S federal election. He announced his prediction AFTER the election. The same went for the 2004 Canadian federal election.

He stated that he predicted September 11. No he did not.

If you read carefully he predicted:

"but I do believe by September or October there will be two major plane crashes. I don't predict disasters in which people are hurt, but it will be the disaster of two companies going out of business."

"We are now going through a new world war, and I mean world war in capital letters, the enemy being terrorist."

Please.....nowhere does it say that he predicted 9/11. He predicted a war on terror. Neocons have been calling for that for YEARS now. Hell even since Reagan's time.

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