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Exfoliate your mind

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posted on Dec, 10 2004 @ 04:57 PM
Since there have been many questions about the US government, includeing what they are and are not doing about things. I went ahead and dug around until I found anything of interest. What I found most interesting was the "PRESS RELEASES" made by the Senate, not just in and of them selves. That much is a good read on it's own, however I suggest starting from the bottom of the page I'm going to present, because what I found to be of MOST interest is the lack of material to read! Where is the other reports that are missing, surely the following is not a complete list. That much is obvious, as much of what is not available is more than likely "CLASSIFIED".

So without dragging this on too much further, for yourselves, see how much is NOT presented. Again I suggest scrolling to the bottom of the list, look for any patterns that stand out to you.

Senate Intelligence Committee

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