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Comments to the Nation of Angels

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posted on Dec, 24 2004 @ 04:21 PM

Originally posted by shorty

Originally posted by infinite

Whats that mean?

Laughing my f*cking arse off = LMFAO

Back to the subject, i really want to now what Arky is about. There is mysterious side to him that i want to know..its really bugging me now :shk: what religion is he claiming again??

posted on Dec, 24 2004 @ 04:26 PM
oh, so thats what it means.

Yes there is a mysterious side to him but he is very intresting person.

posted on Dec, 24 2004 @ 05:42 PM
The first commandment that Jesus gave was to "love one another."

Why do so many non-Jews love the commandments? They are another people's laws and commandments. Who is going to bring me, an American Gentile, before the Jewish Court and prosecute me for their commandments? Of course not! I am not a Jew, neither is any other Christian.

Loving one another is the key to the whole kingdom. When you have a geniune love for your fellow beings, for example, I for Shorty, then you generate an energy that brings you closer to happy perfection. Because I am genuinely glad for the advancement and understanding of another human being, I am truly obeying the Command of Christ.

Also, because I UNDERSTAND THE PURPOSE and the meaning of the law, I am granted that much more increase for its fulfillment. I understand that the command "love one another" stems from the whole purpose of human government and godliness, and the organizaing principal beihnd love and brotherhood is the essence of Christ himself, because Christ is the Lord of the government of humankind.

That is the esence of Christianity. God, in order to form a more perfect union, cast off the old tyranny of false gods and vain men and established the government in Christ, who appeared in the man Jesus. Jesus was the Avatar of Christ. Christ is a Spirit Being who emanated from the Orignal Father, or the Root of the Good.

Shorty, you are in a rebellious phase! This brings happiness to God, because your intent is to free yourself from evil, rather than to serve it. That's the crucial difference. There are so many forces in this world trying to dominate things. People assign their worth to how much they own or control, but this is very vain. Western Society is in such danger of falling under its madness and diseases that I perceive the need for a "spiritual lifeboat" for the remnant.

One of the advantages of living in a time of great changes and collapses is that you can see the workings of the whole as the machines and buildings come crashing down. You can see the stars themselves, instead of the lights that were put in to represent them. You can see the trees, instead of the televised landscapes of fantasy. As Western Dogma disintegrates and is discarded, we are free to re-assess the entire cosmology.

Our advancing awareness and scientific knowledge has brought us to God's domain. We were free to walk right into genetic engineering, space travel, Computers, etc. No angels cam down to prevent us, no prophets came and cried against these things. On the contrary, We came to rejoice in them, because they are part of our fullness.

So now we know that this speck of dust is no longer just a speck, but we call it a microbe, and can count its genes and chromosones, we know its generations and names, and we have knowledge of many things besides.

In that same fashion I would expect men to no longer see God, the Old man upon the White throne, but instead see the True and Glorious God, the author of the Intelligent UNIVERSE, the master of countless worlds and their dominions, countless living worlds and their bounties, the summation of physics, causality, and insight.

It is the same for all things we have observed and studied: The fuzzy "nebulae" that Hubble studied would eventually be shown to be whole galaxies, seperate and filled with their own stars. We should approach God and the Spiritual world in the same fashion.

Even as the galaxies and stars have become more clear and better resolved because we learned enough to see clearly, so should God and the heavenly Spirits become better understood. Mankind's reasoning power is quite naturally akin to God's, it stems from the same source. it is only evil and vain people who claim that men cannot know God, or attain perfection, or become honorable in faith. It is actually Satan trying to confuse men when people say this.

My bold and youthful assertion is that God's Mind is Knowable, and His Wisdom is attainable. God's Good thought exists with our without men's knowing it, but we were already instructed in it. Speaking with God is confronting reason with Honesty, and not denying the truth that is revealed.

Speaking with God about the American Government and Nation is what I advocate. It does not suit men well to allow mischief and injustice to continue, and it especially does not suit him to refuse to confront it as men.

