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Machines of manipulation

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posted on Dec, 11 2004 @ 11:28 AM
So as I was reading this piece from another thread, I noticed that left out of it was the most relevant piece, the sentence that came before the list of manipulating agencies, entities, and organizations...

from this place
...The human brain is actually a perfect computer which is fully capable of serving as a tool for cosmic enlightenment to its host. The problem is that this response in mankind has been short-circuited due to any number of various factors. These could include

aliens, ancient priesthoods, religious indoctrination, youth groups, and the CIA's documented mind control program known as MK-Ultra.

At this point in Human technological evolution, the new way is the way of automation. The days of mind/thought control by smart and manipulative secret societies and religious trappings are over. Now, the same goals can be accomplished through technology such as television and radio and chemical additives in food and water supplies.

More importantly, it is the rudimentary and over-generalized curricula in our public (and private) education system. It is evident that the powers that be want us only to have the information and knowledge necessary to make the money equal to the objects of our desire, and nothing more.

So long as we have the ability to supply ourselves and our children the contraptions that entertain and titillate us into a state of satisfaction (the selfsame contraptions being used to broadcast mind numbing/controlling emissions), the overlord caste will continue to have us by our shorthairs.

As it should be...

More detail to come.


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