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The End Of Our American Way Of Life.

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posted on Dec, 12 2004 @ 01:45 AM
....are being taken for a ride. I just can't get on the bandwagon of thinking I might have a chance if I kiss the feet of the Rich.

Isn't that what white collar workers were thinking was possible?

Boy, did they get a wake-up call when the rich sent their work overseas also.

Our way of life is flowing away and Pharisee-Bush is giving it away w/ both hands, in broad daylight, while poor god-fearing christians watch and smile.

He wants to bring 5 million temp workers a year from Mexico.

This is on top of the 10 million illegals that the immigration bill is set to give amnesty to. This is the 4th amnesty bill the prior ones were 5 million illegals each.

What say you?

posted on Dec, 12 2004 @ 04:33 AM
Well PRIVATE company owners should be allowed to pay employees whatever they want. This is not true of stockholder owned public companies.

Get rid of H1B visas is a start. What a Stupid pet project that is.

AND WHY??? WHY the hell is California allowing ILLEGAL ALIENS to go to school? WTF? Um lets put the drunk who slugged his wife in an argument in jail (of course she hit him too, don't you watch cops?) with NO rights while a person with ILEGAL in front of their name gets to go to school and get a job and have state health care. WHAT utter BULL shi* is that all about. I am not against immigration to the U.S. I ask that if you do, do it legally and learn English. I was amazed when atm's started putting an English or Spanish before you can continue. All right I can live with that, there are a heck of allot of Spanish speaking folks here, probably 2nd behind English. Now I go to the ATM and there are symbols on there! Damn, if you come here to live LEARN ENGLISH. No there is no official language in the United States, but almost all of us speak ENGLISH or some form close enough to at least UNDERSTAND you when you call on the phone from the DMV checking on insurance! Here in good old Fairfax County Va. they want all employees to speak AT LEAST one other language. Come to the DMV here, its not AMERICA its ...........I donít know what it is but it is amazing. How can they give a license to drive to someone who doesnít speak English? No wonder some ethnic groups don't like the police because they get stopped and the OFFICER not only CANNOT understand the bad guy (traffic ticket) but he/she CANNOT explain to them the problem! Wow guess if you know Vietnamese, Spanish, Farsi, and all the rest you are SUPER COP!

But there is more than that problem. Our citizens need to take a step back and take a look at whatís going on. Itís not the government taking away your rights. Its individuals who feel it is so detrimental to their child to here a word in school, just a word GOD because he is an atheist and his individual rights are stepped upon. I am not religious or even follow anything but I donít burst into flames saying it. My feet don't fall off. My lips don't explode and my tongue turns black and fall off. GOD GOD GOD DAMNNNN.

When are people going to stop and take a good look around? This politically correct swing we are in is getting way out of hand. Are we so willing to cater to each individual that now the Declaration of Independence cannot be read in a California school because of a word that may hurt someoneís feelings? Next kids wont be able to say mom or dad at school because a same sex couple has a child and might not understand? Parental Unit 1 and 2.

Wonderful, so soon as a student is traumatized by the video is the ACLU then going to take up her case and sue the state for having her watch it? The government is not the right place to aim your worries at about rights today. We are taking them away all by our selves. SO damn worried about offending anyone with a word or song that they cant teach it in schools after all the decades it worked for the majority. Somewhere the rights of the people as a whole have been lost to a single person. It won't be to long at this rate than when a child is born its mouth is stapled shut because some one was offended by every word. So worried about your individual rights that you will end up taking more rights away as one person taking offense to anything will just keep going. Then no one will be an individual because everyone has to be the same so no one is insulted or their feelings hurt because apparently it is becoming that an individuals right to not be slighted is overtaking the majorities right to free spppppppeeeeeechhhhhhhhhhhhh.

This is very close to out of control. Well the ACLU sues to have a tape about homosexuality shown in school. Next they sue on behalf of the child who was offended by seeing the tape when really the kid probably cares less but told mom (oops parent unit 1) about it and PARENTAL UNIT 1 was offended. Talk about a racket.

Well we can just let self centered individuals who believes the country revolves around them pick away at the right of the majority.

Keep blaming the government while its individuals filing lawsuits that start to encroach on everyone. Lets see if we can take all the way down to where it is decided you can no longer use the First Amendment and talk because every word has a meaning to someone that is bothered by it. We can all wear some soft color jump suit because your red tee shirt bugs the person next door and said it hurt her right to look around without seeing someone in a red shirt.