People who think and live and desire good to triumph over evil are those who look at the things that exist, the things that are done, and the words that are spoken, and they try them according to perfect reason and truth.

What can endure such a scrutiny? Nothing that cannot endure it is worthy to exist among us. We are not required to serve evil. We are not required to subsidize evil, nor are we required to maintain and keep a government that we do not approve of.
In the same vein, we should not keep or maintain any religion that has not adaquately addressed the universe we have come to live in. Let us take the bones out of our noses, brothers, we are no longer wandering bedouins in awe of the thundercloud. The feet of our brothers and fathers have walked on the MOON. Bring me your books, your stone altars, and your temples, and I will smash them all. None of them produced the like of that day, and none of them could prophecy it. The decade of work by engineers and scientists surpassed the thoudsands of years of empty temples, and I say that the temples and the world should submit to men, and humble themselves before the True and Ineffible God that Christ taught to us.

The faithless and the ignroant will recoil and panick, and will accuse us of heresy, blasphemy, and will claim that We are the agencies of Satan, spreading a "new way" and a "new faith." Who can teach the truth to them anymore? They delight in the work of Satan, and hope in their hearts that Satan comes to us, that we might suffer, because we have become more excellent than they.

It is the path of truth in this modern world that we must arrive at revolution, because the old house is not fit for the new children. Our old books are not fit for what we have come to know and see. Our old systems are inadequate, they cannot produce anything good anymore. The only survivors are them who awoke and detached themselves from this world.

My work in this life is to join with the others in my generation who came into the awareness of this future condition of tumult and rebellion. We are to found the cornerstones of thought that our future will rest upon.

One thing is certain: The future will not be founded upon the values and systems of this present culture. It is so rotten and abominable it cannot support anything. It is merely a pile of ruin, piled higher and higher, remarkable for its girth and mass, but still doomed to collapse and fall. Assess the builders of this present world and the architects of its systems, and you will know what they have built. It is not a good thing. It is an evil thing, and it threatens the good part of humanity.

Evil cannot rule this world. It will destroy itself in the process and harm the living. Evil comes from death and ignorance, and is its own little kingdom. Evil cannot bear a world where truth is the ultimate virtue, because evil is a corruption of what was once right and good. Truth is offensive to an evil being, and it makes him submit and shrink's his power. Evil people often contest among men in terms of excellence and judgment, but he has neither for himself.


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posted on Dec, 27 2004 @ 11:57 AM
So you say you want a revolution
Well, you know
we all want to change the world
You tell that its evolution
Well, you know

You say you got a real solution
well, you know
we'd all love to see the plan
You ask me for a contribution

The Beatles-Revolution

Great song

So god likes rebels because they are rebeling against evil? Lots of rebels roam these plains muderers theifs one name sticks out he thought he was doing gods work and he thought the Beatles were the four horseman or somit. His name was Charles Manson. He started hearing messages from Helter Skelter and Piggies and he ended up going about killing people.

See my point?

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posted on Dec, 27 2004 @ 12:18 PM
Yes, God likes rebels, because those who rebel against men in favor of God's righteousness are called the highest of men.

Charles Manson wasn't a rebel, he was a psychopath and a false prophet. He was also an accessory to murder and a wicked fellow. He has nothing to do with the truth, nor do any of his people.

It is required for a young man to have a degree of rebellion as he grows up. Without that, he becomes smothered in the world, and his own unique spirit becomes stunted. You, little shorty, are struggling to climb out of childhood and into your own identity.

Shorty, Having your own identity as an adult is actually harder than just "growing up and getting older." Your mind undergoes certain changes and challenges that can suprise you if you aren't expecting them. Part of the danger of growing up on this world is that you can LOSE your spirit and identity, and fall into the darkness, which is made up of a lump of degraded souls.

Rebellion is healthy for a boy, so long as his heart is not evil. You don't desire to harm others, so your rebellion would be for righteousness, or Liberty, and those are virtues.

