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Geo-engineering climate fixes could harm billions

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posted on Nov, 28 2014 @ 08:24 AM
a reply to: ANNED

Popeye was a sailor not a airman###

Well he could fly...

posted on Nov, 28 2014 @ 08:28 AM
I think climate engineering may end up being our only choice to try to address the global warming greenhouse gas issue. The world seems incapable of decreasing greenhouse gas emissions significantly and our civilization's growing addiction to fossil fuels has no end in sight. I remember reading a while back China and Russia have done experiments with releasing particles into the atmosphere for climate engineering. It might be possible to release particles which produce effects similar to volcanic eruptions which can reduce the greenhouse effect.

posted on Dec, 1 2014 @ 12:40 AM
a reply to: phoenix9884

Yes... i'm afraid is true because its verifiable, proven science. No one one has to take what is being said on those websites as being true...but if you research the science behind contrails honestly and accurately, you will come to the same conclusion as scientists have done over the last 80 years regarding clouds and contrails. The science is sound. Its proven. Its accurate and its undeniably true. I cannot for the life of me understand how ANYONE can argue this...we can tell you exactly when and where persistent contrails will form. We can 100% truthfully explain the reason for stop and starting. And do we really need to explain to you chemmies utterly BASIC things like wind and flight routes that laughably easily explain the scary crosses and checkerboards we see?

I've been coming to this site for years and i love the chemtrail forum as its interesting and funny. I have learnt a LOT of meteo science from the regular debunkers on here.

This is an honest plea to you guys....the science is right. If you think its wrong...TELL US WHERE! Tell the owner of contrailscience.. he has asked you countless times, to please please explain where he is wrong on his website. Not a single one of you can...and we know why. Because its all rudimentary and verifiable science. It CANNOT be proven wrong.

We know how contrails for, how long they last, how fast they dissipate, what engines will produce what kind (if any). All this is basic basic stuff guys....come on. Its basic. It's not wrong.

Now, i wont deny that there has been some name calling from debunkers side occasionally..(but still far less than from the chemmies side), but i think its due to total frustration of having to ask the same things over and over again, simple questions that NONE of you have answered honestly, if at all.

Instead, you guys (and i can think of a certain female poster who is very much guilty of this) throw up hundreds of pointless posts and links and patents and badly (if at all) understood science posts that prove nothing. Nothing at all. The proof would be so incredibly easy to get. Its a joke how easy it would be for any one of you to find the proof, expose this and become rich and famous and save your fellow man. I could get things going tomorrow...i would go to various airports and get samples of fuel, i would monitor the trucks that deliver chemicals to the airports, i would track hundreds of flights that i suspected of spraying with online flight radar sites, i would take thousands of photo of the planes, i would HIRE a plane to go and get samples of what i thought were sprayed contrails. Yes, it could cost a lot, but a lot less than the 50k for that joke of a film you all worship. There are so many many things you guys can do. I would get organised and get help with other chemmies across the globe. But that's not all i would do, i would also check the science behind the chemtrail debunkers websites and PROVE to the whole world that what they have been told is a lie...

None of you have done any of this, all easily done. Time consuming, sure....but don't forget, you are saving the world if you are right.

Instead, you keep going onto little forums where you post you idiotic links and "proof" and do nothing sit on your a** while the world is being supposedly poisoned. You cry foul when anyone challenges you, call them paid shills and then sit on your a** while the world is being supposedly poisoned.

Let me say this sit on your a** and do NOTHING while the world is being supposedly poisoned.

Oh, and one last thing...covering the earth in cloud wont cool it..for the love of god. Do we have to explain this to you like we would to children? Ever heard of Venus?

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posted on Dec, 1 2014 @ 03:08 AM
This was published recently giving details of the workshop help back in March looking into the possibility of small scale field experiments


We summarize a portfolio of possible field experiments on solar radiation management (SRM) and related technologies. The portfolio is intended to support analysis of potential field research related to SRM including discussions about the overall merit and risk of such research as well as mechanisms for governing such research and assessments of observational needs. The proposals were generated with contributions from leading researchers at a workshop held in March 2014 at which the proposals were critically reviewed. The proposed research dealt with three major classes of SRM proposals: marine cloud brightening, stratospheric aerosols and cirrus cloud manipulation. The proposals are summarized here along with an analysis exploring variables such as space and time scale, risk and radiative forcing. Possible gaps, biases and cross-cutting considerations are discussed. Finally, suggestions for plausible next steps in the development of a systematic research programme are presented.

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