It may sound absurd but step back and take a look. Slowly things are being banned or taken away because an individual believes their right not to sit through a moment of silence at school harms them because some might be silently praying? It happened here in Virginia.

Sooner or later you will not be allowed to be an individual like they thought they were winning because everyone is going to have to be the same so as not to encroach on the right of one, everything will have been so nitpicked at that no mater what you do someoneís individual right get trampled. Great we should all be looking forward to that. Its happening and we are sitting back watching it. As a Republic it sure seems that the right of the majority should be the voice of the country rather than the few. Apparently not anymore. If 1000 people want the Declaration of Independence taught as written why can a small few or even one person take that away? The USA was not designed to make EVERYONE 100% happy ALL of the time, its give and take.

It keeps going, itís never ending.

Itís not just with words. My kids no longer get grades in school! WHY? Iím not making this up. This is crazy. No more A B C D or F. ummm mmmmm if you pass you get a P and if you donít you get an N for needs improvement. All so the kids who would have failed would not have hurt feelings by being told they failed. A little extra credit with a P will get you a little O next to it for outstanding. Plus a bonus, if you get an N and they think your self esteem will be damaged in some way by repeating the class while you class mates move on...................go with them, youíll catch up. Great! Now not passing the proper test has no consequence. Now you just learned you donít have to try. PLUS now the kid canít read because she didnít pass the first class. HOW CRAZY and this is Fairfax county one of the best in the country. Oh we could go on all day.

Hard to have a UNITED STATES when everyone is so wrapped up in him or her that they don't care what a million others think and have no give and take. Me me me. This is a society made up of many with give and take not an expanse of land made up individuals where every possible single person can be totally happy. There are things you like and things you don't and if we let people trample all over the majority because they cant compromise then we are in trouble. Terrorist should take a look at it and realize if something does not stop individuals from pushing the majority around we won't survive as a country unless it becomes a sterile cookie cutter everyone is the exact same so no one is offended environment. Heck we wont need a President because there is nothing to negotiate, everything will be the same. Yep you can have your model T in any color as long as itís black. That will probably offend someone too.

Thatís fu***d up and it doesn't matter if Bush or Kerry is at the helm because we are the ones not standing together when something such as the Declaration of Independence which means so much to the country gets tossed out because of word and let them break down everything to such a minute detail that was not intended to be. Ohhh the ME States of America. The delusion people, is being diverted from what happening by a squabble over who is playing the big cheese. Look around at your fellow citizens taking away things from you. If you don't think our children should learn about the Declaration of Independence in an unadulterated original fashion then we really are in trouble. We can go ahead and burn the Constitution and Bill of Rights now because it will be hacked up long before our President will get to it. Itís happening daily.

Now I look around ATS and see more people so interested or worried about a base in dried up lake bed that has been there for years, that has secrets we donít need to know about yet because it won't matter what is there if they don't start thinking about not letting the train derail. Quit worrying about a desert outpost in the middle of now where and start looking closer to home.

Oh and do NOT forget ANIMAL nooooooooooooo. They probably test them at Groom Lake! SO F***ING WHAT? The area around that place has the most pristine wilderness in the country! BECAUSE people LEAVE IT ALONE. OH donít hunt Bambi, we are in their habitat. WHAT? Um folks, there are more damn rats of the forest or as others call them, white tail deer, than when we first settled in this land! Same with TREES there are more NOW. Why, because people need lumber so they planted them. Look at the plains states. Used to be all prairies, now there is one hell of a stand of timber out there. Lets just take away a loggers job, a millers job, a wood workers job and ohhhh the great paper makers job because some three tailed two toed twenty five mm three eyed newt that is bright yellow lives there. I could care less about the newt. Just like our place in Destin FL. Build a dock, put in riprap and some stupid PROTECTED grass grows that is not even NATIVE to the place. Canít pull it, its illegal to pull it. GUESS WHAT I pull it at night
. Oh take me away as it clogs up the waterway! Hell a lot less people live in Milan Mo. Where our farm is than when my dad was a kid there. Now there is so much wildlife and trees grown you couldnít plant anything soon if you wanted too. Rabitts will eat the fruit, deer and turkey the grain, bobcats kill the calves, and the stupid Red Tail hawk ENDANGERED what?????????? NOT. Well unless I see them then they become endangered quite quickly.

I really think this a rough road that will end abruptly if people don't start asserting the right of masses over the few. The Romans fell after 2000 years. I hope we make it to 300 at this rate.

