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POLITICS: Iran and EU to Meet on Nuclear Issue Amid New Suspicians

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posted on Dec, 11 2004 @ 02:13 PM
In a move that tacitly admits structural failure of its most recent and controversial nuclear agreement with Iran the European Union is set to have further talks with the Iranians amid new allegations of a militarized nuclear program. The new talks are to commence in Brussels, Belgium on Monday December 13th and are intended to obtain a long term commitment from Iran to ensure their nuclear program is for peaceful use only. The EU plans to offer peaceful nuclear technology, trade benefits and regional security guarantees in return for co-operation.
Iran goes into crucial nuclear talks with the EU Monday under a new cloud of suspicion that it is bent on developing an atomic bomb, after diplomats said it was conducting secret high-energy neutron experiments that could have a dual use.

The diplomats told AFP there was concern since the experiments are allegedly taking place under military supervision, in a country which claims its nuclear program is a strictly civilian peaceful endeavor.

But a diplomat with close links to intelligence sources said "the combination of the existence of a neutron initiator in a secret facility run by the Revolutionary Guard, making high- and not low-energy neutron experiments is a sufficient good indicator to a suspected military program."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The first agreement on an enrichment freeze between Iran and the EU is no longer considered a serious step in preventing Irans nuclear ambitions when as the ink barely dried on that agreement the Iranians were announcing it was only temporary and did not cover all enrichment activities.

Since that flawed agreement was inked information about Irans beryllium imports and suspected work with the substance polonium coupled with the refusal to acknowledge anything but a temporary halt to enrichment activities has pointedly highlighted the worlds weakness in halting activities leading to nuclear proliferation.

Diplomatic sources have indicated that Iran is indeed carrying out high energy neutron experimentation at its facility in programs under the auspices of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards. (referenced in fourth link) As usual there are a few specialized civilian uses for these research programs however this reporter is very skeptical of this as a reason for the research due to the fact that it is far cheaper to use already developed and widely available commercial equipment for the oil industry and medical applications that are applicable.

In the original atom bomb program by the US it was discovered that high energy neutrons produced by beryllium and polonium allowed much less nuclear mass to initiate an explosion, hence smaller and lighter bombs were possible to produce.

These experiments go hand in hand with missiles and bombers having the ability to deliver warheads at any appreciable and useful distance.

I believe that the Iranians are half-heartedly negotiating in an attempt to mollify the IAEA, UN, EU and other countries long enough to acheive its goal of nuclear armament.

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posted on Dec, 13 2004 @ 04:27 AM
Yeah, it will be interesting to see how far they get with this initiative. I cannot help but to think that the Iranians are stalling for time. The world has seen how the West has treated North korea with kid gloves and feel that they need to become part of the nuclear party to prevent an attack or the like. Them may be using this time to put a device together

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