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NEWS: Gay Divorces Follow Marriages in Massachusetts

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posted on Dec, 11 2004 @ 02:14 AM
The first gay divorces are beginning to occur less than seven months after the state approved same sex marriages. The couples are appearing in court and filling obsolete forms that still list husband and wife. The numbers that are seeking divorces is not clear at this time.
BOSTON - Less than seven months after same-sex couples began tying the knot in Massachusetts, the state is seeing its first gay divorces.

Newlyweds seeking to renounce the vows they so recently took have been trickling into probate courts across the state, filling out obsolete forms that still read "husband" and "wife."

Josh Friedes, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Freedom to Marry Coalition, said the rapid divorces are no cause for concern.

"It would be wonderful if every marriage lasted until a couple lived to a ripe old age, but unfortunately we know from our heterosexual peers that all too often there are irrconcilable differences, and for these couples, divorce is often the most humane option," Friedes said. "Anyone who argues that gay and lesbian couples divorcing is grounds for opposing gay marriage is being incredibly hypocritical."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Its funny that people seemed to think that homosexuals would be better than marriage than anybody else. I have no doubt that if legalized nationwide, the divorce rates will mirror the heterosexual rates over time.


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