I really didn't think that when writing the Declaration of Independence they really had in mind that people would all be happy with no work, no pain an no OH FORBID hurt feelings. Iím pretty sure the didn't think people in the country really planned on just coasting through life doing as little as possible and just letting the few folks who donít like what they wrote as a framework just change it and who cares what the majority of the rest of the country thinks.

You can have any color model T you want as long as its black.

Lets just start burning the constitution up now so as people who have to have the center of the country revolve around them hack away at it until it doesnít offend them the way its written can use it for toilet paper.

Wonít work. It has to be a flexible document because it was never intended to make everyone 100% happy in some Utopia. Everyone to make the society work needs to be flexible on different parts that are important to them and not get so wrapped up because a piece fits every one else but them that they go running to the ACLU or file a lawsuit to have it removed to suit the individual or minority opinion. Itís a Republic and a majority should rule it. But it has gotten to the point where a lawsuit is brought up you don't say anything because you might be accused of being INTOLERANT to a couple of people why the rest stand by and shake their heads saying what next. Absolute rigid ideals are about impossible to work unless everyone can just sit back and say,
ĒYep it says God. But so what?Ē Otherwise why continue? Individuals with their own agenda not considering the rest of the country are costing everyone else. Keep going and we will end up with not individuals but programmed human bodies with not any personality at all.

URRRRRRR and all because a few people who don't like it want to make sure everyone does it their way...........I guess now it would be the only and one way it has to be done now because it hurt their feelings or you are breaking the law that was added or changed just for them. Screw the rest of the country. ITS ALL ABOUT ME and I have the right to be happy at the expense of the rest of you so phhhhhttttttt to you and HMMM isnít that a bitch for you Mr. majority. Lets just keep ripping apart the framework to suit everyone until nothing is left. Seems to me it was a foundation to build upon not tear down.

All these years in the Military must have shielded me from such utter crap. If people can't be flexible and use what they need and give back what they don't this country has got not a chance. I just hope I am a few feet under by then. What a way to blow up what started as a fight with a King for stuff like Independence or taxation without representation. Hell brings out the tea and lets go to Boston. Oh never mind it would pollute the harbor or something.

It goes on and on today:

I wonder how far the Constitution will be torn down by the minority of people who believe they need to twist it and rip parts out to fit their needs before people end up saying oopsssss we were supposed to build on this frame work given to us by the people who had enough of the King and wanted freedom for this new country not the right for a few people to be in Utopia while the rest watched and changed our views so the few would be happy as it is ripped up and oh please caught it and fixed it. Well guess the majority will have to do the work of rebuilding because we would not want to upset the minority.

I would be scared if a major war like WWII were to happen right now. With the way itís going we are going to have a few people just let us get attacked because someone out their does not like our policies and we deserve it. I have actually seen that posted. We deserved it. Hm go tell that to the wives and loved ones of the fine officers I considered friends that died in the Pentagon.

So damn gutless you have to sit and complain like a bunch of little kids until you get your wish while the majority .............. sheesh. Taking the stars and bars off a flag in Georgia because a minority of people thinks its racist. ITS HISTORRRRYYYYYYYYYY. Remember, it was the flag of the CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA!! On a positive, it worked so well! Now you cannot drive south of Maryland without seeing THOUSANDS of them flying when you used to see very few. I am not racist at all, predjudice, probably a little. So is everyone else you are PERFECT. Here in the U.S. The black people fought so hard for equality. Now they seperate themselves and blame everyone else. We get in an uproar because professional basket ball players get in a brawl with fans. We look where they get these kids from. The inner city where they play ball all day and say screw everyone and everything cause im gonna be like Mike *Jordan*! You will see! I would love to know the average number of pro players that cannot even read. What a bunch of thugs, raised like thugs and still are. Michael Jordan is an awful roll model. Not even one percent of those kids will make it out of South East DC. Nations capital bull shi*, national war zone is what it is.

The kids need schools, good schools. They deserve it. AND UNLIKE what Mrs Bill Clinton ( senator yeeeeahhhaaaa ) thinks, it does not take a village. It takes parents and family or at worst guardians who care. Why would I want to be a teacher today? Hell I make money in Software engineering, alot more than I would teaching. I have better hours, can work from home and best of all I can be a parent to MY kids and NOT to a classroom full of kids who just plain have NO manners or respect for ANYTHING at all. Of course there are exceptions. My teacher in sixth grade used to hug me all the time. I saw her at the beach last summer. We talked about my kids and school and when we all left the beach I and my kids got a hug. She said she would NEVER do that in school in todays world. One messed up kid takes it funny or because they HEARD its wrong goes to Parental Unit 1 or 2. and wham fired, lawsuit, you CHILD MOLESTER YOU. Man, man oh man what a shame that is.

