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NEWS: China arrests leader of 10 mil member church

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posted on Dec, 10 2004 @ 01:02 PM
As part of a recent escalation in crackdowns on unsanctioned religions and churches in China, a leader of an "illegal" church was arrested by police yesterday, in accordance with a directive from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The Protestant religious group itself claims over 10 million members. Member counts of churches and religions deemed illegal by the CCP total over 100 million. Since the 1970's, church leader "Zhang" has spent almost 12 years in prison for his beliefs. His family are reportedly wanted by authorities and are still at large.
SHANGHAI, China - China has detained a prominent minister of an unofficial Protestant church in a crackdown on Christian groups that defy Communist Party control, a U.S.-based group said Friday.

It said Zhang's two congregations the Fangcheng Mother Church and China for Christ Church are among China's largest underground church networks, with an estimated 10 million members.

Contacts with foreign evangelical groups are considered especially sensitive because communist leaders regard them as possible channels for foreign subversion.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The arrest, imprisonment, and even execution of members of religious groups in China by the CCP has shown no signs of decreasing since China has opened her doors and begun to enjoy mild economic success. In fact, it seems to be escalating.

The CCP, ever-aware of the dangers of allowing Chinese citizens to form into large, non-government organizations, particularly since that is how the CCP itself came to power, continues to ensure that China's development and increase of economic freedoms will not be paralleled by an increase in religious freedoms and freedom of speech. The arrest and execution of Falun Gong members in recent years has been particularly illustrative of the unwillingness of the CCP to ease its grip on the Chinese people and their basic rights.

With a completely state-controlled media and state-controlled church, "freedom" is all good and well purely by definition, but within the well-watched borders of "the next superpower", the government is writing the dictionaries. Small wonder the free people of Taiwan, largely Buddhist and Taoist, are hesitant about a "One-China".

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posted on Dec, 10 2004 @ 01:29 PM
Holy Inquisition time !!

posted on Dec, 10 2004 @ 02:27 PM
Just another reason why church and state NEVER MIX WELL.
just a little lesson for all the christian right in america...
if religion becomes embedded with politics, then what happens when the other guy wins?... do ya really want to be put in jail for your beliefs?

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