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Bounty hunters target Coalition.

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posted on Dec, 11 2004 @ 07:43 AM
By Luke McIlveen
December 12, 2004

CONTRACT killers are being offered as little as $US50 ($67) to hunt down Coalition troops - including Australians - on the streets of Iraq.

The mercenaries are being lured to Baghdad from poor neighbouring countries in the Middle East with the promise of cash payments for every Western soldier they kill.

In his first interview since taking command of Australian forces in the Middle East three weeks ago, Air Commodore Greg Evans told The Sunday Telegraph Iraqi insurgents had now turned to hired assassins to do their dirty work.

"This is a difficult adversary. The insurgency is not a coherent force," Air Commodore Evans said.

Aussies are usually known as being 'up front' and not scared to speak their mind, which to me as an
Aussie makes this article all the more scarier.



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