You can have your model T in any color, as long as itís black!

The politics of polite and correct is out of hand. Its absurd.

Next topic should be the "moral majority". I just watched All in the Family. How that show got on the air the first place is beyond me. BUT its a funny show! Wonder how much longer that will be around? Its hard to find on Public Channels but its on cable just like the most popular and viewed shows are. Or the National Christmas Tree on the mall here in DC? Im sure its days are numbered.

It truly is the 'MORAL MINORITY' and they just scream louder! Just look at what they have done to TV and radio. Can't say this can't show that. What a load. Change the damn channel if you donít like it. I have never seen a TV or radio with one channel. BUT the govt. and the moral MINORITY thinks their morals should put upon the majority. So no boobs on TV, no bad language just the minorities same boring stuff. But if they would step back and see that the Number one shows are on cable and say and show ďawful thingsĒ maybe the clue would close in and they would realize that nudity and language DONíT BOTHER THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE. Oh but its ok on National Geographic when they show people in a jungle running around naked. Why? OH THEY ARE HEATHENS say the moral minority. Ask them why. The usual answer is ďWell look at them! No clothes on! Breasts out! Oh and a penis! Not to mention the huge jewelry and ohhhh the ďwar paintí. I bet my mom puts on more paint or Ďmakeupí to make it sound good in a week than these women paint their whole bodies in years combined. My kids were so traumatized seeing my Playboys aroundÖNOT. Au Contraire. They respect their bodies and others rights and space to boot.

GET OVER IT ALREADY FOLKS. Your morals are just that, YOUR morals. Keep them to yourselves and your family. CHANGE THE DAMN CHANNEL IF YOU DONĒT LIKE IT.

I hope my kids do ok. They are 15 and 10, boy and girl, both do well in school. Both can read, write and do arithmetic without a computer. They both are respectful to elders and above all their peers and teachers and other adults respect them. They went to church even though I am not religious. They needed to go until they could make up their minds about what to believe. My son made up his, my daughter will be allowed to stop or continue when she turns 14 also. I have never heard foul language from either but if they use it at some point in time, fine, just donít turn into a gutter mouth. They donít get in trouble out or at home. They know the limits on video games and watch TV all they want. They may buy any game they want, but the moral minority has decided they are to young for some. T

The only thing about their growing up that bothers me is making them check in every couple of hours. WHY IS THIS? I was out all day and half the night at their ages. But the media seems to make crime so much worse than it was then. ITS NOT, IT IS OVER REPORTED. The crimes are the same but more people are around so more people do it and more people get caught. So they check in time to time. Hugs and kisses and I love you flow freely.

I don't even pretend to know what all the answers are but one is for sure and that is term limits and no more career polotician in the house and senate.
It needs to happen, because soon us younger folks and our kids will be running the country. Do we wan't business as usual as the politician just keep grooming new kids so their legacy lives on? Or do we want a return to what used to be or at least felt like a normal life here? I think the latter, although I bet June and Ward Cleaver had one bed and not a pair of twins, that was for TV right???

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posted on Dec, 12 2004 @ 07:08 AM
Writing that stuff reminded me of who I will vote for next election cycle.

NO bull s. My dad was going to run for Senate or US House from Florida. He has the President, he has many Senators and Congressmen not to mention Jeb Bush. He asked me if I would help in his campaign and I just flat out said "No". He pestered but I did not tell him. Here it is. He is part of the good old boy club and has a lot of outstanding favors. That happens when you spend your last 10 years on the Hill buying ( Lobbying ) for G.D. . Not generaldip# but Gen Dyn. He was VP for Govt Affairs. Well, I know the ghosts at least some good ones if not all of them. If he would come out and be honest about all of the bs involved I may help him. He wont.

Im going to vote in the next election for the Guy/Gal that stands up first speech and says "Yep I got a DWI, YEP I drank and INHALED pot. Didnt' inhale my rear end thats for sure! I SUCKED ON THAT BONG I joined the guard or dodged the draft, here is why. The college bs just wont cut it. I've wrecked cars, I've been in jail for my DWI of course. Anything you want to know people of America?" No Im not the perfect person but I will shoot straight and here are the people who will help me."

