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Shipwreck off Alaska becomes major oil spill

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posted on Dec, 10 2004 @ 11:22 AM
A cargo ship carrying 483,000 gallons of heavy bulk fuel off the coast of alaska is turning into a major oil spill, endagering many animals, some of them including sea lions, otters, and eiders close to being on the endagered list.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - As the search for six victims of a rescue helicopter crash was scaled back, officials on Friday turned to a growing problem stemming from the break up of a cargo ship off Alaska: a major oil spill near a sensitive wildlife refuge.

Heavy bunker fuel and diesel are spilling from a soybean freighter that was ripped clean in half off the shore of Unalaska Island.

The spill is now 2.5 miles in diameter but spreading, it will take a long time to clean this up. I wonder if there is more they could do to prevent theses kind of accidents from taking place.

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