Do not accept authority until you learn how to discern REAL authority and truth within people. Keep yourself harmless and polite, and you will avoid trouble.

Ya, the Beatles said everything was gonna be alright. They will.


posted on Dec, 27 2004 @ 12:30 PM
But haven't you noticed that the beliefs we do share most of the rest of the world don't? How do you know you're right?

posted on Dec, 27 2004 @ 12:56 PM
Shorty My lad, you need to look into the past. This present world is not correct, nor does it hold the correct spiritual truths.

Once men like me were found in every civilization. Ideas like mine were kept in sacred temples, and revealed in arcane mysteries. The divine nature of man and his proper relationship with God was the whole point of their educations.

Men back then did not live for this life, they lived their lived in preparation for death, and their efforts went towards preparing their souls and minds for the state of afterlife.

Part of being fully civilized and mature was to have a spiritual understanding of the universe.

The "everyone else" around us are materialists, they have no share in the spirit, and do not care for such matters. They are convinced that they live to serve their bodies, and the things they build on this world suit their bodies more than their minds or souls.

Don't become one of the shades, avoid the fate of the materialists.


posted on Dec, 27 2004 @ 01:06 PM

Originally posted by shorty

1. The pyramids.

thegreat pyramid built by order of Khufu.

No they weren't....they were ordered by him to "restore" meaning they were already old enough to be in need of repair in his rule as Pharaoh.

posted on Dec, 28 2004 @ 03:57 PM

Originally posted by LadyV

Originally posted by shorty

1. The pyramids.

thegreat pyramid built by order of Khufu.

No they weren't....they were ordered by him to "restore" meaning they were already old enough to be in need of repair in his rule as Pharaoh.

Okay, my mistake

Anyway they were built by E.Ts probably from Mars.

Materialism is bad? But Arky you, it seems have a computer. Is that something you cannot live without? I think you probably have a T.V maybe two of them. I have a vast selction of CDs,DVDs videos and I have two TVs in my house. I see things i like and if i got the cash I bye 'em. Is this not materialism ? I am not over materialistic but I do enjoy stuff. Is it evil to enjoy things like this? Am I going against god? and lastly am i spelling materialism right?

posted on Dec, 30 2004 @ 10:09 AM
Being a materialist is more than just the items and objects we collect.

I have nothing against the use of tools or technology. These things are external to us.

Materialism is something that is inside of us. It is a way of living and thinking. It was something that occupied the Romans, the Greeks, and the Egyptians. It is the lifestyle of the profane and ignorant.

A modern materialist is someone who does not live in a spiritual manner, and who lives to acquire goods and wealth. They consider the world in terms of objects and physical tangibles. They only pursue paths that lead to wealth, luxury, or material lifestyles. They do not pursue mysteries or anything else that is not readily tangible by their fat little fingers.

In other words, 95% of the population of the Western world is materialist. From this dismal urbanization of our race will emerge a handful of true spirits, who represent the wise and faithful of our time. It's always been this way, Shorty.

My theory is that there is a certain number of us who are hosting the same advanced souls, over and over again,down through the centuries. We act in the same way in each birth. This is why the proportion of spiritual people to material people doesn't change. It has to do with the immortal race of spirit that mingles with the world and its nations.

Materialism is the religion of the masses. America has become exclusively a materialist nation, with her spiritual people disenfranchised and misrepresented. Her leadership is business-class almost 100%, which leaves no room for spirituality or philosophy.

Spiritual people form the mind of any people, because of the excellence of their spirit. What we have today is the less intelligent and sensible portions of the communal body taking up residence in the head of our race, bringing with them their dulled senses and shoddy values. The arm or the hand cannot very well govern the whole body, but that is what you have with the current situation in politics.

So fel ok about your computers and DVDs kiddo, it's okay to think AND have posessions. The key is to emancipate yourself from the lifestyle of consumption and luxury, and pursue contemplation and spirit. At 13, you are already ahead of the game, but let's see if you maintain it into your adulthood. Most do not.


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