Clinton was the BEST POLITICIAN *not pres* I have ever seen. I would have liked him and not supported impeachment if he would have come out right from the beginning when he got caught and said what happened. Instead he got on National TV and said he did not have sexual relations in the white house with "THAT WOMAN" and Pointed POINTED RIGHT AT THE CAMERA AND ME and said it again. To bad he did that. What is the meaning of is..............jessssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee louise!

posted on Dec, 12 2004 @ 02:59 PM
I left a couple of months ago but consult for them now and again on inhouse software projects that they failed to retrain people for. Oh well to bad for them.

But talked to a friend today which prompted me to sever ties, I SHOULD have stayed. Seems some employees are filing a lawsuit because they wanted to start a Sons of the Confedracy org at Freddie Mac. HMMM
Oh jeeeze wish I could be there. It will be juicy. Apparently its ok to have LAMBDA gay folks, WIN * women in action *, HOLA for Latinos, ASIA You know that one. AND many more. But a group of white guys cannot start their own network. WHAT
? I really am not understanding this bs. Maxine Baker uses derogatory language about people ( yes i was there ) and she keeps her CEO title, gains a VP title at FHLMC and no longer has to oversee the day to day operations of the foundation. GREAT I WANT THAT JOB too! Seems to me they locked our restroom doors because someone wrote of color remarks in there and they wanted to know who was using the restroom, so now ya need a card *this just changed*. Off color included 'n-word'.

Now, when I talk about the minority I don't mean gay, black, purple or whatever the alien they call greys are. I mean count of people trying to change something that the majority doesn't want to change but they don't speak out. Cant help ya if you don't VOTE>>>>>>> ERERRRR.

This country can be taken back by the majority if thats what you want. Should be all for one, and one for all, not one for everyone and to damn bad.

posted on Dec, 13 2004 @ 07:34 AM
I agree with your first post. The big blah of sameness is getting a little thick. The real culprit might be executive regulation as opposed to congressional laws. The executive branch just makes rules where there are no laws.

posted on Dec, 13 2004 @ 07:36 AM
on your second post:
well now the US believes oral sex is no longer sex . So it don't add up to adultry.

posted on Dec, 13 2004 @ 07:38 AM

Your third post points to the factionalism that kills the group.

posted on Dec, 16 2004 @ 10:18 AM
There is absolutely no hope left !

I'm listening to a BuSh put together economic forum and they are putting a bunch of bull out that just don't cut it .

The gist of the talk is go to school and get more education and then these kids graduate with big bills and no opportunities. and the rich just sneer at them.

What kind of losers have we become.

Alls they want to do is make a case for opening up immigration to low pay grads from overseas, and no one sees.

Alls they want to do is lighten social security by trillions of dollars so they can make it flow to the rich and then the rich walk away muttering 'you want to keep us around , you have to come up with more money.'

We are pathetic losers! Wake up America!

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posted on Dec, 16 2004 @ 10:27 PM
The End Of Our American Way Of Life.

Because this is a nation full of idiots, thats why.

case closed.

posted on Dec, 16 2004 @ 10:29 PM
NOTE: It does not take paragraph after paragraph of boring literature and speculation to figure it my way.

Its happening because we sit back and let it happen.

We deserve it all.

posted on Dec, 22 2004 @ 12:51 PM
It's like the U.S has no real values left as long as Bush is president. Cause they can see Bush stealing trillions from us and his hands dripping w/ blood , while he stands like a Pharisee christian claiming he is right in god's(satan's) eyes. He's made a fool of everyone.

posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 12:46 AM
Bush told the Washington Post that the election was a big thumbs
for his Iraq War policy.

The US electorate effectively expressed its support for the war on Iraq by re-electing George W. Bush to a second term as president, Bush said, calling the election an "accountability moment" for mistakes and misjudgments in the justification and execution of the war.

Bush the Lier, Pharisee Christian
Bush the GrandSon of Nazis

Bush jumped on a plane leaving wife Laura to possibly die at the White House(9/11/01).Bush out of contact with public for hours because Bush thinks the President is more important than the people.

Bush wants to stuff trillions of dollars from the Social Security Trust Fund into the rich people's pockets on Wall Street because Bush thinks rich people are more important than a fair deal for the American taxpayers.

Bush wants to give millions of illegals amnesty because Bush favors criminals over honest hardworking Americans.

Bush is working with a foreign presidente(Fox) to open our borders to millions of guest workers because Bush favors the foreigner's rights to that of American citizens.

Bode Bliss

posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 03:07 AM
Bush favors Tort reform because Bush favors the rights of godless, amoral, thieving corporations and corporate executives over the people who are murdered and injured for profit.

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